1. E.M.I

    3D [RESOLVED] Adding centers of gravity to 3D GMS2

    Hey there! After working on 2D projects for about a year I've decided to try out 3D in GMS2. For now I'm focusing on player movement and the visual style, but I know the game is going to involve jumping between small planetoids with their own centers of gravity, and I have no idea how that would...
  2. Harper

    GML instance_nearest not working properly

    Hi all, I want my player to detect the nearest obj_planet and then run some code, but when I put in more than one of the object in the game room, one of the objects stops working and the other one works with 2x the strength of it's intended values. Here's my script: //Gravity grav_eff =...
  3. MMM

    Asset - Demo Multiple gravity fields

    Multiple gravity fields This Game Maker Studio 1 / Game Maker Studio 2 demo will show you how to make multiple planets, each with their own gravity, or a simple solar system.
  4. kamiyasi

    Calculating initial speed needed for perfect orbit

    Hi there. Let me explain what I'm working on. I have a star, with a gravitational radius that's 200 times it's size. I use this code... var gdir = point_direction( x,y,other.x,other.y ); var gdis = point_distance( x,y,other.x,other.y ); var pstrength = ( (other.mass*0.000001)...
  5. Nathan Laing

    Job Offer - Artist [CLOSED] Paid: Create exciting & mysterious space scapes!

    To whom it may concern, I wish to immediately hire an artist to create a variety of interesting, exciting, mysterious and beautiful "space scapes" (backgrounds), for a space-themed game. (Space ships will be flying around in these space scapes) Target size: 1920x1080 Target quantity: minimum...
  6. T

    Legacy GM need help with 3d planet position

    im not using any kind of 3d camera only view in room, but object "planet" is on wrong position, this black hole is top border of texture, how can i change postion of object, something like 3d angle, anyone help?
  7. E

    Alpha Fleets Mockup For Beyond the Stars!

    This is a mockup for everyone to try out! it includes three different scenarios for everyone to try out. one is AI and has no player ship and the other two have player ships for you to control. Even though this is a small game in of itself it is only one piece of the puzzle to creating the full...
  8. Yambam

    Cars on Planets Engine (Gravity)

    Cars on Planets Engine Maybe someone wants to make a game out of this. Or else it would make a good learning resource! :) GM Version: Game Maker 8.0 (and maybe GM:Studio?) MOD EDIT: It is not compatible with Studio. Target Platform: All Download...