1. RangerX

    How to properly scale your game!

    This tutorial is for Game Maker Studio 1.4 and up. While made for the Windows target, the logic applies in general for all platforms GM Version: 1.4, but should apply to all version Target Platform: Window, but generally applicable to other platforms Links: see links below for example...
  2. K

    Portfolio - Art Pixel artist looking for work

    Hi, my name is Gerardo Quiroz, I am pixel artist; I've done many pixel art pieces on characters, mockup, environment, background and some animation. I'm available for work; you can contact me at gerardodesigner@gmail.com. You can see my portfolio in kirokaze.deviantart.com - Twitter...
  3. Nocturne

    Windows Pixoban Redux

    Pixo has been abducted by dirty aliens! Can you help him tidy up their ship? GET IT NOW ON GAMEJOLT FOR $0.99 GET IT FREE ON ANDROID (with IAP to remove ads) In this retro-styled sokoban game your task is to help Pixo tidy up the alien ship by placing all the crates of rubbish on the...