platform game

  1. D

    Legacy GM shooting code help

    hello can somebody help me please I am having trouble with my code its only supposed to shoot one bullet but it shoots 3 and in only one direction im making a platformer btw heres my code //create bullet { b = instance_create(x,y,obj_bullet); bullets -= 1; b.speed = 15 //check...
  2. D

    Anyone know why this is happening?? (SOLVED)

    So I have made a ledge grab mechanic from a tutorial I am following but I'm having this really weird bug where when I grab a ledge my player falls from it straight away. The player is meant to stay on the ledge until you have pressed a certain key but the player just drops the second it...
  3. tibbycat

    [SOLVED] Walking on top of ladder (changing state)

    Hi, I'm relatively new(ish) is to Gamemaker and I thought I'd post here as I'm making a platform game having modified Shaun Spalding's State Machine tutorial and I'm currently stuck trying to get my player to change into the normal state when in the climbing state and reaching or landing on the...