1. Daniel Mallett

    Question - IDE Platforms

    I'm just wondering if someone could explain this to me. Why is it that Gamemaker can compile for a good number of platforms but Gamemaker itself does not. (MAC / PC). I can't figure this out. I don't like Windows 10 one little bit but i'm stuck. It's not just Gamemaker, there are a few pieces...
  2. P

    SOLVED How to Port the Game on MacOS from Windows PC and is it possible?

    Actually it's all said in the post name, but to detalize, when I set the target Mac OS as target platform and try making an executable the log tells me this: "Configuration Problem : No Mac device found. Check your target settings." So what do I have to do to port the game on Mac OS? I would...
  3. Michael Franklin

    Character gets stuck in moving platforms

    Whenever The platforms in my room move up my character gets stuck. How can I keep my character moving with the platforms Step event code for charcter: /// @description City physics //input left = keyboard_check(ord("A")); right = keyboard_check(ord("D")); jump =...
  4. Dividious

    GMS 2 [SOLVED]: One Way Platforms

    So after changing to a FSM to solve some other issues and getting rid of the Shaun Spalding Platform Code and replacing it. My horizontal and vertical moving platforms work, however i can't figure out how to do a One Way "passthru/jumpthru/fallthru" type platform. Currently my player object has...
  5. N

    Windows Converting my game to other platforms

    I'm making a game in GMS2 on a WIndows 10. Is there a way to also convert it to Mac or Linux? I tried changing it in the top-right corner but it tells me to plug in my Mac, which I don't have. Can I convert to Mac without owning a Mac? I've seen other game engines be able to do this.
  6. IE Entertainment

    Moving Platform: How to make character stick?

    I have created a moving platform. I basically used my code for solid walls, minus gravity and gave it the ability to move left and right and reverse when it hits a wall. The issue I am having is, when the character lands on top of the platform, he slides right off as the platform moves along...
  7. S

    Converting Games for Different Platforms

    Hello All, As someone who used to create PC games with Game Maker 7 & 8, I’ve wanted to know how easy/difficult it would be to convert or remake those games for mobile platforms. Particularly coding-wise. For example: Would the coding or resolution have to be tweaked a whole lot for each...
  8. H

    Legacy GM Jump-through platforms with gravity

    Hello! I am trying to create a 2D platformer with jump-through platforms (in the shape of square boxes). However, these boxes have gravity which makes them fall through the ground if I set their masks to "nothing" whenever you are trying to jump through them (using the method shown here). This...
  9. B

    Discussion Thing's that need to be addressed in GMS: 2 (Opinion)

    Hey guys, I've loved using Gamemaker for a fair few years now because it made developing for multiple platforms very very easy. But, there are some things that I feel really should be addressed when it comes to GMS. 1. Don't add things that aren't multi platform supported (EG...
  10. phillipPbor

    Legacy GM mighty switch force

    you ever know mighty switch force refranchise? because when you switch the bocks switch places, but if you switch while standing in front of it. crash! your dead! so how do you make players react to those? I mean (shuan.S) should have made that when making a switch force like game. its so...
  11. P

    Legacy GM Platform Collision Question[Solved]

    Hey all, new here to Game Maker here (studio version). I've been just following some tutorials from Shaun Spalding and a few others. I've got an issue with collisions that's throwing me for a loop (due to inexperience). TLDR down below. Basically I took the one way platforms and removed the...
  12. S

    Physics Problem

    I'm trying to make two moving platforms wich adjust each other when objects land on them. I'm using physics_joint_pulley_create, but I only want the platforms to move in the y direction. Anybody has an idea? (example: see picture from mario or...
  13. M

    Pendulum and Player collision problem

    Hi. I need some help on solving this one. I've made an ideal pendulum which moves in a semi-circular way . It works fine, but the problem is that when I (or the Player) am on this platform-shaped pendulum, at some moments, i am unable to jump. Sometimes the player just slips into the object and...
  14. S

    Legacy GM Animation Problem: Falling while on ground [SOLVED]

    Hi, I'm new to GM and I've been working on a 2D platformer fan game (based on I Wanna Be the Guy), and I'm having a strange issue with animation on two surfaces. I finally got the animation to work correctly on the the main ground surface (obj_grnd), but then I noticed that when I stepped on a...