1. Kultisti


    ◫ reveal the hidden platforms by using the radiation wave ◧ PLAY / DOWNLOAD ◨
  2. Mahmutinati

    Free Dimension Shifter - My first serious project finally complete!

    Fallen into a portal that leads to anorter world, Qesina. Shortly atfer exploring the new world ,you learn that the monster threw you into the portal trying to destroy both Earth and Qesina. Can you save both worlds? Game Link :
  3. yashamatt

    GMS 2.3+ oneway platforms that are also slopes

    So I have been fiddling with this for a while now, trying to adapt my spaghetti code to allow oneway platforms that are also slopes. I am quite new to coding in general but I do have slopes and oneway platforms working properly in my side-scrolling platformer, however, my oneway platforms that...
  4. Scythuz

    Demo Solve Bot - Gameboy-styled retro puzzle platformer - Demo out now!

    Solve Bot is a challenging puzzle platformer made with some gameboy limitations (low resolution, limited shades). This demo version features 20 levels, for every 10 levels you have only 5 lives to work with or it's game over! You play as Solve Bot who is: fast, agile and precise, but, can...
  5. LazyTomato

    Demo Project Butterfly - A JSR-inspired open platformer!

    Project Butterfly (working title) is an open-ended, super-fast-paced 2D RPG-platformer taking heavy inspiration from the likes of Jet Set Radio and Sonic Rush, set in a modern city inhabited by all sorts of insect-like people. It's still in development, but an early playable demo (...with some...
  6. FranFox

    Detect player landing

    Hi everyone! I'm trying to detect the moment when player lands on a platformer game but I don't understand why my code isn't working. // We've just landed? if place_meeting(x, y + 1, o_solid) and !place_meeting(x, yprevious + 1, o_solid) { show_debug_message("Landed"); } This should work...
  7. BlackberryKin

    2D Platformer Help - Dash State Collisions

    Hi, So I have been developing a 2D Platformer in GMS2 and I wanted to add a dash state similar to how the Knight dashes in Hollow Knight. I got a basic set-up going with different player states, but I will only be providing the dash state code. Mind you, I'm a beginner in GMS2 and game design...
  8. sOlaris38

    Demo A Vampire's Tale ( a "speedrun-friendly" game)

    Hi everyone, It has been a long time since I started on this project, it was originally made just to learn the basics of the GML but I kept adding stuff from times to times. And now that it has a good shape I wanted to share it even if it's not finished ( I kinda want to try something else for...
  9. OctoMoosePrime

    Legacy GM Physics platformer collision

    Hello everyone. I'm trying to make a local multiplayer platformer but can't get the basic collisions to work properly. I started by using the classic hsp/vsp movement/collision code from Shaun Spaldings platformer tutorials but I had problems implementing collisions with other players...
  10. HayManMarc

     Hippie Bus (physics side driver)

    Hippie Bus You play a peace-loving hippie fresh on vacation from your job. You've taken the week off so you can go to the annual camping festival "VolksKamp". You must get everything you need, then drive the Hippie Bus out of town, up the mountain, and into camp. There may be other...
  11. K

    GML [SOLVED] How to avoid exiting state machine if there is a wall ontop of my character?

    Hello, noob 856431684 here! Im making my first game after space rocks in GMS2 and i've "learned" state machines, basically all my animations have a state machine. the problem is that when I press "C" my character crouches OK BUT when I press "C" again and there is wall ontop of my character...
  12. ras maxim

    Free Varan (Windows, HTML5) [Update: Christmas edition added]

    You are lost in the desert. Or in a forest. You can't understand. Suddenly, you notice a wild varan hiding in the sands that wants to kill you and eat you. You startle and run, but the vile animal starts to chase you... Man vs. beast. Who will win this battle - the human or the reptile? This...
  13. Elkrom

    GMS 2 Help with enemy knockback

    hello I am trying to fix this knock-back effect on my enemy instances that I've implemented , basically using recycled code that i already had from a recoil effect from shaun spalding's platformer series (which I'm starting to think might not be the best way), and its kind of working but it...
  14. S

    Paradox Puzzler (demo link)

    Let me start this off by saying this is a baby of mine Ive developed on or off for about 2 years (way more off than on there's probably been about 4-5months of actual work going in). But as such I'm going to be a little sour to criticisms I know are coming, I'm not good at level design so a lot...
  15. S

    Create Object on top of Other object

    I want to make a lucky block where a mushroom spawns on top of the lucky block when I hit it
  16. Sargonnas

    GMS 2 [Solved] Combo Attack malfunction

    Hello! I'm making a side-scrolling action game, and my current problem is in performing combo attacks in melee. I come to you after many versions and several nights of no progress, and will be relieved / annoyed if the solution is super simple. After many failed iterations, the following code...
  17. tagwolf

    Basic Physics Platformer Controls

    GM Version: GMS2 Target Platform: ALL Summary: I had made a platform control tutorial that is a bit more advanced than this one as it does not use any of gamemaker's built in physics engine. However someone suggested that I also do a physics one so here it is! If you're interested in the...
  18. Anixias

    GMS 2 [Solved] Platformer Lighting Mask

    Hi all, I am developing an open-world 2D platformer right now. I'm about to finish getting all of my basic world stuff (solar system simulation to accurately display the sun and moon, moon phases, eclipses, etc.) and am getting into the lighting aspect now. My dilemma is simple: I want the...
  19. Anixias

    GMS 2 [Solved] Lighting Surfaces on non-integer view positions

    Hi all, I'm making a 2D platformer sort of game. I am wondering how best to handle the lighting surface since the view is almost never at an integer position, and surfaces only deal with integers as far as I'm aware. The view size is 480x270 and the game is rendered at 1920x1080 144FPS. For my...
  20. M

    Legacy GM Jumping and Falling sprites

    I want to make my character to change sprites when jumps and/or falls, in a platformer game. Do you know a good script? I use this script: if vspeed < 0 sprite_index = spr_jump else if vspeed > 0 sprite_index = spr_fall else if vspeed = 0 sprite_index = spr_stand But gives me a bug...