1. J

    Steam Gumstein The Awakening. A game made in Game Maker Studio |(1.4)

    Hi Everyone.I'm happy to announce that we are now out of Early Access with Gumstein: the Awakening. (on Steam)We made this game in Game Maker Studio 1.4, and spent a little over a year making the game. It is a 2D puzzle platform game where you play as chewing gum that became sentient after a...
  2. D

    (Fixed) Enemy pushback different from given value

    When i first programmed the collisions with the enemies, it worked exactly how I wanted. But, it recently derailed and now it is fixed on (-)5 and not (-)10 . I thought it could be about the speed limits i put but all of them are (-)10 or above. I changed the values on the collision but it still...
  3. Sammi3

    Rhythm of War

    Download Rhythm of War is an Action Platformer demo I made to learn how to develop a rhythm game. Shoot, slash and dash past your enemies.Shooting is tied to the rhythm of the game. The more on beat you are when you shoot, the more accurate the aim. Enemies move to the rhythm of the beat. Sneak...
  4. Yal

    Windows Daemon Detective Gaiden 2: The Soul of Art

    Daemon Detective Gaiden II A Mystery Unfolds When the latest exhibit of the New Magma City Art Museum has its grand opening, it doesn't take long until people are going missing. And new, undocumented paintings start showing up in the collection... so well made, it feels like you could get lost...
  5. ReidDC

    Wiz-Fantastical: A 2D Platformer with Metroidvania elements

    Hello Hello everyone, Welcome to Wiz-fantastical, a game about saving your pet dog from an Evil Wizard. Simple, yet a bit more complex then this. The game mostly focuses on jumping, dodging, collecting, and of course, casting magic spells you find through out the world. The goal is simple, I...
  6. N

    Legacy GM Need tips for NPCs

    So in my game, I want to make NPCs that will walk around the town, but I want them to specifically stay in the town and not wander out of it. I also want to make them say something if you press near them (their text will be displayed with a dialog box at the bottom of the screen with an...
  7. yvodlyn

    Released Failing

    Go download it!
  8. Caio

    GML Jump and Gravity Question

    I'm a beginner to intermediate in the programming language part, and in GML, and I'm always trying different ways to program something. I've watched different tutorials, and most use the variable "vspeed" for the "Y" in the gravity and jump part. I tried to program using the same "Y" instead of...
  9. P

    Portfolio - Programming Programmer looking for paid work

    Hello, everyone. I'm just starting out as a freelancer, but I've worked on several solo projects. I have 4+ years of experience with GameMaker, I've worked on many different genres including platformers, top-down shooters, rpg's and puzzle games. I have experience in both Game Maker Studio and...
  10. Plisken

    Alpha Project Pink (update)

    Just a short video of a game I'm working on. I'd like to hear what people think.still in very early stages. there's a few invisible platforms due to the fact I haven't made the graphics for certain areas yet. everything was made by me, and when I say everything I mean EVERYTHING from the music...
  11. harambe1

    Windows Nighty Knight - You Are Not Allowed to Sleep! - my first 2-day Game Jam submission. It's a platformer where a knight is cursed never to be allowed to sleep lest his soul will escape, and if he fails to catch it, it will belong to a witch. Yeah its kinda hard to explain, just play it, you'll have...
  12. Plisken

    Team Request Need a pixel artist

    I'm looking for a pixel artist for a project I'm working on. Here's a link to the download page and a video of the game. Link (the most recent version is PP10): Video:
  13. M

    Demo Dimension Shifter - A Platform Shooter

    Gamejolt Link : Gameplay ------------------------------ Dimension shifter is a platform shooter game. You progress by fighting the monsters you encounter. Current demo only has one level and playable character. You can move with arrow keys, Use space...
  14. Plisken

    Alpha Feedback please

    Hello everyone. So I've got this game I'm working on. it's a 2d shooter akin to something like megaman. I'll post a link to the file for the game, and a video if you don't feel like downloading it. in it's current state it's just a bare engine to the point where there are hardly any art assets...
  15. Plisken

    Team Request Pixel artist needed

    So here's the deal. I'm currently working on a platform shooter type game. the game is a pixel style game mainly to make the art process easier to handle. the basic code is pretty much done. all I need are some background and tiles to make the game pretty. my initial intentions are not to make a...
  16. B

    Steam Mario Maker meets Meat Boy - 2D platformer tool looking for alpha players

    Hello all fellow GMs! During August and September we're looking for players who like to help test DASH: Danger Action Speed Heroes and content creators who like to stream new and original content. DASH is slowly coming out of the alpha stage and we're looking forward to Early Access later this...
  17. E

    Windows Journey of the fireflies

    Journey of the fireflies Link / Download : current Version: 0.0.4a Hotfix1 STORY: You play as Yuki a small girl who wants to free the world from evil. Some mysterious evil got in the woods and bound all fireflies and effected the wildlife. You...
  18. N

    Windows Enemies speed out of the level when using "move_towards_point" command

    Hi everyone , am having a problem with my enemy chase ai, i've used the tile collision code from heart beast's tile collision video and it's been working very well, i copied the player movement code and used it on my enemy object (took out the keyboard inputs ), but whenever i try to code in the...
  19. royer14

    GML change direction of instance_create

    Hello again, as I am new the forum allows comment after 5 publications, so I thank them to those who help with my doubts, without more. I have a Player object, Shooting object In the player object I have added in the create event a script that does the actions that the player must do...
  20. D

    GML Platformer collision off a few pixels

    I used matharoo's basic platformer tutorial on The GameDev Palace. The tutorial used GameMaker: Studio and I used Studio 2, I don't know if this matters or not, but when you jump and hit the ceiling or walk to a wall it is off a few pixels in certain places but not in others. The code: //Create...