1. 21Delynx21

    GMS 2.3+ [SOLVED] My Object does not move when I try to use a script instead of using the event manager

    Hi everyone First I made the movement in the event manager for every button itself, but when pressing two buttons at the same time, it went not the way I'd like to. I added the function in the event manager and have no clue why it doesn't work, the object is not moving. I guess I forgot...
  2. R

    SOLVED [SORTED OUT]adjustment in the boom codes

    hello guys, i'll ask for another help here. I'm doing a mechanic for my player, he has a spear and uses it to attack, doing lunge attack and throwing the spear and then it goes back to his hand. Well, the whole code works, it's almost perfect, but it has a small problem: when the boom comes...
  3. R

    SOLVED [SORTED OUT]player disappearing without destroy event

    Hi guys, I have a serious and mysterious problem. I'll cut to the chase: the player is disappearing out of nowhere, without using functions or events, basically he's disappearing all by himself. There are a few things I want to make clear about this problem: My game has 2 players, player 1 is...
  4. L

    Legacy GM [RESOLVED!]Problems with multiple movement inputs

    Let me get straight to the point. In my 2D side scroller my player doesn't react properly when I do certain inputs. For example, let's say I'm holding the right arrow so my player goes right. While holding right I push the left arrow as well. So I'm holding left AND right. Then I released right...
  5. A

    SOLVED Player object moves to the right without any inputs

    I'm having a strange thing going on with my code. This is the code I usually rely on to move my player object. However, it now moves to the right on it's own when no key is being input. If I press the key to go left, up, or down, the object stops moving to the right. You can test it to see the...
  6. huenix

    Issue removing spawn point form available list after taking it

    I am trying to make it so a connected player spawns on an available starting spot (its a board game). It currently works to place them at random points, but they CAN over lap players, i don't want that. How do i remove the available spawn point after "ojb_player" is crated at x/y? if (type...
  7. C

    SOLVED Player look at the top / move the camera

    I am a novice with GameMaker. I search to coding a smooth moving of the camera, to represent the view of the player. When the player press "up" the camera move to top until a limit. When he release "up" the camera comeback to initial position. On the code that I wrote the while condition crash...
  8. P

    Making Enemy Shoot at Player

    Hi. I'm using Drag and Drop and am new to coding so I'm having some trouble with this. I've created an enemy called obj_enemy_dropper that that bounces off walls. I've tried looking through tons of threads and watch countless videos but I can't seem to find out how to make the bullet shoot at...
  9. Klanes

    Player being pushed by a flying block

    Hello everyone, first, sorry for my English. I'm a complete coding noob, but I love to get in trouble creating some very very very basic games xD In the game you must dodge some flying blocks. This blocks can push the player if he can't climb on top of them (or dodge them). Everything seems to...
  10. DPMlofty

    GML My player is stuck on the wall

    He's stuck on the wall, but the collisions and mask are correct what i want to do is just teleport him to the nearest free space
  11. H

    How to make player object move with sine wave platform

    I have been using code below for moving platforms, now I would like to implement that code so that when my player is on the platform the player object moves with the platform. I know an easy way to do moving platforms is just horizontal speed = direction * movement speed; and then you add the...
  12. L

    iOS Playing videos on iOS app, possible ?

    Hello, I was wondering if it's possible to embed videos into apps for iOS. I'm cool with them playing in either borderless area embeded within the app, or they may also open iOS's video player to play them upon tap / click of a button. Please let me know if there's any way to make it happen...
  13. X

    GMS 2 (SOLVED) enemy stops moving

    hi there. there are many problems im having with the enemy but this is a big one when i touch the enemy, both the enemy AND the player get stuck. code: PLAYER: CREATE: hsp = 0; vsp = 0; grv = 0.4; walksp = 8; hp = 100 state = PLAYERSTATE.FREE hitbyattack = ds_list_create(); enum PLAYERSTATE...
  14. Z

    room_go_to in series

    Hi everyone, weird question maybe: I want to teleport my player to multiple rooms, then go back to the starting room. The reason is that I want, at a certain moment, have the player teleport to each room, change that room's instances, go to the next room, change that next room's instances...
  15. A

    Camera doesn't follow player in duplicated rooms

    Hey guys, I'm stuck at this problem : I'm doing a Roguelike and I want the player to go randomly through some pre-generated maps. I got one map ready (just a straight path from left to right) so when player hits the right end of the path I make him spawn in the next room where the blue circle...
  16. Z

    Spritesheet coordinates vs single sprite image index

    Hi everyone. So I'm passed the point of initial learning and I decided to start over again, now a bit more professional. I had a project going that worked really well, but the code was extremely sloppy and became too chaotic to handle anyway. Now one of the more important things in my project...

    Legacy GM only go to sprite if global += 1

    hey yall quick question, my player has five sprites, but i only want the player to be able to got to the first and last sprites if its global.oil(points) is at least at one, is there any way to do this? any help is great! thanks! -Eztales

    Legacy GM help on moving sprite

    hey yall, i wrote this little bit of code but i need it for 7 sprites instead of only 3 in this case, i assume its a easy fix but i have no idea on how to do it any help is great! Step Event if keyboard_check_pressed(vk_right) and image_index != 2 then image_index += 1 //moves player right if...
  19. timartinelli

    GMS 2 Help with Project Player + Weapon + Mouse

    Help with Project Player + Weapon + Mouse Hello, friends, I have a hard time defining how best my game works with the Sprites of Weapons + Mouse to do the sights. See the image below, I made my Player without the arms to put the arms together with the Weapons, not if this is the best way. But...
  20. W

    GMS 2 [SOLVED] Moving Platforms! Duplicate Obj. isn't working

    Hey everyone, first time posting in GMC and I'm a total beginner. In my game, I have a basic moving platform that when when the player stands on it, his speed matches it and he moves with it. That's all working fine. However, when I try to duplicate the platform obj. and place more of them into...