1. O

    Beta SnakePit

    SnakePit Made By: Matthew Kordon (Otyugra Games) Current Version: [v_1.1.0] Download Link {4.9 MB} Link to the GameJolt page: Link Genre: Platformer, with a hint of JRPG Abstract: __"Embark through an atmospheric underrealm as a mysterious monster who collects lost souls, and talks...
  2. Kromsalovo

    Android Quick Chick

    Colorful platformer for those who want to test their skills! In this game you play as a chicken who wants to save their little chicks. 20+ levels of varying difficulty. Google Play link: Screenshots:
  3. E

    Legacy GM Stay on a platform that moves with a path

    I have a platform that moves through a path, when the player is over and the platform moves, it doesn't follow it. I have tried adding the speed vertical and horizontal of the path to the player, but there is no variable that contains that data. if (physics_test_overlap(x, y+1, phy_rotation...
  4. C

    Legacy GM Why does object shake while jumping/falling?

    [I apologize in advance because I've already posted in this forum asking for help with every single problem I encountered. Believe me when I say I have searched through other posts/the GM Help stuff for a solution, but I'm just too dumb to figure it out] When my player object falls, the object...
  5. M

    Alpha Android game - "Curry and Masa"

    This is Curry and Masa, a game I have been working on since December of 2015. The game is far from complete, but it already has: Pseudo-Random Levels based on setpieces Intuitive control custom-built for smartphones Multiple environments to explore, each with their own unique features It's...
  6. B

    Alpha Skittle's Nightmare alpha v0.6 (Markiplier Fan-Game)

    Gameplay Screenshots: current update 0.6.1 Stage2 changed gfx 0.6.2 (not available yet) Story: Meet Skittles, Markiplier's new puppy. Markiplier loves Skittles One night on Friday the 13th, during a full moon, within a leap year, and all the planets were aligned, Skittles was sucked into a...
  7. Z

    Legacy GM How can I run through platforms with a jump?

    Like in Snow Bros and Bubble Bobble And please be very specific if you don't know how to do it in Drag'N Drop. I mean: What Action, what Event, what is the function of each variable and stuff like that. Thanks by the way
  8. B

    RESOLVED - Graphics Bug - Pixel Art - Non Interpolate Color Between Pixels issue

    Hello, So I am programming a pixel art platformer game in my spare time. I recently started learning GML and GMS. However I have run into an issue with the graphics. Currently while I creating the body of the game like movement, etc I am using a square to simulate my player and enemies. In the...
  9. S

    Collision Masks

    Okay I am very new at all this and I use the drag and drop system becuase I don't know how to code. As well, my game is a mixture of techniques from the interest and me just screwing around. Okay the problem is my character is a cat (not symmetrical) and I have many sprites for it. I put...
  10. DarthTenebris

    Alpha Platformer Game

    Hello there my fellow programmers! I made some threads before askin' for help, and as a bit of appreciation and a method of asking more help, I'd like to show 'yall my game that I've been workin' on. NOTE: ITS AN ALPHA Before goin' crazy on the comments, please remember that this game is new...
  11. S

    Windows A quickly made WIP platformer I did.

    I made a simple quick platformer.I just made it for fun.I'm working on new levels(I only have one complete level,and I'm working on the rest).I don't really know how to attach it here(I'm new),so I'll leave a link to the media fire download page(I promise it's virus free)...
  12. D

    Windows Spirits of the Forest

    Spirits of the Forest Gamejolt Postmortem Spirits of the forest is a precision platformer with 30+ levels. Originally made for Ludum Dare 35 and slightly improved upon. The wolf-spirit Zanakalth has severed his ties with the forest-keeping spirits and is on a self-serving quest to...
  13. T

    Released WHAT THE @#&% ?! - COMPLETE!

    Hello everybody! After several years, this game is finally complete! v.1.0 can be found in the Completed Games topic. See you there! What this is: What The @#&% ?! is a fast-paced platformer where the only goal is to survive till the end of the level. Run, jump, and dodge obstacles in a...
  14. H

    Random Spawning of instances without overlapping

    Hi all, so I am creating a vertical infinite scroll platformer, to have an "infinite effect" , I have set a vertical speed to instances that will randomly spawn, however I still do not have any ideas how to achieve a random spawning of the instances that are not overlapping, there are 3...
  15. zerolegends

    Team Request Looking for 2D Sprite artist for Platformer game.

    Hello! i am currently seeking Individuals who are experienced in Pixel art. I am a programmer and i have roughly 7 years of GML experience and a few other languages like C++ and C#. Most of my work have been sort of Fan projects to rack up experience with my latest being this. Currently i am...
  16. silkwormsweatshop

     KICKSTARTER is LIVE!! The Wizard and The Slug - Story platformer

    Website: Hi guys! I'm Silkworm Sweatshop developer of The Wizard and The Slug (formerly Pools of Creation). The Wizard and The Slug is a story-rich 2D action platformer with plenty of humor. You play as a Slug who joins a mysterious Wizard on a rescue mission. The Wizard...
  17. S

    Free Hatz

    Hatz is a high-difficulty platform game that I made from 2012-2014. It features over 60 levels, 4 hats, and a massive amount of hidden bonus content that I'm pretty sure nobody has ever unlocked. DOWNLOAD Additional Screenshots:
  18. Bluetail7

     Copycat, Cee Ann

    A game started by Bluetail in June 8, 2016 A game about Speed, Power and Accuracy! Latest preview DOWNLOAD November Reach a hybrid game of speed and fighting with a level of RPG components. All in a platform where you have to master all the elements from the stage to win. Use energy cores to...
  19. Fiola


    BLACKHOLE is an award-winning hardcore platformer with over 15 hours of story-driven sci-fi comedy and gravity-twisting puzzles. Complete Edition out now! When the crew of the spaceship Endera is sucked into a black hole, it seems like the end. Fortunately, the ship crashes on Entity – an...