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  1. N

    GMS 2 Problems with GamePad Input in a Platform Game

    Hi, I have some issues with my horizontal movement code. I have a global variables in the Step Event of my object Player for the horizontal move: global.input_key_left = keyboard_check(vk_left) || gamepad_axis_value(0, gp_axislh) < -0.5 || gamepad_button_check(0,gp_padl)...
  2. D

     Moonlit - Retro Platformer Game

    Moonlit Moonlit is a retro-style platform game, in which you play as a young girl affected by a curse. At night, she is able to morph into a werewolf, and, as a werewolf, she cannot use her gun as a ranged-weapon, but her claws become a deadly melee weapon. The game has been in development for...
  3. I

    GML How can i change the sprite angle of the enemy when he's falling (<3)

    So, i making a game plataform and my enemies can walk on objects and fall. However, I would like that while they were falling, change their angle (to be more realistic) and when it touches the ground again, stay with the same starting angle. This is the code i was using: //gravity system if...
  4. Christopher A. Orestis

    Issue with moving Platforms.

    In the old game maker, you could just set the object to solid and then set the speed and what not. In the new version of game maker, when an object is set to solid it can no longer move, as well as any object that colides with the object is also unable to move...
  5. JPDamstra

    GMS 2 GameMaker Studio 2 - Make a Lunar Lander Game

    GM Version: GameMaker Studio 2 Target Platform: ALL Download: Part 1 Project Files Part 2 Project Files Part 3 Project Files Part 4 Project Files Summary: There was a game I was working on that had a little lunar lander style mini-game in it. This is a great little game to make to better...
  6. Reyniki

    GMS 2 Platformer Enemies Spazz out on top of Player [SOLVED!]

    [EDIT] My previous concern was solved but now I'm kinda lost on how to make the enemy sprites stop spazzing out when they're overlapping with the player. Dunno if any line of code would show the problem but here's the enemy's chase after the player code: dir = sign(oPlayer.x - x); h_sp = dir *...
  7. J

    GML Help with angled player kickback mechanic.

    Hi everyone, I'd like to start by saying I'm a complete novice to programming. I've been following a video by Shaun Spalding on kick back. I thought it would be a cool idea to make a game around this mechanic, but I've came a across a problem. When shooting at an angle and the player is...
  8. G

    GMS 2 Gamemaker Studio 2: Moving Platforms and One Way Platforms(All in One)

    GM Version: Target Platform: Windows Download: N/A Links: Summary: First of all, happy new year to everybody! Hope you're having a great one. Just as the title mentions, this is an all in one tutorial video showing people how to handle jump through based static and moving...
  9. Wile94

    Legacy GM Instance_nearest - when to use it? performance impact?

    Hi, I'm working on a platformer (if you saw my posts i'm always working on a platformer :rolleyes:). Currently I'm looking the best way to perform some collisions without running the place_meeting and instance_place function constantly. I coded a moving platform using the next lines of code...
  10. wilmer

    Legacy GM Character stuck when using touch buttons, but does not get stuck with keyboards

    Greetings to all: Please help me on this, I am using skeletal animation. The problem is that the code that controls the gravity and collisions with the floor (the object of the floor is solid) works well with the keys assigned to move the character and jump (w, a, s, d, space etc.) , but since...
  11. S

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Corner Collision Causing Incorrect X and Y Values?

    Hey All! I'm currently working on a recreation of the popular platformer "VVVVVV" and started using the view system in GameMaker to make small, 640x480 levels in my project. These levels are all contained within one room, and when the player walks far enough out of one view it switches to...
  12. Electronic Cheesekov

    Windows Revenge Of The Veggieman (Finished?)

    LAST UPDATED 01/02/2020 ----------> DOWNLOAD <---------- You play as a fat man who loves hamburgers THEN SUDDENLY the evil Veggieman comes to your house to tell you that you should eat healthier and steals all your hamburgers so you must go on an epic quest to get your hamburgers back...
  13. LibrarianOz

    Drag And Drop How do I make One Way Platforms Using Drag & Drop?

    I have not found a single tutorial that shows how to do one-way platforms using the drag & drop method. Could someone please help? I am using GameMaker Studio 2
  14. PlayerOne

    Game Mechanics What makes a good platformer A.I?

    What makes a good platformer A.I? What makes it fun or challenging? I need any and all input on this particular topic as I'm currently at the stage where I have to build my games A.I. All opinions are appreciated.
  15. A

    GML Help with changing sprite direction left and right

    Hello, I'm new to programming and really need help. I'm making a platformer and I'm having a problem inserting an additional run animation for the left direction. I made the sprite run to the right, even jump rightwards, but can't seem to do the same for the other direction without canceling the...
  16. JacPete

    Beta The "Mage World" iOS beta starts

    "Mage World" is going to be released to iOS very soon. Today i start the beta of the game. I cant find any bugs anymore with my gaming style, maybe someone of you is able to find the last bug (but maybe there is none). Help Trisha on her journey to become a supermage and save the kingdom, fight...
  17. Waterticket

    Does online platform useful in GM:S?

    Hi, I'm GM:S user in south korea. I made gms online platform for korea, and I want to know it is useful in worldwide also. I service it in korea so language also korean. Simply, this platform provide these things free scoreboard free id/social login (google, twitter, facebook(preparing), and...
  18. J

    GMS 2 Making an object spawn and move to 1 of 3 places

    Hello. So I'm making a platformer, and I've been having an issue with this one part where I'm trying to get an object to randomly go to 1 of 3 areas and turn into something else. I've been using this code, and it works relatively well, aside from that sometimes the object spawns and stays...
  19. T

    GMS 2 Help With Horizontal Platforms

    Hey ya'll, I've been working on a plat former and I can't seem to get the horizontal moving platform to work properly. I've watched videos, gone through forums, and tried messing around with the code my self but with no success. I got Vertical Platforms to work alright but I can't get these...
  20. P

    Job Offer - Artist Can you animate this?

    Kia ora GMC, I am working on a stealth platformer and need some animation done on the player character. This is the player character: A walking, running, crouching, climbing and hanging animations needed. If you are able to help you it would be much appreciated. A money value can be...