1. Tommah

    Asset - Demo Free-Run/Parkour Engine

    I have released and have been updating my new Free-Run/Parkour platforming engine with easy implementation and editing that makes use of a state machine and includes many scripts for each behavior so you can edit and fully commented if you wanted to change any of the code. Everything runs real...
  2. P

    Help with spinning platform

    hey guys. i make to ways of moving my platfform in circles, one way with paths and the other with cos and sin. the problems came when i want to translate its movement to the player. it doesnt work here is my code Platt 1 Path: Create Event: path_start(path0,1,path_action_continue,1) End...
  3. D

    Legacy GM One way platform help

    I'm trying to make a one way platform but my code kind of prevents it in a weird way and I need help to fix that. I was trying to follow tutorials for this since I've never done it but, since the tutorials had different code than I did I ran into some issues. Player step event...
  4. Suzaku

    GMS 2 "Jump to Point" should be used for movement?

    Years ago I was used to make the character movement in a platform game using the DnD "set direction" + "set speed" in a "key press" event, and then when the player wants the character to stop moving, I used a a "set speed" to zero in a "key release" event. Im coming back to programming and now I...
  5. Walky

    Steam Backpack Twins, a platformer with puzzle elements

    Playable demo available on Steam, and IndieDB Steam (please wishlist!): Humble Store: IndieDB...
  6. iKiwed

    GMS 2 Moving character in a 3X3 Grid (Battle Network)

    Hello! I'm new here. Before to post this topic I read both guidelines. I hope it's the right section, otherwise my apologies. I'm not a programmer, even if I know the basis. I'm more into giving ideas and making illustrations. This is why I use both GML and DnD, and I try to "experiment" before...
  7. Shavv

    Windows [SOLVED] 2.5D collision order

    fellow gamemakers, I have been personally creating a 2.5D effect with sprites. I draw fake ramps and such to create imaginary collision in a 3D axis. That has been going well until the actual floor is a platform and he wants to collide with another one. I use a Z variable just like in normal...
  8. ProjectGamesInc

    Android A Crystal Life - Adventure/Platform Indie Game

    A Crystal Life Platform/Puzzle/Adventure game Made with Game Maker Studio 2 The Main Game Idea The game take place in a strange world, where all the things are made by colored crystals. Bright and happy days, until the Shadow Lord make his appearance. You will be deprived from all the colors...
  9. ProjectGamesInc

    GMS 2 Physics + moving platform

    Hi guys, I have a game with physics, all setted and working well (room gravity, object phy properties and so on) but i have a small problem with a platform that basically goes up and down where you can jump on. When the platform goes down the object above it keep "jumping", i think beacouse the...
  10. AlexDerFerri

     Cuty - Pinkbows

    Name: Cuty - Pinkbows Genre: 2D-Platform GM version: GMS 1.4 Platforms: Windows Download link ( Hi! I have been working on my first game with Game Maker: Studio. The game is called "Cuty Pinkbows": a simple 2D-Platform with a shop system to...
  11. M

    Moving Platform Issues

    I am currently working with moving platforms, however several issues have occurred. For this code, I check the instance id of the platform I am stepping on to then execute the code. ID=instance_place(x,y+16,platform_1way) if place_meeting(x,y+vsp/2,platform_dy_h){ if ID!=-4 &&...
  12. Y

    Need (HELP)

    There is link in video my gun is slower than me how i can fix it to stick on character and i need code about ( if i look right and shoot at left character change side and look at shoot side) Sorry for my english Thanks!
  13. Y

    Umm idont have idea where to ask (HELP)

    i am game maker 1 user creating platform 2d game this is code to gun follow character and should be point on character but it spawns in wall obj x = spr_character.x y = spr_character.y+10 image_angle = point_direction(x,y,mouse_x,mouse_y) firingdelay = firingdelay - 1 if...
  14. darijs1

    Legacy GM (Noobishly solved) Top down platform, carrying a box object when colliding.

    Theres a moving platform which can rotate and move around. As the platform passes over (or in this case, under) the box object, the box should stay on the platform and be carried to where ever the platform goes, staying perfectly in place on the platform. I have no idea how to write the code...
  15. F

    Android Android platform missing

    I followed the instructions on how to set up for android, installed everything it said, but when I open GM2 and go to preferences / platform settings, there is only windows and steam, no android. Any thoughts?
  16. Furkan Karabudak

    Android GMS1.4 Android BUILD FAILED Issue

    Hello. I have encountered the same problem before in GMS2. But it is SOLVED. But I encountered the same problem now in GMS1.4 . I use both GMS1.4 and GMS2. I set the same thing in GMS1.4 But it didn't...
  17. Dan1

    Steam 999 - A Puzzle-Platformer with 999 Levels!

    Introducing... 999 is a puzzle platformer style game in which you must fling your character to the exit through 999 very difficult levels that will push your platforming skills to their limit. Throw and fling your character around gruelingly addictive, funky, psychedelic, colourful and...
  18. Michael McMullen

    GML Movable Platforms in GMS2

    GM Version: GameMaker Studio 2 Target Platform: All Download: N/A Links: N/A Summary This tutorial will show you one (of many) ways that you can create a moving platform in GameMaker Studio 2. We will move the platform along the x axis and allow our player to press the "down" key to jump off...
  19. N

    Key shortcuts and comfortably

    Hell0 Werld, I am currently making a Platform game and I would like a general discussion between people detailing their preference in Platform controls and quick keys for the following: - Jump - Attack - Health Potion Here are my current controls: - Jump: [UP] - Run: [LEFT/RIGHT] -...
  20. B

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Platform with jump to position movement does not take player with it

    Greetings, I'm not very good at programming. I've not used game maker all that much, though I've been using it on and off for years. Mostly I do drag and drop and have made about 4 or 5 simple mini games. Mostly these are made off tutorials. The same is the case here I was following a guide and...