1. M

    x_scale help

    Hi! so Im working on a 2d platformer and I have been having some problems with the x and y scale coding ive tried multiple things and now i have this: if (key_left) { image_xscale=-3; image_yscale=3; if (key_right ) { image_xscale=3; image_yscale=3; } i also used this code...
  2. A

    Legacy GM Drawn To Life style movement

    Before I move on to why I made this thread, let me tell about the DS game Drawn To Life. Released in 2007, the action-adventure platformer was rated fairly for its fun concept: Drawing just about everything in a pixel art style. From your character, to blocks to jump on, even to weapons used...
  3. G

    loop freezes game

    I got this little piece of code in my game and when it "activates" it freezes my game heres the code dash_right_now = false//dashing as we speak if (keyboard_check_pressed(ord("X"))) { if (!place_meeting(x,y,obj_solid)) { dash_right_now = true while...
  4. dynamic_zero

    Windows The Moon Awaits - Explosive, fast paced action platformer!

    Explore the solar system in this explosive, fast paced action platformer! Use your weapons, skill and whit to repair your ship and blast off into space! Features - . Explore the solar system! . Randomly generated levels which change every play through . Battle deadly space creatures . Use a...
  5. A

    How to Make Objects Sprite Change as it follows

    I am making a boss enemy in a platformer, where the enemy shoots off rockets and they follow the player. I want the sprite of the rocket to change depending on the direction it is going, but I have no clue how to. I tried this: if vspeed > 0 while hspeed < 0 {sprite_index =...
  6. A

    Windows Fairly Nude - A hardcore pixel platformer

    Fairly Nude is the only unoriginal Platformer you should play! Well, when it comes out, that is. You play as this naked guy who jumps over spikes and ****! Fairly Nude offers a hope crushing experience that'll leave you crying for more, or maybe less. Who cares?! You play as a naked guy! In...
  7. K

    Android The Amazing Burger Boy [Google Play]

    The Amazing Burger Boy CLASSIC 2D PLATFORMER Hey, I just published my first game. Graphics are made by me and I tried to go for simple but visually nice looking art. I also wanted to actually finish and publish something so I could move on to a next a bit more challenging project. As the...
  8. M

    Any resources/info on top-down platforming??

    I'm working on a top down game. I want to have multiple height platforms, etc in each area. I feel like I'm decently close to an answer, but I'm wondering if anyone has ever implemented this or seen a tutorial about doing so. I've been at this for a month or so. My current approach is using a z...
  9. A

    Legacy GM Help with crawling on walls

  10. D

    Legacy GM What is the most efficient method of angle calculation

    Hello, I'm trying to make a sonic like platformer. I would like the player to dynamically change according to the angle of the ground. I don't know what would be the quickest method. I don't want to use the small object/angle variables method because I feel that would become cumbersome and...
  11. X

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Vaguely SuperMetroid-style map

    I'm trying to make a map for my platformer game and I'm stuck in the planning phase because I'm not really sure what a good way to go about doing it is. I know pretty well what I want it to do. I want the full map of the area to appear in grey and then light up with a color once the room has...
  12. P

    GMS 2 Object, which follows player by the shortest route in a platformer

    Hi, I am trying to make object which will follow the player using only his platform abilities, by this I mean by jumping and walking. Not going through the walls like objects in my attempts did. Do you have any hints how to make this work?
  13. garlicsuter

    Platformer - stuck in walls, freezes game

    The jumping on platforms works well, until you hit the side of the next wall. The game freezes and you have to force quit. There is no animation in the sprite, so I've ruled that out. The collision mask is a rectangle. I attached a gif of it happening.
  14. J

    GMS 2 Knockback

    Hi all, I have a problem with creating knockback. I want a player to have a little bit of horizontal and vertical speed when hit by a bullet. So when colliding with a bullet, the variables hsp and vsp of the player should change. However only vsp changes! Heres my code i have in the step event...
  15. J

    Demo Negative_Space - A Challenging 2D Platformer

    Hi everyone my name is Justin and I've been working on this game Neatitive_Space for almost 2 years now in Gamemaker 1.4. Negative_Space is a challenging black and white 2D platformer where you have to alternate in and out of two versions of the same room in order to reach the portal at the end...
  16. J

    Windows Venge

    **** Moderator Note: Member has been asked to add screenshots, to avoid having topic removed. **** Hello. This is my first game which I made using Game Maker Studio which was part of my Creative Technologies course in Media Design School. Please check my game out with these links below...
  17. matharoo

    Asset - Graphics Platformer Water Reflection

    Matharoo presents... Platformer Water Reflection >> GET HERE << The quickest way to add water with reflections in your platformer game! It's as easy as dropping an object into a room, as seen in the second GIF below. Available for both GMS 1.x and 2.x. If you're looking for top-down water...
  18. S

    Windows Turbo Pug Park: has a greater variety of platforms

    Turbo Pug Park was once Foxland . After releasing it for a week to see how people enjoyed it, many hated it enough for me to redo the mechanics and the jump, which lead to each level needing to be remade. Instead of keeping it Foxland, I took a lot of the art from that game, found a publisher...
  19. G

     Jellor (Platformer)

    Hey! Jellor is a level-by-level collectathon platformer with simple controls with at times difficult platforming. Each level is non-linear with branching paths and secrets to find. You play as Jellor, a peculiar cube of jelly who is simply trying to find out why there is no other being quite...
  20. J

    I have a little problem with my Platformer

    I have used this code //Get the player's input key_right = keyboard_check(vk_right); key_left = -keyboard_check(vk_left); key_jump = keyboard_check_pressed(vk_space); //React to inputs move = key_left + key_right; hsp = move * movespeed; if (vsp < 10) vsp += grav; if...