1. Sir_Rysik

    Portfolio - Art 2D Artist/Pixel Artist for Hire! [Commision/Freelance Work]

    Hey there! My name is Jesse and I have experience with creating pixel art characters, backgrounds, tile sets, objects, and animations from 32x32 and lower resolutions. In terms of different styles I can pretty much do anything as long as it's not overly detailed or super realistic. If needed I...
  2. Froll

    Portfolio - Art 2d artist. 12$ per hour.

    Hi! :D :rolleyes:My name is Peter, I'm 2d artist / animator.:rolleyes: Services: Character Design tiles 2d animations Illustration Concept Game UI Gaming Props Hand Painted Texture 2d animations pixel art (I'm in love with pixel art for now, so you can get a discount on it ;) ) contact me...