1. G

    GMS 2 Need help with a collision glitch!

    Hey friends! Disclaimer - I'm fairly new to GML. I've been trying to get platforming to work in a 2D, top-down game. I've looked at a few tutorials from a few different YouTube sources, but primarily this one by Backspace Cadet: It works some of the time, but if you look at the images, you'll...
  2. D

    Speed increase/decrease according to ground angle

    Hello GMC, I'm working on a sonic-esqe physics engine. I have the movement in all 4 quadrants working correctly but I can't seem to get the player to slow when going up a slope or speed up when going down. I've read though the guide at Sonic Retro many times but I used a slightly different...
  3. M

    GML Stuck Wall Hang/Ledge Grab

    Hello, I'm a novice in GML and Game Maker but with a few tutorials I've managed to get pretty far. I'm trying to make a platformer game where the character can jump in the air onto a wall by holding the arrow key in the direction of the wall. (only when he is in the air.) But this is what I'm...
  4. phillipPbor

    Legacy GM ladder up

    trying to make a ladder once again. but the ladder needs work... but I am stuck you see I was trying to make player react to ladder. but... I just got errors for making it. I really hope you have some ideas.
  5. phillipPbor

    Legacy GM make a box stop

    I tried getting help for puzzle platforming. pushing a cardboard box that has gravity. FOR OBJ_BOX create grav = 0.2; hsp = 0; vsp = 0; step // react inputs.................................................. if (vsp < 10) vsp += grav; //...
  6. G

    Game Mechanics Making a platformer.

    Just wondering how one would make a platformer in simple, easily understood code. I'm like a coding inter moderate. This just means I understand quiet a bit about game maker, But Ever since Game maker sandbox was removed, I've been unable to get a easily understood engine. I aim to just learn...
  7. N

    Alpha Video Game: The Musical

    This is the project I've been working on for a while now. The idea is simple - a full sized platform game where the story is told through song and the player characters (and some enemies) sing along. At the moment it's working on PC, windows phone and OUYA. I'll probably put it on iOS as well...
  8. MMM

    Windows Ever-Growing

    Download levels, Make levels, Play levels! Platform: Windows Genre: Platformer / Creator Engine: Game Maker 8 Release date: TBA Make your own stage, set of stages or even entire platform type of game with a story! Game will be updated with new levels by me at least once a month. Your...