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  1. Papa Doge

    GMS 2 Planning: Maintaining surface world when entering a dungeon

    Hello, I'm at a critical point in my game's development where I'm starting to get into scaling and performance issues. I've coded myself into a hole so to speak with some previous features that resulted in costly refactors. To learn from my mistakes, I'd like to do better planning before I work...
  2. tagwolf

    How to plan and manage code for larger projects

    Game Development Code Planning GM Version: ANY (and not just for GameMaker, however this will be GMS2 "centric") Target Platform: ALL Download: N/A Links: N/A Summary: This tutorial will go over code and object planning for game (and application) project development to minimize re-coding and...
  3. Druid TC

    Design How do you plan your game's development?

    I've often fallen into the trap myself of plunging straight into the heart of a game's development without properly planning ahead. This leads to a rapidly escalating level of complexity which leaves the project difficult to continue developing. I was always taught at school to plan my essays...
  4. G

    Discussion What do you do with your surplus* game ideas?

    * 'surplus' here meaning in this context 'when you already have at least one game in development and you come up with another one'. what do yguys do with them? e.g. whip out gamemaker and start a new project right away, write it down for later, lay down the groundwork for it then go back to...
  5. D

    Design World changing mechanic, most efficient method

    I am working on a short game where the player can move between two realities with the press of a button (the main gameplay is slipping between realities to avoid obstacles ). Which method of implement this mechanic would be most efficient? 1 Change all the sprites in a room when the button is...
  6. Nehemek

    Design Game accessibility, planning for people with disabilities.

    Game accessibility, planning for people with disabilities. Many people love to play videogames, they are great, fun, interesting, intriguing, sometimes give us a good scare and like with books, shows or movies, there is something for everybody's taste; but, can everybody access the same games...