1. B

    Job Offer - Programmer Looking for box2d physics developer

    Hey everybody! Looking someone who could develop box2d physics platformer engine with some custom features. If you think you are intrested and want to know more contact me by email - Basically what's needed in engine: - Player movement on different shapes(Also enemies). -...
  2. Deadly Serious Media

     ZOMG! [WIP]

    Hey Everyone! Almost 10 years ago I had a game idea but it never really came together. Then I met my dev partner and we started working together. He attempted to build it in other engines but it never felt right. We abandoned it and my partner moved on to learning Unreal for 3D games and I...
  3. Deadly Serious Media

    GML Help needed: Custom Collision and Walking of Ledges [SOLVED]

    Hey everyone, We are still new to GameMaker and have only released one game featuring simple rectangular collisions for player and platforms. We are working on a new game though that needs some different collision shapes. I'm sure a solution to this has to be somewhere but, after spending most...
  4. F

    Legacy GM Change of sprite/animation when pushing moveable block (SOLVED)

    Hey there, first post. I've been working on a simple platformer for a few months and I've come to a slight slow down with some coding issues for sprite/animation changes for a specific situation. I have looked all over and haven't found any proper solutions for this problem either, so I was...
  5. Skull_k

    GMS 2 Platformer Pathfinding. Tutorial

    GM Version: Game Maker Studio 2 Target Platform: All Download: NA Links: Summary: This tutorial deals with platform pathfinding. I made 3 vidéos on Youtube to explain how we can implement pathfinding for a 2D platformer in game maker...
  6. R

    Job Offer - Programmer [Paid] Looking for a programmer on a platform game

    Hello peeps, I'm looking for a quite experienced programmer to develop a PC platformer game with some quite unique mechanics. I'm also willing to pay for the job or split the revenues from the game. I'm also a programmer and designer but i feel like I need another partner on this so that the...
  7. R

    Door object doesn't work but it was working before

    hello guys, its me again. This time I've got issue with doors. Trust me, it was working yesterday and a few hours ago. In fact, both of my doors in my game were perfectly working until I took a break from the computer. So I booted up the computer and play test my game. When I got to my door...
  8. Hello

    Windows Shroom Editor

    The Shroom Project meets Mario Editor! The resistance is back, and this time, you get to create their adventures! Build your own levels with guns and blood with this easy to use level editor! Trailer Screenshots Download Game Want to share your level with others? Want to try out...
  9. R

    My game doesn't work

    So um, hello guys I'm new to game maker. Been studying it 5 months now. So I was making a platformer game. Evrything works quite well. But when I was making a door object and I tested it, the game won't open. It just stopped compiling.
  10. T

     Super Starlock [colorful action-adventure platformer]

    Super Starlock Latest Update: New Concept Art & Enemy Type What is this game? Super Starlock is an action-adventure platformer about navigating through hostile environments laced with dangerous baddies and deadly hazards. Equipped with a secret power that allows you to manipulate enemies...
  11. A

    Help with basic platformer.

    I'm making a platformer for a school project and my basic code has come back with multiple problems when playing the game. 1. my left key makes me move right, but i want it to move left. 2. jumping and hitting a platform with the top of the player makes the player stuck on the platform. 3. After...
  12. M

    x_scale help

    Hi! so Im working on a 2d platformer and I have been having some problems with the x and y scale coding ive tried multiple things and now i have this: if (key_left) { image_xscale=-3; image_yscale=3; if (key_right ) { image_xscale=3; image_yscale=3; } i also used this code...
  13. A

    Legacy GM Drawn To Life style movement

    Before I move on to why I made this thread, let me tell about the DS game Drawn To Life. Released in 2007, the action-adventure platformer was rated fairly for its fun concept: Drawing just about everything in a pixel art style. From your character, to blocks to jump on, even to weapons used...
  14. G

    loop freezes game

    I got this little piece of code in my game and when it "activates" it freezes my game heres the code dash_right_now = false//dashing as we speak if (keyboard_check_pressed(ord("X"))) { if (!place_meeting(x,y,obj_solid)) { dash_right_now = true while...
  15. dynamic_zero

    Windows The Moon Awaits - Explosive, fast paced action platformer!

    Explore the solar system in this explosive, fast paced action platformer! Use your weapons, skill and whit to repair your ship and blast off into space! Features - . Explore the solar system! . Randomly generated levels which change every play through . Battle deadly space creatures . Use a...
  16. A

    How to Make Objects Sprite Change as it follows

    I am making a boss enemy in a platformer, where the enemy shoots off rockets and they follow the player. I want the sprite of the rocket to change depending on the direction it is going, but I have no clue how to. I tried this: if vspeed > 0 while hspeed < 0 {sprite_index =...
  17. A

    Windows Fairly Nude - A hardcore pixel platformer

    Fairly Nude is the only unoriginal Platformer you should play! Well, when it comes out, that is. You play as this naked guy who jumps over spikes and ****! Fairly Nude offers a hope crushing experience that'll leave you crying for more, or maybe less. Who cares?! You play as a naked guy! In...
  18. K

    Android The Amazing Burger Boy [Google Play]

    The Amazing Burger Boy CLASSIC 2D PLATFORMER Hey, I just published my first game. Graphics are made by me and I tried to go for simple but visually nice looking art. I also wanted to actually finish and publish something so I could move on to a next a bit more challenging project. As the...
  19. M

    Any resources/info on top-down platforming??

    I'm working on a top down game. I want to have multiple height platforms, etc in each area. I feel like I'm decently close to an answer, but I'm wondering if anyone has ever implemented this or seen a tutorial about doing so. I've been at this for a month or so. My current approach is using a z...
  20. A

    Legacy GM Help with crawling on walls