1. Plubu

    GMS 2.3+ Pixel Sprites Scaling issues that happen in full screen

    Hello everyone, hope you're all safe, Now I have an interesting problem with pixels sprites scaling weirdly, causing pixel distortion and all of that you probably know about. I've seen PixelatedPope's videos about resoultion and scaling, but they were in GMS 1, tried it, changed the codes to...
  2. C

    Question - IDE (GMS2) Issues with Fullscreen and Interpolation Between Pixels

    Hello, I have two problems that I tried to google but I just can't find an answer. I am using W10 Home, last version. 1) The first one is about my sprites, I use big ones (300x700) and then resize them to 50% of their size. But it makes that the edges look really nasty, even at 100% of their...
  3. MartinK12

    Shaders [SOLVED] How to change pixels on the border of two colors in sprite with shaders?

    EDIT: I didn't realize that shaders are that complex but fortunately after long search I found the old (from year 2013 ) solution by @xot posted here: http://gmc.yoyogames.com/index.php?showtopic=589348 and adapted it to my learning project. Thank You for your shader xot ORIGINAL POST: I...
  4. mb10

    [SOLVED] Game not stretching properly even though I'm scaling by x2

    Hey everyone, So i have a pixel game, the view is set to 360x640 (9:16) in the room and the port on screen is set to 720x1280 so I'm basically stretching/scaling it by x2, but somehow the pixels are getting distorted making it look really ugly and i can't seem to find a way to fix it. here is...
  5. C

    GML Object stuck between two pixels

    So I have an enemy object that follows the x value of the player character. The code I use is this (the shield is the enemy object): move_towards_point(obj_player.x,obj_shield.y,2); When the player object is moving, it works pretty much fine. However, if the player stops and the enemy catches...
  6. K

    GML Fix Pixels Distortion??

    Well, Let's Contextualize... You are creating a game, when you see that the graphics are not like you want, because the option "Interpolate colors between pixels" are marked, So you dismarks, and now the game is like you painted, yep? No, some pixels are larger than other pixels, even if the...
  7. Ayziak

    GMS 2 Question regarding drawing (primitive) lines at true resolution..

    So to cut right to the chase, my game/view/everything is run at 360x200 pixels for pixel art, and scaled up by resizing the window. What I was wondering was if there was a way to make drawn lines (specifically using the draw primitive feature) show at the same resolution as everything else...
  8. Samuel Venable

     [SOLVED] GML function to turn on/off "interpolate colors between pixels"

    I posted a helpdesk ticket with the following contents: Anyone else want this? If there's enough demand for it, YYG will be more likely to implement it.
  9. P

    Free Faith And Freedom

    I am posting this on behalf of one of my friend account (his account has no posting privilege RIP) This is his first game he has made. It is an top down adventure break through game. It is about 2 human characters( a cowboy and a samurai) want to challenge the gods for freedoms, they have to...
  10. Shadowblitz16

    GMS 2 buffer based palettizing? game currently really slow.

    does anybody know how to make a my palette_create and tileset_create functions faster? right now it takes about 2 minutes to load everything before the game starts to draw. I'm trying to make custom palettized tile drawing so I can make a zelda game. currently its coming along very well but...
  11. amusudan

    Legacy GM The fastest way to get pixel data from the entire application surface?

    So I've got a bloom effect in my game, and I am happy that it turned out really good. But the problem is that it doesn't take the overall brightness of the screen into account, which it should. So for that I am trying to find the fastest way to get pixel data from the whole application surface...
  12. C

    Question - IDE How could I keep the sprites properly proportioned?

    For when I'm editing room settings, is there an easy way/mathematically sound way to make sure the pixels of the sprites will always display as 1:1 squares? Edit: I probably just have to check the docs for how the room settings are supposed to work.
  13. U

    Aspect Ratio and Pixels

    I'm developing a retro RPG in GameMaker that uses pixel graphics. The game was designed to have an aspect ratio of 4:3 with a small number of pixels to match the classic style. The result was a display area that is 448px wide and 336px high. What I hadn't accounted for was the sheer variety of...
  14. M

    Graphics Pixel font

    I search a good pixel font in the font-creator like this: exist a good pixel font in the font-creator/editor ? (sorry for my bad english)
  15. E

    My graphics are getting distorted?

    For some reason all of my sprites look fine in the sprite editor, but they get distorted whenever I start the game. The attached image shows the room editor on top and the game running on the bottom. Interpolate colors between pixels is checked off btw, It helped get rid of some weird white...
  16. D

    Fullscreen results in pixels becoming uneven - How do I scale likea Gameboy Emulator would?

    Hi, when in windowed mode my game looks fine no matter what aspect ratio I am using. I have the interpolate colors between pixels tab toggled off, as well as "keep aspect ratio" toggled on. When I set it to full screen mode, the pixels become uneven. Certain pixels are skinnier or fatter (or...
  17. A

    Legacy GM SOLVED: Sprite Scaling & Aspect Ratio Problem

    Hey everyone, I'm having a bit of a problem here. My sprites don't scale properly and this creates a very ugly look. Look at the character encapsulated in the white square. So I've looked at a whole bunch of threads, including this one. But none of them have helped me solve my problem so...
  18. W

    Job Offer - Artist Seeking 2D Artist for Metroidvania-Style Platformer

    Hello, I have been working on a game for about eight months now. While the core gameplay is complete and I'm starting to move onto level design and story implementation, I would like to get started on the game's final artwork. The project assets include: Various projectiles for the main...