1. R

    Portfolio - Art Pixel Artist for Hire (Paid Only)

    If you're interested please email me (with paid job offers only) at ajmalrizni@hotmail.com , there's a good chance I won't see PMs on here. My full portfolio: ajmalr.com
  2. jb skaggs

    GML A virtual measuring tape?

    I am making a virtual measuring tape. 2D My question is should the screen resolution be addressed at all? currently my scale is roughly 500px=11 ft or would that even matter regardless of resolution? Maybe there is a better concept but I am thinking to simply measure the px convert to my...
  3. T

    Portfolio - Art [OPEN] Professional Pixel Artist for FREE! (Years of experience)

    Hello there! My name is TheBanditBK, or Bandit for short and I am a professional pixel artist who will be making FREE pixel art for anyone who needs it! I do however have rules: 1: I would love to be able to get involved in long term projects, but I am busy with making other games outside of...
  4. FabledFrame

    Portfolio - Art 2D Traditional Animator for hire

    Hello, I am a 2D animator, specializing in traditional animation. I can offer Raster, Vector and pixel art animation for your project. I can provide .ai and .svg file types if needed. Here is my portfolio. I charge $25/Hour. Contact me here: Dominicliamstott@hotmail.co.uk Thanks for...
  5. Y

    iOS Pixel Craft-Space Shooter(Featured by Apple)

    Hi, I am Xie Yunbin, a Chinese Game developer. Here is my 2nd game on iOS and Android named "Pixel Craft-Space Shooter". It's a shoot-em-up game with pixel art.Fortunely it was featured by Apple on Feb 2nd and got a good revenue.So I am very thank of the Yoyo Games.Because of the Game Maker...
  6. M

    Portfolio - Art Selling pixelated custom made characters etc.

    Hello, my name is Martin. I've checked couple of forums and saw that there are lots of talented programmers and other type of game makers, but the problem is that they don't have time or do not have skills for drawing their own art & design. I want to offer my services which I make living out...
  7. M

    Graphics Solution for game makers with no art skills.

    Hello, my name is Martin. I've checked couple of forums and saw that there are lots of talented programmers and other type of game makers, but the problem is that they don't have time or do not have skills for drawing their own art & design. I want to offer my services which I make living out...
  8. C

    What are Your Favorite Indie Games?

    Hey guys, Let's start a free-for-all chat to talk about our favorite Indie games so we can talk about it! I'd especially like to know your favorite Pixel-Graphic / 2D Platformer as well. Indies Forever! -Chris S.
  9. R

    Design Pixel scaling and how it works between 2 objects?

    I am new to this, so I apologize if this is a very silly question... I've already browsed the forum and "googled" this and can't seem to find anything relating to my question... I kind of understand how scaling works... But I'm having issues. Say I want to create a character, for example, and...
  10. B

    Views - Interface doesn't keep up

    I have a view in a platform game. The players step event calls for a script that does this: view_xview[0] = lerp(view_xview[0],obj_roofrunner.x-(view_wview[0]/2),0.1) view_yview[0] = lerp(view_yview[0],obj_roofrunner.y-(view_hview[0]/2),0.1) view_xview[0] =...
  11. S

    Pixels get blurry when in game

    Hi. I have constructed a tile-set based on 16x16 tiles. I exported it as an png and imported it as a background. In the background I put it as an tileset, and start placing the tiles in the room editor. However, even though they are png, they become blurred when in game. Maybe it has to do...
  12. S

    Graphics We Search a 2D pixel Graphic designer

    Hello, we seach a 2D pixel graphic designer for a mobile game. Our first game is Infinite Swipe (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.kiro.pe.hu.InfiniteSwipe). We want a graphics like Professor Layton London Life. You can contact me at kiro.fivim@gmail.com or under this post...
  13. J

    How to change between 2 pixel animations? [Solved]

    Hello everyone! I'm just starting out making my own little practice project, new to the forums. I'm having trouble with an animation. I've made a simple 16X16 chicken, with 8 frames. The first image is the chicken laying down, will be the idle. Using a collision_circle, if the player comes...
  14. B

    Windows Opening animated sprite not as individual frames

    I downloaded GM2 (studio) yesterday, though admittedly, I'm new at game design/art whatever as a whole. I'm not totally sure if this the subforum to post on or if I should try elsewhere but here goes notihng. I have a couple sprites that are animated. One is a character and another is a staff...
  15. M

    Graphics Pixel font

    I search a good pixel font in the font-creator like this: exist a good pixel font in the font-creator/editor ? (sorry for my bad english)
  16. phillipPbor

    Legacy GM pixeleted transition

    i was thinking of adding a pixelated transitions behind the transparent screen like this. this is for a style for the TV screen just need a pixelated retro game with style.
  17. B

    Portfolio - Art Sprite artist

  18. K

    Pixel destruction

    Hello! I saw a game earlier today, called Spout, and I noticed something unique about it. (If you have not seen or played Spout, there is a link down below). In Spout, your spaceship shoots little particles, and when these particles collide with the rocks, the particles destroy parts of the...
  19. Bingdom

     Slap 'em [Beta]

    Ready to slap your enemies to death? Google Play iTunes Delve yourself into this action packed challenging game. This game is filled with cheerful music, 8bit sound effects and a taste of sheer enjoyment. This game is great to kill some time and fun to challenge your friends. There is also...
  20. L

    iOS Indie Game:Goku to hell free[Universal]

    Hello players,It took me 8 months to make the game by using gamemaker. video: Description: Goku to hell free is an action platformer game that includes the juice of pixel art style. Goku is a young and brave man who stand against darkness no matter what the cost. Help him on his adventure to...