pixel artist needed

  1. SnotWaffle Studios

    Team Request Programmer looking for Artist

    I'm looking for a 2d artist that is down to work at a casual pace on a small scarecrow game I'm working on. Not paid, just for fun and practice. GIF of what I have so far: https://imgur.com/pTOTUjT Main assets I'm looking for right now: -Scarecrow body -Scarecrow head -Scarecrow face (emoted...
  2. trentallain

    Team Request (Profit share) Medieval fantasy top down RPG pixel artist needed

    Hi! I'm looking for pixel artists who can either match or improve upon my art style. The game is a Medieval Fantasy RPG Rogue-like, that is largely inspired by The Legend of Zelda and Skyrim. The resolution of the game is 416 x 234 but is currently not limited to a colour pallete yet (up to...
  3. S

    Team Request Needed pixel-artist for free

    Hello, I am making a platform game in 2D. I am very bad in game design so I would need someone who could do this for me. I can't pay you for your work but I can do advertisement if you want. I need backgrounds and sprites (often in 64x64). I have to finish my game before 2018 so I would like...
  4. M


    Hello, My name is Matt and I, along with another friend, am making a cave-story inspired platformer. I am using a game boy original style pallet and a template for our character sprite. This sprite unfortunately has no hair and myself being a trashy artist, cannot finish it. I am not planning...
  5. S

    Team Request E.L.F. (closed)

    Currently, we're not looking for anyone. You can read more about it here: https://forum.yoyogames.com/index.php?threads/e-l-f-super-smash-like-game.24935/
  6. CreativeJon90

    Job Offer - Artist Seeking Artist for Bounty Nalia's Tale

    Hey everyone we are looking for a a pixel artist/animator to continue work on a game. This position is for character artwork and animation. the person would need to be able to create character sprites for our main character, enemies and bosses. As well as create fluid animation frames like the...
  7. A

    Team Request SHMUP Space shooter, looking to build a team.

    I am working on a side-scrolling shmup space shooter, I need pixel-artists, programmers, and composers. I don't care how good you are, whether you are a novice or a veteran. I myself have recently started using GMS, My focus is primarily programming (I am new to GML, but I am learning quickly)...