1. G

    Portfolio - Art Experience Pixel-Dude Looking for Pixeling Work

    Discord - Monte#0256 Skype & Email - Contact.GeorgioSer@gmail.com ___________________________________ Figured I'd show off my portfolio full 'a neat'o stuff. I'm especially interested in longer term projects. More stuff: SHMUP - http://imgur.com/a/gM8zt Action-RPG -...
  2. T

    Beta Q-YO BLASTER v0.5

    About Q-yo Blaster it's a frenetic retro style Shoot em up with explotions, weird enemies, bullets, drama and more. History It was a normal day and a Guinea pig was eating peaceful on his cage, suddenly a noise in the sky breaks the Calm, the local news talk about a small meteorite that...
  3. H

    T.S.G.W.N.N (The Square Game With No Name) - My second minigame

    Hi chaps! I'm just over a month into my Game Maker adventures and I just wanted to share this small game i'm working on. It's now at a point where its playable but i have quite a few ideas for more to add so i class it as unfinished. So being only my second title and being a newbie when it...
  4. LoadingDevelopment

    Need opinion on a pixel character I did

    Well the title says it all... I really need your most true opinion on a sprite frame I did for a character. The type of game I want to make it's mechanically inspired from games like Zelda, The binding of isaac, etc. The sprites are not done yet, not even close. I just want a bigger picture...
  5. R

    Portfolio - Art Pixel Artist looking for paid work

    If you're interested, please contact me through my website: ajmalr.com
  6. Nahual

    My indie game "EL Pansas"

    Hi everyone! Thank you for taking the time to check my post on these awesome forums, I've been using Game Maker since it first came out, Game Maker 5. Here I will leave my very first "big" indie game, any feedback will be extremely useful. -=EL PANSAS=- The game still is under development, and...
  7. G

    Android All of my sprite got subpixels only on my phone!!! HELP D:

    Guys, I was making an android game but no matter how I resize or change how big and small the sprite are, there were still subpixels in my sprite! HELP I am sure that the size of all sprite is a whole number how do I fix these? and why the other doesn't counter this problem... Btw, the...
  8. M

    Team Request Liked Fallout ? Aliens Series? Get ready for the Pixel version

    I am a programmer with 2+ years of experience with GM Studio. Have all licenses and a very creative mind. I spent the last 2 months working on my GDD and feel like its finally ready to program and release in maybe 8-12 months. I am looking for a partnership. A pixel artist who can work with me...
  9. T

    Graphics Pixel Art ?

    Is that somehow an acceptable attempt to create some pixel art? P.S: This is my very first time to try. P.S: This is an animation of 2 Frames (Don't laugh.)
  10. 2

    Possible? Turn on Pixel Color Interpolation for one Object Off, On for Another Same Frame

    Is it possible to turn on and off pixel color interpolation for a single object, or many but not all objects in the same frame? Things in the process of scaling or rotating look better with it on, but more blurry so that they look worse if they're not currently changing values in either of these...
  11. P

    Portfolio - Art Terrible pixel 'artist' (free for hire)

    Hello gamemaker community. Wanna hire me? It's pretty much free. I see who I can join. I like to do pixel art, I also make games but they suck (fact). Things I really can't pixel art: -characters -large backgrounds -animals -fonts -logos and text -everything Things I can pixel art a bit...
  12. Z

    Windows My First Game: Sugar Daddy

    Hey guys, I've just release my new 2d multiplayer game; Sugar Daddy! Sugar Daddy is a local multiplayer platformer game where you must race your fellow gumdrop brethren and get back to your gingerbread father awaiting you in clouds. The game requires 4 players and gamepads/controllers to...
  13. newtinn

    Alpha dreamether - RELEASED

    RELEASED DreamEther A game by Newtinn YouTube Release Trailer: Welcome to my game DREAMETHER:D I'VE JUST RELEASED THE GAME :D Game Description: DreamEther is a retro, roguelite game in which you have to avoid monsters and lead them to a pit while living in the paper world collecting paper to...
  14. A

    Collision against any pixel of object, ignoring bbox

    I have an odd situation in which I need to check if a pixel is in ANY way covered by other objects even if their bounding box is far away. An example I'm currently facing is a tree that is 100+ pixels tall but the bounding box is a small square only at where the trunk meets the ground (so...
  15. R

    GML [SOLVED]Gradual grid movement

    Hi everyone. I'm trying to make some movement/animation, but I'm having some trouble. Let's say I have a 32x32 grid. What I'd like to achieve is to move the player object tile by tile (32 pixels each). I managed to do that by setting the player's speed to 32, but it moves instantly to the next...
  16. P

    Character/Monster Design and Art!

    Tried my hand at pixeling. Took almost an hour to make this tiny guy >w< )'' That's a gem in the center, surrounded by mana jelly which acts as a squish-able armor.
  17. P

    Graphics Pixel art: Backgrounds for 32x32 pixel art

    Hello, not sure if this belongs in this thread or should be asked at all but I'm developing a game and I'm currently making art for it, I did a character which is 32x32 and has a neat little walk cycle but I was wondering what the recommended background dimensions should be to scale, I'm quite...
  18. Misu

    Asset - Scripts buffer_getpixel: 10x faster than normal surface_getpixel (GMS1 and GMS2)

    Get buffer_getpixel at the marketplace! Need a faster surface_getpixel? You come to the right place! This asset comes with a small list of scripts that will help you get a pixel color super fast and its totally free. How to use each command: buffer_getpixel_begin(surface) = creates the buffer...
  19. Gregory Tapper

    Team Request Looking for a 2D Artist for a Game Jam

    Looking for a 2D artist for a 1-2 week game jam sometime in May. Please be able to commit! Bonus if you live in Austin. Possibly this adventure jam from May 5th - May 19th? But open to anything. http://jams.gamejolt.io/advjam2017 Will be using GameMaker 2. Flexing my GML. Willing to make...
  20. S

    Team Request [FILLED] To Create Anime-Styled Horror

    ** Filled again, thanks. XD It's raining programmers in here! ** - Please be a serious developer if you apply in the future. - Dropping out minutes after joining says a lot about your work ethic. Just because this team is lax doesn't make it any less serious~ So please, only real game...