1. Munguía

    Released NICO

    Don´t be afraid of the dark, Follow the traditional and primitive sign trail of nico to perform his latest pieace of art on the cave. All graphics in GAME MAKER 8, GM studio version for HTML5 watch for the SIGN TRAILS at https://munguiavideojuegos.blogspot.com/2019/09/nico.html Keys: Arrows...
  2. neguritab

    Portfolio - Art [FOR HIRE] Experienced Pixel Artist

    Hello, I'm neguritab, an experienced pixel artist. I look forward to paid/contract work. My specialties: environments, character design, creature design, weapons, animation. (everything that has pixels) I can show you more work if you are interested. I'm not interested in royalty work...
  3. Zek

    Asset - Fonts Pixel Font Pack

    GameMaker: Marketplace Itch.io Price: $1.99 7 clean pixel fonts for retro styled games. Preview: Contains: Retro1.ttf Retro2.ttf Retro3.ttf Retro4.ttf Retro5.ttf Retro6.ttf Retro7.ttf All of these fonts are TrueType Fonts and the font outlines in the preview images are just for visualization.
  4. JeanSwamp

    GMS 2 Support 720p and 1080p in GMS2

    Hello Game Makers! I've been reading a lot and found a few methods and tutorials on how to support multiple resolutions in GameMaker. Sadly most of them are aimed to GMS1. With the new cameras in GMS2 most of the stuff is outdated and I wonder how do you guys give support to 720p for a pixel...
  5. Kawaiisnail

    Portfolio - General Pixel Artist and Composer | looking for work

    Hey everyone! I'm Tom aka Kawaii Snail. I'm an artist/musician looking for work. Please PM about project details if you are interested or email me at tom.wilcox123@gmail.com Music Portfolio: https://soundcloud.com/user-775462899 Art Stuff:
  6. tagwolf

    Pixel Flipboard Style Animation

    GM Version: GMS2 Target Platform: ALL Download: https://host-a.net/f/226893-flipboard-animationyyz Links: N/A Summary: Ever wanted to make cool pixel flipboard style animations? Well now you can. If you want it to actually draw something you could do so easy enough by making a collision mask of...
  7. CreativeJon90

    Portfolio - Art Affordable Pixel Artist [For Hire]

    Hey everyone! My name is Jonathan or otherwise on here known as Creativejon90. I have worked with pixel art for a few years and several projects. Some under NDA. Currently I am working on a pixel project called BlackHill (https://forum.yoyogames.com/index.php?threads/blackhill-w-i-p.64218/) I...
  8. Geners

    Finding the nearest collision point distance, Pixel count

    Is there a way I can find the NEAREST point of collision between two objects or a point and an object. For the life of me I can't figure out how I would go about doing this, I thought up multiple solutions but all of them are really tedious and slow on processing. Also is there a way I can get...
  9. Phantasma

    Windows UnEarthed 2D Top-Down Action RPG

    STORY ---------------- Some foolish adventurers have dared to venture into the burial site of an ancient demonic being. While looting the tomb, they accidentally broke the seal and released the Evil inside! As other evil beings nearby start to awaken in response to this, the village of...
  10. Nocturne

    Windows Alpha Dog

    OUT NOW ON: Steam GameJolt Itch.io As a criminal on death row you can choose... Die quietly or die in the Alpha Dog dungeon! Choosing the dungeon will still bring certain death, but it may also grant you immortality if you can become the Alpha Dog champion by defeating the hordes of Cur over...
  11. Cautious Cactus

    Android Bullseye - (1st released game)

    Hey everyone, I've been messing around with game dev for a little while and wanted to finally release something on the Google Play Store to get my foot in the door, it's a really simple game but hey it's a start, feel free to give constructive feedback, rate/review. (No ads, free) Here's the...
  12. mar_cuz

    Job Offer - Artist Looking for an animator [PAID]

    Hi Guys, I'm looking for a pixel artist to animate these sprites I have designed. It is for a top down sports game and I need 5 directions of running and many other different animations. Please pm or comment your rates.
  13. N

    Question - IDE How to mirror in pixel edit? Or how to combine frames?

    Hello, I am trying to mirror a pixel art within the pixel editor. I notice the tool that looks like this: <|> but it seems when I click it, it does not remain highlighted and instead I am still using the regular pencil tool. I have also made a duplicate frame of what I want to mirror and gone...
  14. mar_cuz

    Idea Pixel Art Animated Film

    Hi Guys, Do you think pixel art is a good medium to create an animated film with? Would you watch an animated film made from pixel art?
  15. JeanSwamp

    Fog environment

    Hello there, Been digging now and then for possible ways to create environment mood to the levels. I think Dead Cells is a good example on this to pixel art games. What's a good approach to create fog into a 2d platformer in a way that can be used for different feelings, for example some...
  16. Andy Chu

    Job Offer - Audio [Paid] Looking for Music Composer & Sound Effects Designer

    Greetings! As the title mentioned above looking for a composer. The game is a 2D-pixelated, hack & slash, platformer, adventure, RPG game. Music Composers: Current level being designed is a ruined snowy castle in the high mountains. Setting is the aftermath of humanity's downfall. Require a...
  17. Fredrik

    Demo Moor - 3D dungeon crawler

    A rogule-like dungeon crawler Links: Website Greenlight The first tread The second tread Download demo 3.1 * https://www.dropbox.com/s/lretngvrei9bduu/Moor_3.1.zip?dl=0 * News! Current demo version: "Moor demo 3.1" The demo was updated to this version: 21. march 2019 With this...
  18. L

    Job Offer - Programmer Looking for a programmer to develop a 2d/3d pixel game

    We are a small development team based in the US and Norway. We are strong believers in quality of gameplay, coupled with an appealing aesthetic. Our plan is to make a casual arcade-style game that’s reminiscent of the 16-bit era of video games, a period that we have great fondness for and has a...
  19. T

    Legacy GM Strange Pixel Issue

    I am having trouble with my 2D platformer. There seems to be some problem with my collision. About 40% of the time my player object lands, it appears that he is half a pixel in the air, instead of being at the same level as the ground. When the player moves horizontally, he has a chance of...
  20. IGameArt

    Job Offer - Artist WANTED: Senior Pixel Artist for Starr Mazer DSP

    Last year SubPixel Studios teamed up with Imagos Softworks to complete their game Starr Mazer DSP, a retro-sexy, roguelike SHMUP set in the Starr Mazer universe! With the next early access update coming very soon, Imagos Softworks and SubPixel Studios are looking for a talented pixel artist to...