1. 1tsmey0sh1

    Windows After I break something my camera stops working and I cant break other stuff

    So I followed this tutorial: and it seems that i cant break anything after breaking something and my camera stops following the player idk what i did wrong i checked the tutorial again and it seemed like i did everything correctly
  2. brinycann0nade

    Alpha MOMOgatari 🍑 | 8-Bit Shmup

    This is my work-in-progress shmup called MOMOgatari. It's a combination of "momo" and "monogatari" from Japanese, kind of meaning "Peach's Story" but not really. It's going for a Sega Master System Look but goes a little too far into early 16-bit sometimes. This level on the moon is about 85%...
  3. C

    Portfolio - Art [FOR HIRE] 2D Pixel Art

    Hello all, I am a hobbyist, but I am looking to get into the indie dev pixel art scene. My e-mail: compassartworks@gmail.com My Twitter: https://twitter.com/WorksCompass Please see below some sample work below: Thank you.
  4. V

    Portfolio - Art [FORE HIRE] Pixel Artist and 2D Animator || 4 years of experience making Tilesets, Props, Backgrounds, Characters, Animations, Concept Art, and others

    Hi guys, my name is Vicente Nitti, pixel artist and 2D animator for games. I'm currently available for work. Contact: vicentenitti8@gmail.com My Portfolio: https://www.behance.net/vnitti/ My itch store: https://vnitti.itch.io/ The Last project I worked on as the only game artist...
  5. Kultisti

    Free Cog Owl

    Cog Owl jump higher and higher as you clean the clockworks of reality from the cosmic waste! play it here with 10+ unlockable colour palettes ✿
  6. sv3nxd

    Asset - Graphics Greens Pixel Art Shop

    Hey there! I'm normally a game-dev myself, but I've been doing pixel art for several years now and just recently decided to open up shop over at itch.io My asset packs are extremely affordable, so any developer just starting out should be able to aquire them. Visit my shop over at...
  7. Kultisti

    Free Cats n Wires

    Cats n Wires reconnect wires to save your cats from this mysterious world!
  8. Kultisti

    Free Loihtija

    Loihtija █▒ Cast some spells to make the way █▒ use your spells to move, swap and destroy blocks in order to find the way out
  9. Thomas Finholm

    Portfolio - Art Pixel artist/animator available

    Hi, I do pixel art and animation. PM here or discord if you need graphics work for a project, or want to partner up. discord: Bahototh#7246
  10. eimie

    Android Chibiban - hundreds of smartphone-friendly warehouse puzzles

    Hello everybody, it's been a while since I was here in the forum 😅. Nevertheless, I would like to introduce you to my new game as a kind of comeback: Chibiban is a collection of small and smartphone-friendly warehouse puzzles for Android phones. It currently contains ten popular and free level...
  11. Zapekanka

    Portfolio - Art Pixel artist + animator | Cheap

    Hi, I draw and animate characters, objects, environments, interface and icons. Work experience over 1 year. I carry out orders cheaply and with high quality
  12. sOlaris38

    Demo A Vampire's Tale ( a "speedrun-friendly" game)

    Hi everyone, It has been a long time since I started on this project, it was originally made just to learn the basics of the GML but I kept adding stuff from times to times. And now that it has a good shape I wanted to share it even if it's not finished ( I kinda want to try something else for...
  13. Champol

    Demo Dreamnesthesia - Chapter I

    Hi everyone! I'm pleased to share with you the First Chapter of Dreamnesthesia, a game I have been working on with a group of friends during the last years on our spare time. Dreamnesthesia is a tactical RPG game with a strong narrative that unfolds on the realm of dreams and nightmares. You...
  14. S

    Alpha A grander level editor

    Hello everyone, With a lull in my schedule for the moment, I've started to make a grander editor. I have made quite a lot of in game level editors in the past, but this isn't about them. Instead this is a new level editor that will most likely be used by a lot of people in the future. THE...
  15. LilRony

    Windows ArrJiiBii - Short Platformer (Prototype?)

    I took a break from my current game to put this together. It was really fun to use techniques that I picked up over the course of making my other game, but couldn't use because of old code getting in the way. While it's not the most original concept, I really enjoy playing it, which is not...
  16. T

    Portfolio - Art 2D pixel art for your game

    Hello, I can draw and animate cool things for games with pixel art. My main thing is environnements but I can also do characters and objects. You can message me or mail me at rememberance@hotmail.fr http://www.twitter.com/trustpixels http://pixeljoint.com/p/129710.htm Thanks, Lionel
  17. abeldev

    CONSCRIPT - 2D WW1 Classic Survival Horror!

    You guys may remember my little 2D horror game called Project Abel. It has now morphed into a bigger and better project: CONSCRIPT! CONSCRIPT is a 2D classsic survival horror game set during WW1 with a pixelart lowres aesthetic. It shares game design philosophies with classic Resident Evil and...
  18. Gravedust

     Our Last Hour [ Zeltroidvania ]

    [Gravedust - Code/Art/SFX][ Micah_DS - Music] Our Last Hour is a short and sweet Zeltroidvania where you have one hour to fight for the soul of your friend. The one-hour time limit is the driving force behind exploring the ancient Fortress Crypt you find yourself in, and mastering the use of...
  19. M

    Android Hard Life pixel art beat em up game

    I made this with game maker long time ago.Currently i am working a new game based these graphics with a story.Game style similar mighty final fight and double dragon games.I am using game maker 1.4 version. Store description: It is a cute beat 'em up game with pixelated style, which will turn...
  20. Thomas Finholm

    Portfolio - Art 2D artist available

    Hello, I do pixel art and animation. Also enjoy logo work and various design tasks. Available for freelance work, collaboration work and partnering. A pixel blog for examples and stuff: www.bahototh.blogspot.fi Pm here or through blog/discord - looking forward to hearing from you! Bahototh#7246