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  1. E

    Android / Amazon Fire How to generate App Signing Key for Play Store

    Hello, when i try to upload an App Bundle file to Play Store, it asks for my app signing private key, how do i generate this key? Thanks
  2. harambe1

    Android / Amazon Fire Can't run my Build from IDE

    Hey Guys! I have a paid app published in Google Play Store. The problem is I cant test my builds from IDE anymore because Google keeps looking for a license even if I have uninstalled the Play Store version and disconnected my phone from internet. Other than this, if I dont uninstall the play...
  3. S

    Android / Amazon Fire Android app bundle (.aab) problem

    Hello everyone. I'm having troubles making an .aab export for the google platform. I searched a lot on the forum and on internet to get any help, but i can't figure out what i'm doing wrong. I was following a solution provided by a member of Yoyo games: " Android: How To Create An App Bundle...
  4. G

    Android / Amazon Fire Google Play Licensing extension requests read_phone_state, editing manifest doesn't fix

    The official Google Play Licensing extension modifies your APK so that it requests read_phone_state. This permission does not appear checked in either Android Options or in the extension's list of permissions. This bug was originally reported in 2017, and it sits in Mantis as a "low" priority...
  5. Edwin

    Android / Amazon Fire Free Google Play Store alternatives?

    Hello, can you guys recommend good FREE Google Play alternatives where developers can publish their .APK files? Google Play is not free to give developer's permissions so I am not able to use it except I will unlock developers account by buying it for 25 dollars. Yeah that is not really big...
  6. B

    Discussion Ads in GMS2

    Hey, I am making a game for android and I can't seem to find anything about Ads in Android and I find some extension for this but I don't like them. can I get anything in game maker officially support for ads? I am making an android game for the first time and I don't have experience with...
  7. F

    Android / Amazon Fire Rating and Review on Play store

    Hello everyone, I just suggest an idea to make GM games on play store stronger, we should download and try our games directly from the store, give good rating and reviews. This will help us a lot for better publishing . My game name is >>Strange Warrior<< I will be happy to hear your advice...
  8. F

    Android / Amazon Fire Strange Warrior

    Hello everyone! Strange Warrior is one of the best strategy online games on the Play Store, it contain also some skills during battles. Game Play: Defeat Monsters attacks, Build your village, upgrade weapon, collect Gold from villager, conquer another villages in the Global Map, attack other...
  9. Gabriel

    Android / Amazon Fire Game Won't Open?

    Yesterday I got a new smartphone that comes with Android 8 and, for my surprise, my game that used to run perfectly on lower Android versions crashes the instant I open it. I installed it directly from the Play Store and can't understand why it keeps crashing at launch, preventing me from...
  10. Moar.Of.Me

    Android / Amazon Fire [Resolved by St. Nicolas] Can't get right IAP price from Google

    In my game I sell Stars and Hints via IAPs. I want the prices in my store to show the actual price from my google account. For some reason the code works just fine for Stars but fails on Hints. I am testing IAP dots_universe_hints_3 Here are the screenshots of my Google Dev Console IAP page...
  11. D

    Android / Amazon Fire Dropbop [Free] Hi. I have published a game on the Play Store, first game I have ever done on game maker, and first in general. Play to beat the score on the endless mode, play to complete all levels, play to unlock all skins, play to KILL...
  12. RizbIT

    Android / Amazon Fire Play Store Store Languages and Translations

    Do you get more installs if you publish the app to the stores for different countries? If yes can you just use Google translate to translate the english description and paste it into the description for different countries? Would that work?
  13. P

    libpng Error

    Should I be concerned about this or is it something on the game maker developers part? If so, sorry about the post and hopefully, we will have an update soon. Thank's!