1. TheOnlyWRT

    Issues with platformer collisions on tile map layer

    Hi all, I generally use objects for collisions as they never fail, but my current project will have very large rooms and so I'm thinking that tile collisions will be a lot faster. So, I did some googling and found the tutorial by Pixelated Pope with his tile_meeting script. I tried using that...
  2. deathzero021

    Steam Delta Zero (Mega Man X inspired metroidvania)

    A fast-paced action platformer with non-linear world progression and level design! Challenging gameplay with 3 difficulty modes, 2 playable characters and local co-op! Fight bosses in any order and experience the world change with each victory, enemies become harder, faster and smarter! Main...
  3. NoDev

    SOLVED Wall climb help?

    Hello there, I have been trying to implement a Strider style wall climb feature in my game as of right now and everything has been going well except for when the play reach the top of the wall. As you may know, when the player reaches the top of the wall he is supposed to sort of teleport a few...
  4. Liam Earles

    Opera GX Smash Ringtail Cat: The Ultimate Glitch Annihilator - Available on GXC!

    Don't play around with the glitches, be the ultimate glitch annihilator! Smash Ringtail Cat: The Ultimate Glitch Annihilator is available to download for FREE today! Only on Windows and macOS. Game Description: Don't Play Around With The Glitches, Be The Ultimate Glitch Annihilator! Smash...
  5. RefresherTowel

    Free Bullet Dash (Opera GX)

    So when the Opera GX platform was released, I started working on a little multiplayer game to give it a try. Bullet Dash is the end result. I wanted it to be a week-long dev cycle, but it got out of my control and ended up being around two-three weeks of work (figuring out how to best work with...
  6. crisiworks

    Alchemist's Mountain

    Alchemist's Mountain is a hi-bit pixel art game of devious dungeons. It is an adventure of achieving transmutation: turning sorrow into joy, and bringing meaning into the meaningless. DEMO You can play the demo on Steam or on (there is a small gift (limited in number) for those who...
  7. Kultisti

    HTML5 Sulka

    help Sulka find a new home! ≻ 20 tiny levels to solve ≺ [ play it here ]
  8. B

    Having trouble understanding why my collision code doesn't work properly

    I'm attempting to make a platformer game. So far, I have the horizontal movement where I would like it to be; however... I'm having trouble implementing code that properly detects collision. When I move my box, it will stop ever-so briefly before sidling up against the edge. Additionally...
  9. jackapap

    GMS 2.3+ Platformer: enemy decision making (walking around, jumping onto Platform's, etc)

    Hello! I am currently working on a roguelike platformer similar to risk of rain, and ran into a roadblock when it came to improving the AI. for context: I have the enemy and they currently act very similar to that of a Goomba. they run forward, hit a wall and run the other way. my goal in mind...
  10. C

    GMS 2 Advanced Double Jump

    I need some help programming a double jump, I've seen several solutions posted before however I was hoping to have a double jump that also allows an 'air jump' of sorts after falling off of a ledge. Additionally, I am using Shaun Spalding's tutorial code for basic vertical and horizontal...
  11. Kultisti

    HTML5 Skele Magic

    Skele Magic ◭ help the skeleton magician find their way out of the magical realm! ▼ 20 small puzzles to solve ▼ [ play it here ]
  12. L

    Job Offer - General Level Designer Wanted: PvP & PvE Platformer

    This is a full-time paid contract position. Ex Populus is a new game developer and publisher founded by notable industry veterans from ESL, Twitch, IGN and Pixar. The company is developing a new game and is looking for a Sr. Level Designer to help bring expert level design to a game being...
  13. Zeth_Aran

    GMS 2.3+ Physics based blocks will not stop moving.

    I've been working with the GM2 Physics engine a little bit to try and see how it all works. I have a test project I've been working on for it. Every tutorial I find is too old or not being actively discussed so I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction. Here are screenshots of the...
  14. wes.salt

    GMS:2 [SOLVED] Adding a 2nd jump after Edge Counter

    Hello, I've just started learning GMS and was stuck at the jumping problem for quite a while. I'd be appreciated if someone can help me with this The edge code I used was taken from Flynn's Advanced Jumping (Coyote Method), it worked fine but I couldn't add a 2nd jump right after the edge...
  15. Pfap

    wall jumping in corner problem

    When my player object is on the ground and touching a wall and the space bar is pressed the player briefly rises and then gets pushed down. I'm looking for some guidance or ideas others may have implemented when working out a wall jump mechanic. In my room I have a player object with a square...
  16. Apapappa

    Windows Neon Cleaner (AmazeMeGameJam)

    GAME LINK: Info: Made in 48 hours and 5 minutes for AmazeMeGameJam GMS2. The theme was "NEON" and no special rules that I could find so this is what I made I guess. Timelapse + Gameplay: Jam Comments: Since...
  17. Gizmo199

    GMC Jam Luminous Slash

    DOWNLOAD ABOUT Play as a nimble neon rabbit as you glide through the air slashing blocks, collecting carrots, care packages, and roaming through space in this fast-paced arcade-style hack-and-slash platformer! Beware, however, of any red-colored blocks or packages, and don't let your jump...
  18. T

    GMS 2.3+ Moving Platforms Issue [Help needed] So I've implemented moving platforms into my game, modeled after this article, and for the most part they work as I expect them to. However, sometimes when I land on them it seems to push/teleport me out of it. The...
  19. fg_Albin

    Windows Lilium Reach -An action platformer where you explore a forgotten region of space. |Demo available|

    Explore forgotten worlds in this action platformer that blends metroidvania like exploration with challenging combat and gear customization. Do you want to play it already? Check out our demo and give us some feedback! Development begun after a game jam in 2016, and the team consists of three...
  20. Kultisti

    Free Cats n Wires

    Cats n Wires reconnect wires to save your cats from this mysterious world!