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  1. eimie

    Android Chibiban - hundreds of smartphone-friendly warehouse puzzles

    Hello everybody, it's been a while since I was here in the forum 😅. Nevertheless, I would like to introduce you to my new game as a kind of comeback: Chibiban is a collection of small and smartphone-friendly warehouse puzzles for Android phones. It currently contains ten popular and free level...
  2. Zapekanka

    Portfolio - Art Pixel artist + animator | Cheap

    Hi, I draw and animate characters, objects, environments, interface and icons. Work experience over 1 year. I carry out orders cheaply and with high quality
  3. sOlaris38

    Demo A Vampire's Tale ( a "speedrun-friendly" game)

    Hi everyone, It has been a long time since I started on this project, it was originally made just to learn the basics of the GML but I kept adding stuff from times to times. And now that it has a good shape I wanted to share it even if it's not finished ( I kinda want to try something else for...
  4. Champol

    Demo Dreamnesthesia - Chapter I

    Hi everyone! I'm pleased to share with you the First Chapter of Dreamnesthesia, a game I have been working on with a group of friends during the last years on our spare time. Dreamnesthesia is a tactical RPG game with a strong narrative that unfolds on the realm of dreams and nightmares. You...
  5. S

    Alpha A grander level editor

    Hello everyone, With a lull in my schedule for the moment, I've started to make a grander editor. I have made quite a lot of in game level editors in the past, but this isn't about them. Instead this is a new level editor that will most likely be used by a lot of people in the future. THE...
  6. LilRony

    Windows ArrJiiBii - Short Platformer (Prototype?)

    I took a break from my current game to put this together. It was really fun to use techniques that I picked up over the course of making my other game, but couldn't use because of old code getting in the way. While it's not the most original concept, I really enjoy playing it, which is not...
  7. T

    Portfolio - Art 2D pixel art for your game

    Hello, I can draw and animate cool things for games with pixel art. My main thing is environnements but I can also do characters and objects. You can message me or mail me at rememberance@hotmail.fr http://www.twitter.com/trustpixels http://pixeljoint.com/p/129710.htm Thanks, Lionel
  8. abeldev

    CONSCRIPT - 2D WW1 Classic Survival Horror!

    You guys may remember my little 2D horror game called Project Abel. It has now morphed into a bigger and better project: CONSCRIPT! CONSCRIPT is a 2D classsic survival horror game set during WW1 with a pixelart lowres aesthetic. It shares game design philosophies with classic Resident Evil and...
  9. Gravedust

     Our Last Hour [ Zeltroidvania ]

    [Gravedust - Code/Art/SFX][ Micah_DS - Music] Our Last Hour is a short and sweet Zeltroidvania where you have one hour to fight for the soul of your friend. The one-hour time limit is the driving force behind exploring the ancient Fortress Crypt you find yourself in, and mastering the use of...
  10. M

    Android Hard Life pixel art beat em up game

    I made this with game maker long time ago.Currently i am working a new game based these graphics with a story.Game style similar mighty final fight and double dragon games.I am using game maker 1.4 version. Store description: It is a cute beat 'em up game with pixelated style, which will turn...
  11. Thomas Finholm

    Portfolio - Art 2D artist available

    Hello, I do pixel art and animation. Also enjoy logo work and various design tasks. Available for freelance work, collaboration work and partnering. A pixel blog for examples and stuff: www.bahototh.blogspot.fi Pm here or through blog/discord - looking forward to hearing from you! Bahototh#7246
  12. Songoanda

    Portfolio - Art Songoanda - Pixel artist

    Hey there, My name is Ivan and I'm concept artist/animator. I have worked for around 3 years in mobile games as a freelance illustrator but I love pixel art and I want to become a profesional in that area. I'm Currently looking for projects and/or commissions. Contact me: E-mail...
  13. AlexDerFerri

     Cuty - Pinkbows

    Name: Cuty - Pinkbows Genre: 2D-Platform GM version: GMS 1.4 Platforms: Windows Download link (Itch.io): https://alexder.itch.io/cuty-pinkbows-alpha Hi! I have been working on my first game with Game Maker: Studio. The game is called "Cuty Pinkbows": a simple 2D-Platform with a shop system to...
  14. CrackedGamer§

    Graphics Make a font

    So I want to make a font... I have one png file per letter: A.png B.png C.png etc. What is the easiest way to turn those images into a font that can be imported into game maker studio 2? Each image is 5x5 pixels big
  15. sv3nxd

    Team Request [Resolved] Wanna team up for a miniproject? (Programmer needed)

    Hey there! :) I'm searching for a programmer to work on a miniproject with. In the following you will find every information necessary. Who am I? My name is Sven, I'm 20 yrs old and live in germany. I'm a hobby-artist and hobby-gamedev - I use asesprite and gamemaker 1.4 What project? Up...
  16. EnderLost Studios

    Windows An Aspie Life Beginnings - Reinventing Interaction inside RPGs and BEAT EM' UPS!

    An Aspie Life Beginnings is a 2D Action, BEAT ‘EM UP, RPG. That focuses on exploring ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) and other mental disorders. Set in a small town on an island far, far away, that’s fallen into disrepair and despair. It’s up to three young kids to solve a decade long mystery and...
  17. G

    Legacy GM Applying High Res Texture - Pixel Art

    I have a view resolution of 240x135 and a view port of 1920x1080. This means that the graphics are actually displayed at the higher resolution. When I draw a texture on top of the game window with the GUI layer using a subtract blend mode, I get this nice looking effect where the graphics look...
  18. FeetUpGaming

    Free Pixel Art

    I am no longer doing this. (Don't know how to delete threads)