1. Repix

    Alpha Scroll Hunter

    Download Here! Version: 0.01 Genre: open world - platformer - 2d - action - rpg - adventure
  2. T

    GMS 2 How can I make an infinitely long room?

    I already have a basic platformer with levels setup but I want to make an endless gamemode, heres what I want to be able to do: I want to randomly generate preset chunks side by side to make an endless runner, I don't want to make random terrain but preset structures in a random order infinitely.
  3. S

    knockback not working

    So the knockback when an enemy touches the player doesn't work very well and nearly kills the player instantly since the player's health is only five. Here is my knockback code: obj_player.hspeed_ = random_range(-14,14) obj_player.y += -4 so for this I was going to add invincibility...
  4. S

    Obj_bullet shoot from obj_shotgun?

    So I was making a platformer shooter and I was adding the gun (obj_shotgun) and made it follow the player. However when I try to make the bullet (obj_bullet) shoot from the shotgun, it just shoots horizontally from the mouse. Any ideas? Here is my bullet code. It's in the create event btw...
  5. A

    Character stuck crouching

    I am making a platformer and I've implemented a function that lets my character crouch while on the ground by pressing down or simply aim down while in the air. The key variable is defined as this: key_down = keyboard_check(vk_down) || (gamepad_axis_value(0,gp_axislv) > 0) ||...
  6. L

    Asset - Project Ultimate Platformer Engine

    After successful release of URGP I'm back with my Ultimate Platformer Engine (aka. Stardust) Prove me wrong but I think this is the best engine in it's category available:
  7. S

    Collision for platformer not working

    So I was going to make a platformer and after a bit of digging I managed to code in the gravity and (hopefully) the jumping. I just can't figure out how to make the floor (obj_block) collide with the player and stop it falling trough. Any ideas? I'm using GML by the way and I've finished the...
  8. mikix

    Asset - Extension Platformer Extension

    Want to make your game the next big platformer hit? Platformer Extension has all the core features, including support for all controls, manual camera and much more. Code is readable, you can for example just copy and paste the stat books for the player or the enemies and write new numbers. For a...
  9. T

     Farside Rpg : Platformer-Rpg-Roguelite

    Hello everyone, My name is Alessandro and I'm 17 years old, I want to make a small game called "Farside Rpg" which is based on a Platformer-Rpg-Roguelite genre. I've already got started on the basics and got a decent tileset going (Spent about 20 hours coding it so far). The inspiration for the...
  10. GarlicGuy

    Beta Rocco and Renwick - Wacky Platformer

    Project started 2/13/18 Rocco and Renwick My current 1 man project. Follows the story of a duo (Rocco the Crocco and Renwick Raven) who are trying to stop a power hungry and corrupt president. NEW BETA DEMO! Download link: .zip?dl=0 It's a...
  11. Ziberteck

    Jumping Jacksons

    Jumping Jacksons is a side-scrolling platforming game that simulates the feel of many classic games. Explore diverse regions and levels and collect treasures to unlock secrets. Experience new enemies and remember how they function, it may come in handy in ways that you may not expect. The...
  12. C

    GMS 2 How would I go about making a tile destroy on collision?

    I'm working on a small project with GMS2, I am new to tileset collision and I want to destroy a tile that my player collides with. here is my first script. //first script var tile_map_id = argument[0]; var found = false; var vector2_x = 0; var vector2_y = 1; for (var i = 1; i<argument_count...
  13. ScimitarDD

    Demo Sm4R [Crazy Sidescroller RPG]

    Hello! So this is my first game I'm going to publish. I started this project on February 2016. It's my 9th sidescroller RPG (the first one from which I think the quality is good enough that I can actually publish it soon). My older projects started 2008, so this is the result of 10 years of...
  14. W

    GMS 2 Collision issue - Getting stuck in walls

    Hey everybody! I'm new to Game Maker and therefore new to the forum as well. My issue: I'm making a simple 2D platformer prototype which I want to be able to expand upon in a number of platformer games. Therefore, I need the movement and the collision (everything really) to be rock solid. I...
  15. S

    GMS 2 Jump Glitch (Please Help)

    Need help on this glitch. Everytime I jump and touch a wall and then press the opposite movement button to the wall, I get teleported to the wall on the other side and wise versa. Example, If I jump and touch the wall on the right and press left arrow key, I get teleported the very other wall on...
  16. I

    Legacy GM Animation in Platformer [SOLVED]

    Hello! I am currently working on animation for my character in my platformer game, and it does not work quite right. Here is the code I currently have // Control the sprite image_speed = sign(len)*.4; if(len == 0) image_index = 8; // Vertical sprites if(vspd > 0){ sprite_index =...
  17. S

     16-bit-ish Penguin platformer

    WHAT IS IT? It's a penguin platformer with dozens of levels and challenges that has you running through terrain, jumping over hazards, chaining a score together and belly sliding down hills through ice blocks. In addition to challenges and hand made maps, there is an infinite runner mode...
  18. Electronic Cheesekov

    Windows The Square Destroyer

    The Square Destroyer is my first 'good' game. It's about a young boy who lives a peaceful life until the evil square king kidnapped his dog. So the boy goes on an epic adventure to get his dog back. The game only displays FIVE colours on your screen. Download...
  19. Dreadusa

    Slope Collision going up slope and jumping.

    if(JUMP&&(!place_free(x,y+1)))//Jump checks for keyboard_check_pressed {jumpSpeed = -14} //Horizontal Collision xtarg = x + lengthdir_x(moveX,xdir); if (place_free(xtarg,y)) { x = xtarg } else { while (place_meeting(x+moveX,y,objCollision)) { xtarg = x...
  20. I

    Legacy GM Check for left and right

    Hello! I am making a platformer in GameMaker: Studio, and I am currently facing one issue. I want the player to fall down slower if he is against a wall while he is falling, and he is pressing direction key toward the wall. So if he is near the right wall, he will need to press right key and be...