1. S

    Slope, tile collision, obj collision (help needed)

    How do I make tile collision and slopes work if the player is 32x32 while the tiles are 16x16? furthermore how can I design it to be functional with obj wall collision? I wanted to have slopes and stairs for my 2d platformer. I've been following Shaun Spalding's tutorial on tile collision and...
  2. MartinK12

    GMS 2 What's the difference between middle centre and bottom centre sprite origin in platformer game?

    In many tutorials I see people using middle centre or bottom centre as origin for sprites (I’m interested in y axis). The only thing I can see different is when setting bottom origin it's easier to make all those squashy animations, ie. when landing on ground change yscale - which is not...
  3. LunarTaqq

    GMS 2 I can't seem to get my character to go down slopes :(

    I'm quite a beginner when it comes to Game Maker and mostly programming in general, so please understand if my questions are super basic. I am trying to create a platformer game. I have worked out basic movement, animation, and collision. The problem comes when I try to implement collision with...
  4. LunarTaqq

    GMS 2 I can't seem to get my character to work on slopes :/

    Hey! This is my first post here and I'm kind of a beginner so I might not know exactly what I'm doing. I'm attempting to make a platform game, and I am trying to be able to have my character run up slopes. The only kind of slope I want in the game is a 45 degree one, so I know I don't need to...
  5. E

    Windows (literally fourth game) Can't make the character walljump in Metroid Fan Game

    So, this is literally my fourth game ever, and i want to make a metroid fangame. I followed a basic tutorial, and changed the controls to make it feel like Super Metroid (gravity, Gamepad, Jump height, etc) and i don't know how to make a WallJump (on the same wall) Help? {...
  6. D

    Windows Catching Death

    This game is part of an effort to participate in all Weekly Game Jams that start and end within 2020. Catching Death A game in which you have to actively chase your death! Submitted to Weekly Game Jam - Week 130, available in the official game page. The goal is to die as many times as...
  7. G

    GMS 2 Gamemaker Studio 2: Moving Platforms and One Way Platforms(All in One)

    GM Version: Target Platform: Windows Download: N/A Links: Summary: First of all, happy new year to everybody! Hope you're having a great one. Just as the title mentions, this is an all in one tutorial video showing people how to handle jump through based static and moving...
  8. BulleTech Studios

    Asset - Project RunNGun and HackNSlash Engines

    Here are two engines for beginners I've put up on the YoYo Marketplace that I'd like to share: RunNGun Platformer Engine A complete side-scrolling platformer shooter engine for you to build your own game off. GMS 2 only. * Completely configure all character sprites and stats as you need *...
  9. mrredleg0

    Blocks Keep. (Early development devlog)

    Hey everyone! Blocks keep is a fast paced action platformer strategy defense game I am developing in Gamemaker Studio 2. You play as a noble knight who has to build a fort to defend himself from waves of enemies. Check out the devlog on!
  10. mrredleg0

    Blocks Keep. (Early development devlog)

    Hey everyone! Blocks keep is a fast paced action platformer strategy defense game I am developing in Gamemaker Studio 2. You play as a noble knight who has to build a fort to defend himself from waves of enemies. Screenshot: Check out the devlog on
  11. LilRony

    Windows ArrJiiBii - Short Platformer (Prototype?)

    I took a break from my current game to put this together. It was really fun to use techniques that I picked up over the course of making my other game, but couldn't use because of old code getting in the way. While it's not the most original concept, I really enjoy playing it, which is not...
  12. WimpyLlama

    Platformer using advanced objects not working

    I have no idea if the title to this post is anywhere near what my problem is, but I'm trying my best. So I've been working on this one problem for a good eight hours now (according to Steam), and I decided to just throw in the towel and ask here. I'm working on a platformer survival game...
  13. Gravityhamster48

    Free MONO ~ A DIY Puzzle Platformer

    Welcome to MONO: A small DIY puzzle platformer I made in about a week. Features: -Create as many levels as you’d like and save and load them back. -Share and load .mono files saved in the appdata folder. -Xbox controller and keyboard support. -Edit the color palette of the game. Download...
  14. CrackedGamer§

    GMS 2 What is the best way to pause a game?

    I am making a platformer, what I do is just place a solid object on top of the player to stop them moving and the same for every enemy. And then I use a draw event in my controller object to draw a seethrough rectangle with the different options. What would be the best way to save the game...
  15. K

    Windows how to make a room loop infinitely?

    I want to make a simple infinite platformer game with a camera that follows the player. How do I make a room that seamlessly loops without any sort of transition?
  16. A

    Having issues with collision in platformer

    Hello, I am having issues with this platformer I am working on. Code is below but basically. I am having troubles with the player character getting stuck on the side of the platform or I get the issues as shown in the attached GIF image. I have been troubleshooting it for 3 days and havent made...
  17. Wile94

    Legacy GM Maze/Room/Level Generation and Loading Time

    Hi, I've recently coded a maze generator inside a ds_grid. Each cell has a string value like "0000" or "1010", etc. Each number represents a wall/exit (0/1) around that cell (left-right-up-down), having a total of 16 combinations. Then I run a script that seals most of the "one way exit" cells...
  18. Andrew Simms

    iOS How to make Heart meter side-scroll with player (in 2D platform)?

    So I'm building a 2D platformer, and I have three heart objects with full and empty sprites that represent the player's "lives" variable. (ie. Heart 1 = visible if "lives" = 3, Heart 2 visible if lives = 2, etc...) However, I just implemented a scrolling camera, which is great, but now...
  19. Lewa

    Steam Celaria - 3D Parkour Platformer

    Celaria is a first-person racing parkour platformer in which the player races against the time on various tracks. Find the fastest path to the goal and take advantage of the environment in order to improve your runs as much as possible. Features include: Singleplayer Mode (25 maps with 5...
  20. T

    GML Player Instance Destroyed When Switching States

    I've been handling my player's different attacks with a state machine, but I've encountered a recurring issue where if the player initiates an attack in midair at a certain close distance from the ground, the player object is destroyed and their hurtbox is left behind and it's occurring before a...