1. Gorshalox

    Climb on ladders

    I'm making 2d platformer in GMS Language,how i can make the climb on ladders
  2. Gorshalox

    How to play once the animation of die before function( game_restart(); )

    I'm making 2d platformer in GMS Language. I've a varibale "hpHero" and i did like " if hpHero=0 { game_restart(); } but I need to play the animation of die before game will restart,pls help me
  3. H

    Windows Shadow Child

    This is my first game made in game maker studio 2. I made this game so I could test my skill and learn new stuff about the game developing industry. If anyone checks it out, I would love any kinds of feedback about the game (good, bad, all will be useful). Thank you all. Full Game on
  4. J

    How do i make a shooting mechanic like Megaman

    so im trying to make a game like megaman for a school exams and i was doing well until i got to the shooting part so i was wondering if any of u can help me on making this megaman shooting like mechanic im a very beginner programmer i have learned the basics and so on but i still dont understand...
  5. Edwin

    [Solved] Player get stuck when go up slopes straight to wall.

    Hey, it's me, Edwin again. yey So basically a weird problem that I have is when player goes up via slope, and then right after it player collide with the wall, player get stuck. It looks like this: This is my Step Event code: /// Step Event // Movement if (keyboard_check(vk_right) &&...
  6. Edwin

    GML [SOLVED] Having some problems with slope movement and collision.

    Fixed by myself.
  7. Sargonnas

    Ledge Climbing

    Struggled with this long and hard. My programming level is novice as I'm sure you'll see here. *I have oWalls (32 x 32 objects) which correctly stop movement in all directions, taken almost directly from a tutorial. *I have a toe point and a reach point which correctly determine if there is an...
  8. J

    Cinematic platformers

    I've always been fascinated by cinematic platform games from the original Prince of Persia (1989) to games like Another World (1991) and Flashback (1992). I love the attention to detail in trying to recreate realistic motion. Anyone else interested in the cinematic platform genre? Would love to...
  9. S

    GMS 2 Help With instance_create

    This is my code: The partials won't appear though. Can anyone tell me what's wrong?
  10. S

    GMS 2 Air Friction

    I've tried a lot to make air friction but everything ends in a error or some glitch. Can't find it anywhere either. Can someone link me or give me the code on air friction. I basically want the player to be slower while moving in the air then the ground.
  11. N

    How do I make a wall jump feature?

    I want to make a wall jump feature like in super Mario or other platforming games. Just like these games I want to have it push me away from the wall too. Kind of like a slight bounce or push away The code I have right now is this: if (place_meeting(x,y+1,oWall)) && (key_jump) { vsp = -12; }...
  12. G

    Beckon Forth

    Making a living designing your own games is hard... I decided I would log my hours while producing a game in two weeks. I would then release this game and see if it could make me money back equivalent to my freelance work (my living). Well, I'm 90 hours in and haven't quite finished yet, but...
  13. M

    Windows Risk of Portals - My First Game

    -Story- Year 2082... During a science expirement a portal to another realm opened. But from the portal a creature came and destroyed the lab. One of the soldiers fell into the portal. Now the soldier tries to find a way to go home and take revenge fro ther monster. -How to play- Use arrow keys...
  14. B

    Direction problems?

    Hi guys, I am making a game about police and thieves. I want to code something like this: when the player is inside the police's view, he (the police) will rotate the gun and shoot at the thief. The bullet direction must be same as the gun angle, and the gun angle follows the player. However...
  15. K

    Legacy GM Best wat to make a long jump mechanic

    Okay...I am making A Platformer and and i want a mechanic so when you just tap the jump button you do a small jump and when you hold down the jump button you jump much higher... So Just Like Two JUMP Heights but you can kinda choose which one you need for this said part of the game
  16. D


    Hello all first of I am a relatively new to Game Maker and I am picking it up pretty quickly. I am also new to this forum so thank you guys for having me! If this is posted in the wrong forum please let me know! As for my question: So I am making a plat former game. In this game you can collect...
  17. F

    Legacy GM parents

    I have just finished following this plat-former tutorial the code works great but i more than one wall i have try to use the parents thing but the other walls will fall down because of the player code. here is the tutorial and the all the code related to that tutorial ///Initialize Variable...