1. D

    I need a little help please

    Ok I'm making a game. I'm stuck on how to do the combo system. I have attack, attack_2, and attack_3. Everything is in an array. So for example in the idle state script I have function player_idle_state(){ //get input get_input() //calculate movement calc_movement() //check state if hsp != 0...
  2. M

    Android Rufi and Frank Bruz 44

    Join Rufio and Franklin in this challenging platform adventure made with authentic box 2D physics based gameplay. Use flying kicks, fireballs and more to play through 26 unique levels. Do you have what it takes to make it to the final boss and claim victory? Those guys over there are saying you...
  3. Techpack

    Help with creating a Bit.Trip Runner style rhythm game

    Hi, I'm attempting to make a platformer rhythm game similar to Bit.Trip Runner games. I want make it so depending on the bpm of the song, the character moves at the right speed in time with the music. Imagine a bunch of blocks and every 4th block there is an obstacle. I want to make it so if the...
  4. C

    Multistage Boss fight platformer

    Hi, how would i make a boss fight have multiple stages? I want to make it so when it reaches half hp it changes its sprite but so far i have had no luck. The code i have is obj_bossattack x = owner.x; y = owner.y+30; //location of gun when assigned to sprite if...
  5. H

    Free Buy Some Milk

    Gamejolt link link You wake up one morning and want to eat some cereal. BUT... YOU ARE OUT OF MILK!!! Now, your simple task to buy some milk starts. It shouldn't be that hard to buy some milk, right? Nothing weird should happen. It will be a nice, easy task, right? (Made this game...
  6. alevgor

    HTML5 Haunted Lands - Free retro action platformer

    While taking a short break from my main project I desided to make something completely different: a free small DOS style action platformer, nostalgic homage to classic games, such as Dangerous Dave and Doom. So I present you, Haunted Lands. Blast your way through the hordes of ghouls and...
  7. A

    Steam Fares

    Fares is a 2D side-scroller game. It's a classic platformer game made for children from 7 to 70. Help Fares to explore ancient worlds and locations to collect the forgotten treasures and artifacts. Fares is a young curious treasure hunter. He travels through many locations to discover and...
  8. G

    Saving based on the room the player is in with Drag and Drop

    So, i've been working on making a platforming game using Drag and Drop in Gamemaker 2 Studio. I'm struggling with a save system. The sort of system i want is if the player is in a certain room, the game saves automatically. For example, once the player gets to a new world, saving it so that when...
  9. A

    Legacy GM Help with wall 'cling' player code

    Hola! In messing around with a Wall Climb code, I accidentally made it so that the Player can actually stick to a wall in the place they touch it - which is actually a pretty cool thing, so I want to keep it. ie. When the Player jumps (or is falling) against a wall and presses right and left...
  10. S

    Legacy GM Collision Help

    Im relatively new to gms (1.4) so please forgive the "noobism". My issue is this: I am attempting to create a platformer. Unnecessary details asside, i have a player object and several wall objects. All wall objects share a parent object that (i think) will allow me to reference all wall...
  11. Guitarmike

    Jooboo and the Clan of the Jade Katana

    Playable demo now available! Hi, I'm working on my second game created with Gamemaker entitled "Jooboo and the Clan of the Jade Katana." It's a platformer that features a circus clown who is trying to save his friends who have been kidnapped by an evil band of ninjas. Humor will figure...
  12. Guitarmike

    Background art

    I'm working on a platformer and have some pretty big objects (400px or so) that scroll by from time to time. There is no user interaction with them. Am I correct that even though they are large, it is still better to put them all on a sprite sheet and bring them in as a tileset - as opposed to...
  13. A

    Sprite not showing in platformer

    Hi, I'm making Meteoric Balls, a platform game with very little inspiration in Megaman. Yesterday I was coding some idea and the sprite of the player stopped showing in-game. Here's the code of the step event: //Custom Physics if sprite_index=BallJump_spr { y -= force; if force=-13{ } else{...
  14. N

    GML how to code attack cooldown for enemy object?

    hello, i have an enemy object with simple state machines and they're working good so far, i want to implement a cooldown mechanic betweem my enemie's attacks but i don't know how, any ideas? (here's my states code) : switch (situ) { case kstates.kidle: { sprite_index = kidle...
  15. N

    Windows Having a problem with enemy ai

    Hello , am having a problem with my enemy's chase ai,am using state machines and whenever i get near him and he goes into the attack state he animates the attack sprites and then backs away a little bit, here's the code : if distance_to_object(play) < 98 { sprite_index=eattack; } if...
  16. yvodlyn

    Legacy GM Boss System

    Hello, For the game, I managed to program all the enemies. However, for the boss, I can not program it. I can not find a structure to program the boss. Would someone have a solution? For the first boss, I wanted to make a similar one to that in Castlevania. Thank you!
  17. J

    Pushing box problem(works one way not other)

    I'm having a problem with my gml script. the objective is to when my sprite walks into the cube it moves in the same direction. but my cube travels through walls and only works when moving right, pushing the cube left results into it moving to the other side of the sprite(left to right). My...
  18. W

    Trailer for Giga Gear

    Giga Gear has reached the level building stage and I'm super excited to finally complete my first ever game !
  19. yvodlyn

    Android RunnerActivity Error type 3

    helo! When I publish my game on play store, It gave me this error message when I try to download it from the store: Can not install the application. The application "Bright Color" can not be installed. [...] (error code: -505) I ask you if this error is caused because of this message the I...
  20. yvodlyn

    Legacy GM Bullet delay

    Hello everyone, I'm trying to make a bullet delay. It works but the sprite to shoot appears and disappears very quickly. I would like for the sprite to shoot to stays. Can someone tell me what wrong on my code? here the code: Create Event: global.Php = 6; speed_x = 0; speed_y = 0; grav =...