1. K

    Windows how to make a room loop infinitely?

    I want to make a simple infinite platformer game with a camera that follows the player. How do I make a room that seamlessly loops without any sort of transition?
  2. A

    Having issues with collision in platformer

    Hello, I am having issues with this platformer I am working on. Code is below but basically. I am having troubles with the player character getting stuck on the side of the platform or I get the issues as shown in the attached GIF image. I have been troubleshooting it for 3 days and havent made...
  3. Wile94

    Legacy GM Maze/Room/Level Generation and Loading Time

    Hi, I've recently coded a maze generator inside a ds_grid. Each cell has a string value like "0000" or "1010", etc. Each number represents a wall/exit (0/1) around that cell (left-right-up-down), having a total of 16 combinations. Then I run a script that seals most of the "one way exit" cells...
  4. Andrew Simms

    iOS How to make Heart meter side-scroll with player (in 2D platform)?

    So I'm building a 2D platformer, and I have three heart objects with full and empty sprites that represent the player's "lives" variable. (ie. Heart 1 = visible if "lives" = 3, Heart 2 visible if lives = 2, etc...) However, I just implemented a scrolling camera, which is great, but now...
  5. Lewa

    Steam Celaria - 3D Parkour Platformer

    Celaria is a first-person racing parkour platformer in which the player races against the time on various tracks. Find the fastest path to the goal and take advantage of the environment in order to improve your runs as much as possible. Features include: Singleplayer Mode (25 maps with 5...
  6. T

    GML Player Instance Destroyed When Switching States

    I've been handling my player's different attacks with a state machine, but I've encountered a recurring issue where if the player initiates an attack in midair at a certain close distance from the ground, the player object is destroyed and their hurtbox is left behind and it's occurring before a...
  7. Hamdy Elzonqali

    Free Can You Finish The Game ? (Android)

    You think you can finish it all ? .. Well, It's not that easy! "Can You Finish The Game ?" or "CYFTG" is a puzzle platformer about escaping from the cave. Can you reach the end? .. I don't think so! You can download the game at for free! Play Now! link -->...
  8. Roobicorn

    GMS 2 Precise collisions (2 place_meeting statements cancelling each other out)

    I'm working on a platformer in which involves the player being able to jump up through ledges, landing on top of them, or, if they can reach the ledge but can't make it over, they can grab the ledge and hang from it. I'm expanding on some of the code from Shaun Spalding's Platformer tutorial...
  9. pixeltroid

    Free Citadel Stormer: Mini Action Platformer

    Hi all. I'd like to present my Gameboy-esque platformer game "Citadel Stormer" -- my very first release! I originally made this for the 34th GMC gamejam (Aug 22-26, 2019). But after the jam, I decided to fine-tune and balance it, add some new features and re-release it. Because, why not? :)...
  10. S

    Alpha Vandeity - Hack n Slash

    Name: Vandeity Genre: Action-Adventure, Hack n Slash Platform: Windows Current State: Alpha To translate a certain 3D series into 2D is the objective. Developer Notes This is my first large scale game and I don't consider myself a programmer, I've just used Game Maker since I was in my...
  11. G

    Tiny Space Explorer

    Hi everyone, this my first game using Gamemaker studio, I have used Gamemaker in the past but that was about 10 years ago so I'm a bit rusty :). I usually develop mobile games using a different game engine so I am going forward to a different type of project. Tiny space explorer is going to...
  12. Zubaran

    Demo Gamut (action, platforms & paint)

    Gamut is an action platforming game in the vein of Ninja Gaiden, Oniken or Castlevania. It's an arcade game rewarding good reflexes and dexterity. DEMO DOWNLOAD To reach the end of a level in Gamut, you will have to navigate between platforms and fight ennemis. You control a character...
  13. Adrien Dittrick

    HTML5 GMTK - the keymaster: a metroidvania with only ONE key

    What is this? This game was made in 48 hours for the GMTK jam 2019, with the theme "only one". What I made is a metroidvania where you only have one key. And you must carry it with you through a maze-like dungeon. You can play it either on itch: Or...
  14. L

    [Ignore This]

    Basically the player position resets when I re-enter a room. Camera position has been fixed. Read replies to know what the code is. I'm using Shaun Spalding's gamemaker tutorial, and have just finished episode 7 of it.
  15. tagwolf

    Rocket Jumping Tutorial Project

    GM Version: GMS2.X Target Platform: ALL Download: Links: N/A Summary: Rocket jumping, perfect platformer controls, and custom particle effects! Tutorial: Here's a prototype I was working on. It uses my "True Perfect Platformer Movement Controls" from my other...
  16. T

    Job Offer - Programmer programmer needed for platformer

    Hello, I'm looking for a programer to help me on two things : - combo attacks - ledge climbing You can see preview of the project on Thanks, Lionel
  17. Bulldrome

    Help with spike collision

    So I've been messing around with the idea of a 2D platformer that uses a shield as its main tool. One Idea I had is that if the player points their shield toward some spikes as they fall onto them, they'll bounce upward instead of take damage. I've made some basic spikes that will restart the...
  18. T

    Attack states

    Hello, how can I enable single button combo attacks into this? Any help much appreciated. Thanks, Lionel
  19. yvodlyn

     Security Zone

    It was a peaceful day where places on earth began to self-destruct ...[ To Be Developed ] Max, a person like the others, to escape danger, must enter portals. However, to be able to open a portal, he must collect all the diamonds that are in the place. Max has to find the diamonds before the...
  20. JasonTomLee

    (Unnamed) Stick-Fight Platformer Game

    I thought It'd be a good idea to start this thread before any major updates. I'll be posting ONLY the most notable updates from Twitter. About This game is a 2D Platformer game focused on quick combat and movement to combo with the things around you. It'd prefer for it to be on the...