1. ikonhero

    SOLVED Dynamic pixelated "blur" effect without shaders

    Hi, I had this idea of a logo startup screen where the logo fades out in a pixelated blur effect. I managed to achieve the following: YouTube video What I did is altering the application surface size dynamically. This results in the logo appearing smaller in size, while still appearing...
  2. R

    How to achieve 3D low-res effect in GameMaker:Studio 1

    I'm coding a 3D FPS-type game in a popular game engine called GameMaker:Studio 1.99.44. I'm trying to achieve a low-res "pixelated" effect, for example like this: I've tried experimenting with views, thus making their resolution smaller and afterwards scaling up the game window in code in...
  3. S

    HTML5 SOLVED - HTML5 Custom Font display issues

    HTML5 seems to have a bug with custom font even after testing. Here you go: global.font = font_add_sprite_ext(spr_font, "my letters", true, 0); HTML5 Export messes up pixels and does some funky things on a lot of my custom letters WIN Export however works out just fine. The problem seems to...
  4. Didjynn

    pictures pixelation

    Hi guys, Most of my game is made with swf to avoid aliasing but I have performance issues with a huge and complex swf in the background. So I tried to optimize it but it did not do anything. I then tried it in jpg, same problem and it had a lot of pixelation even if my room, the resolution of...
  5. S

    Legacy GM Pixelated circles?

    I am wondering how to create pixelated circles using draw_circle(); and possibly surfaces. I've never really used surfaces or had a reason to so i would like to know if i can use them in conjunction with the built in circle function to make crisp dynamic pixel art circles, or if i would have to...
  6. S

    Android Landscape Orientation makes graphics worse

    Read title. My sprites on Portrait Orientation look fine but when I turn my android device sideways (Landscape) the size of my sprites looks the same size except they're more pixelated. Not sure what's causing it. My intended graphics are more of an HD look with smoother edges, least amount of...
  7. F

    Windows draw_surface_streched doesn't update? [SOLVED]

    Hello! I am making a platforming game that has a hook. The games sprites are all enlarged twofold, to make movement more fluid. This however means that if i use any draw function like draw_line, the line will not be pixelated like the rest of the game, which looks very out of place. To combat...
  8. S

    Shaders Draw rotated sprites pixelated (solved)

    Hi all, So I am not sure if shaders are necessary to achieve this, but what I am looking for is a way to draw sprites to the screen so they are rotated, but are drawn pixelated. What I am looking for is something like rotsprite : http://pixelation.org/index.php?topic=10510.0 Any suggestions...
  9. zendraw

    HIgh contrast/ 8bit visuals

    Hi does any1 know a shader that makes the graphics either with high contrast (pixelating them) or 8 bit? preferebly 8 bit.