1. Pineapple Lake

    Released Juiced! - a retro platform adventure [PC/Mobile/NintendoSwitch]

    Type: Platform adventure game. Influenced by Commander Keen, Jazz Jackrabbit, Cosmo, Rayman, Mario. Operating systems: Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch Resolution: 320x180 (16:9) Version: 2.06 (updated 02/06/2021) Website: Players: 1-2 (local co-op)...
  2. B

    Platformer collision problems :| Help?

    So i'm currently in the middle of developing a simple 2D platformer and am having collision troubles when it comes to the Player falling onto a platform. The game is designed to be featured in only one screen-sized room with the Player in the center and the 64x64 blocks that make up the various...
  3. D

    Sprite gets stuck when changing collision mask

    Hi, i'm working on a simple platform gaming but i'm having some problems handling collisions when i need to change collision masks. Actually the code to handle collisions looks like this: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- //Horizontal collisions i = 1...
  4. nlolotte

    Platformer pushable solid

    Hi guys, I've recently built push able solids into my platformer engine. They work some what well but my only problem is if the solids are stacked on top of each other and you push left, it will move the below push solid as well dragging the character and not letting the top solid fall down...
  5. J

    Legacy GM Can you check my basic platform movement and collisions system?

    y-=vsp vsp=0 if keyboard_check(vk_left) { if !place_meeting(x - 5, y, obj_wall) x -=5; else x-=distance_to_object(obj_wall) } if keyboard_check(vk_right) { if !place_meeting(x + 5, y, obj_wall) x +=5; else x+=distance_to_object(obj_wall) } if keyboard_check(vk_up) {...
  6. Z

    Legacy GM How can I run through platforms with a jump?

    Like in Snow Bros and Bubble Bobble And please be very specific if you don't know how to do it in Drag'N Drop. I mean: What Action, what Event, what is the function of each variable and stuff like that. Thanks by the way
  7. S

    Collision Masks

    Okay I am very new at all this and I use the drag and drop system becuase I don't know how to code. As well, my game is a mixture of techniques from the interest and me just screwing around. Okay the problem is my character is a cat (not symmetrical) and I have many sprites for it. I put...
  8. H

    Windows I'm making my first game what do you guys think.

    I am working on my first game on Game Maker and I want you guys to see what it has turned out to be like. I have not been working with Game Maker for long about 2 weeks now and I wanted to create a game so I can get use to what all the events and all the buttons do on the game. But this is how...
  9. Piclet

    Windows Platform Maker DEMO

    Platform Maker allows you to make your own levels of platform, play them and share them with everyone. (Something similar to Mario Maker) - English and Spanish languages. - Support for joystick. - Export and the import of levels. - Support for record by level. - More than 100 objects to place...
  10. S

    Legacy GM Slope (Diagonal) Platforms?

    Hi, I would like my game to have diagonal platforms. The problem is that I have little idea on how to add the code in. so far my character can go down these slopes but when going up them they seem to not have collisions. I'm also kind of slightly above the beginner level but no more. The...
  11. GregFroning

    It's A Journey - Story Based Platformer

    The Idea It's A Journey is a platform game with a focus on a simple story and decision making. You are walking through a dream and coming across memories, and depending upon how you answer them it affects the end of the game with four possible endings. Memories are represented by simple...
  12. David Richard

    Asset - Project ON SALE - Tile Based Plateform Engine (GMS1)

    GMS1's complete tile base plateform engine. Create your levels using ONLY 1 controller, the rest are tiles only! That's what's comming up in the next release. Easier interaction with tiles, easier collision engine. Better control over your game elements. AND for the first time...A pixel-perfect...
  13. icuurd12b42

    Asset - Shaders TMC LUX Lighting Engine

    TMC LUX Lighting Engine DEMO Outputs: Windows, Windows YYC, Android Compatibility Mode Option Available in Engine Type: Engine Included: Lighting Engine, Texture Normal Tool, Platform Engine, Top Down Demo. Asset Store: Getting Started: HERE Cel...