1. S

    Legacy GM Pixelated circles?

    I am wondering how to create pixelated circles using draw_circle(); and possibly surfaces. I've never really used surfaces or had a reason to so i would like to know if i can use them in conjunction with the built in circle function to make crisp dynamic pixel art circles, or if i would have to...
  2. setgety

    Windows Worlds of Glory (Alpha Version)

    Genre: 2D - Platformer Progran: Game Maker Studios 2 Maker: - setgety - Website: Tumblr blog https://www.tumblr.com/blog/setgety Patreon page https://www.patreon.com/setgety Latest Exe...
  3. Oakleaf

    Alpha BLASTION - A 3d roguelite dungeon shooter

    BLASTION Alpha game demo, hosted on ITCH.IO. Game made with GM:S 1.4. >>>DOWNLOAD<<< https://oakleaff.itch.io/blastion Blastion is a proc-gen dungeon shooter with a lo-fi pixel aesthetic. Progress through randomly built dungeon levels while shooting and slashing enemies. FEATURES (0.1)...
  4. G

    Shaders I recently downloaded this CRT Pixel Shader

    https://marketplace.yoyogames.com/assets/701/crt-pixel-shader how exactly would I get this code to work for fullscreen or views.. when I'm not in full screen it's fine, when I go into fullscreen it puts a border around the box like this: if anyone knows how to modify the codes to get it to...
  5. A

    Portfolio - Art Do you need a full-time artist?

    I'm updating/improving my portfolio to showcase my improved ability and new software additions. I work full time as a pixel artist - I'm offering my services for free to any team that needs a designer. I will produce all sprites, assets, and promo art needed for your game. alee17@qub.ac.uk I...
  6. Nirwanda

    Portfolio - Art Cheap pixels for you

    Hello, I am Nirwanda, welcome to my pixel shop! I have been doing this for a while now, and am 100% committed to offering you a good service and do the best to satisfy your needs. I hope we can work together! :) Here's the general pricing list (though these may be open for discussion): Icons...
  7. R

    Portfolio - Art [UNPAID] 2-D Pixel Artist, Designer

    I'm an amateur artist and animator with a passion for retro, 2-D game design. I can also do level design, writing, concepts. I'm willing to work for free, if I'm interested in the team and passionate about the...
  8. Chaser


    hi guys and gals, which you think is better, A or B? I think B, but be interested in what you think.:) The finished sprite sheet character will be 32x32 in size, give and take for animations.
  9. matharoo

    Asset - Graphics sprite_getpixel (Sprite Pixel Data)

    Matharoo presents... sprite_getpixel sprite_getpixel() gets the color of a sprite's pixel. • Returns the data in an array, in RGBA order. • Values are in the 0-255 range. • Uses buffers, which are fast! • Automatically handles buffer creation & usage, so it only has to go through the...
  10. S


    hello im a new programmer and i dont know where to get sprites for 2d pixel RPG characters and monsters.
  11. Shadowblitz16

    Shaders draw pixel array with shader?

    can someone tell me how to draw a pixel array with a shader? this is what I have been trying to do. /// shd_draw uniform int tilesize; uniform int tileset[4]; uniform int palette[2]; uniform int tile; uniform int dx; uniform int dy; int RGBA; vec4 drawColor; vec2 drawPos...
  12. 2

    Portfolio - Art Pixel Artist/Animator looking for [Paid] work

    Hi there! ;D I'm a pixel artist/animator with 4 years of experience and I'd love to create a unique look for your project. Here are some examples of work I've done and you can find me more at my portfolio. Portfolio - http://2dchaos.com Email - 2dchaos@gmail.com Detailed Character Run for...
  13. Wonman321

    Portfolio - Art [Open] pixel artist / animation looking for work (y)(y)

    Hi everyone, Iam Dante. Pixel artist - 2D animator I have been doing pixel art game for over 6 years Email: wonman321@gmail.com or wonman321@yahoo.com My gallery: http://pixeljoint.com/p/41106.htm Skype: wonman321 Discord: Wonman321#3034 I love making pixel game, i really really love it...
  14. H

    Scaling up images?

    I've tried looking up tutorials about how to scale up sprites/images, but the only ones I seem to find are for pixel art. Considering I'm using more detailed images, these methods make the images look blurred or pixelated. My question is how would I go about scaling the game/sprites while using...
  15. BMatjasic

    Team Request Revenue-share Topdown pixel artist

    Hello, dear community! Thanks for stopping by! Recently I've been working a lot on a 2D fake 3D top-down shooter project and got a lot of ideas meanwhile and I must say that I am nearly 70% done with the actual game mechanism. I would like to invite a pixel artist to join me because I am really...
  16. M

    Portfolio - Art [available from April] Professional Fantasy Illustrator/2D Artist (painted & pixel) for hire!

    Hey there! I'm a professional Fantasy Illustrator and 2D Artist that has been working on indie video games, board games and pen & paper RPGs, as well as been teaching Game Art workshops at universities in Berlin. I'm available for freelance work right now. I do cover and marketing...
  17. D

    Legacy GM Sprite rendered pixellated

    We've got a spirte which is 603 pixels wide and 511 pixels high. I put it in a room at the upper left corner and make a view with width and height 603 and 511 and a port with width and height 603 and 511. The view's x and y are the same as those of the sprite itself: 0 and 0. The port's x and y...
  18. K

    Windows Crazy Guys: An Open World RPG where everybody are Crazy

    Hi i'm Krazy Gamer, creator of Crazy Guys: an open world rpg for PC (Windows, Mac and Linux). I work on this game since 2011 and on GameMaker Studios since September 2016. What is Crazy Guys ? Crazy Guys is a game where everybody are...
  19. M

     [DEMO] School Wars!! (high school adventure with time travel)

    Editing this for an announcement: School Wars in on Kickstarter now! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/happybroccoli/school-wars Any support is appreciated, thank you so much :D ________________________________________________________________ Heya!! :D I started making my first own...
  20. Cloaked Games

    GMS 2 Color Components from Buffer

    Hello, I am using buffer_get_surface to read color data for a sprite. However, I do not know how to get the color components from the color itself. I tried using color_get, which worked when I was using draw_getpixel, but seems to be always returning 0 in this situation. Here is the relevant...