1. DromEd

    GMS 2 [Solved] A timer to continue even when the conditions don't meet anymore ?

    Hello the Game Maker community. A short introducing before exmplaining my problem : I am a new user from France (excuse the not great english please) and I enjoy spending time on Game Maker :) I searched for the following problems on the forum and Google, but I could not solve it. I would like...
  2. P

    GMS 2 Problem with showing text in the same position on the camera

    I know that this is a silly question but I don't know why, but the text that is generated by this code changes its place when moving to room with other properties, do you know how to resolve this? o_score draw event if room == r_start {} else { depth = -999; draw_set_color(c_white)...
  3. H

    Legacy GM Making Minecraft in Game Maker using D3D

    Hello! I am trying to make a voxel-ish kind of game (a Minecraft clone, basically) in Game Maker Studio using the 3D functionality already present. I have come about this far; ... I can run, jump, crouch and sprint. I can also look around 360* and collision works like a charm. Next thing I...
  4. phillipPbor

    Legacy GM enemy faceing at player

    how do you make enemy flip sprite at the player? enemy look left when player is on left horizontal. enemy look right when player is on right horizontal. is there a tutorial some where?
  5. E

    Question - IDE [SOLVED] Is it possible to move tiles already placed on the room?

    So, yeah, just like the title says. In GMS1.4 you can select any tile placed on the room and place it again without any problem. Now, as far as I've seen, this isn't possible on GMS2, since there's no tool for that on the room editor. Probably there's a reason for that, but why? There's a lot...
  6. E

    Question - Code Instance_place() not working as before?

    Hi there! I'm really confused with this. I imported my GMS1.4 project into GMS2 and it works perfectly. But since I didn't have much progress and I wanted to get used to the new program, I started it again on GMS2. Until know, everything perfect, but the problem came when trying to work with...
  7. W

    How to see a path inside the room editor?

    Hi guys, I've made my path for my 2D hilly terrain, and have a car driving along it. I now need to place some trees and rocks along it. Only problem is, seems like there's no way to make a path visible inside the room editor. So i can't see where to put my rocks and trees ect. Is there no...