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  1. NEWBZ

    Pixel art resolution

    This may be a pretty dumb question but Does pixel art transfer well to 4K TVs? If i am creating 16X16 sprites and I want everything to look crisp on a 4K TV is there anything that I need to do to ensure that my game looks good on any tv of any resolution? Thanks in advance for your help.
  2. Liam Earles

    Demo Smash Ringtail Cat: The Ultimate Glitch Annihilator - Graphical Upgrade Demo OUT NOW!

    Here's a new Act 1 Graphical Upgrade Demo for Smash Ringtail Cat: The Ultimate Glitch Annihilator! Play The Demo Today! Game Description: Don't Play Around With The Glitches, Be The Ultimate Glitch Annihilator! Smash Ringtail Cat's FIRST ADVENTURE has got Remade, Reworked, and Reimagined with...
  3. Didjynn

    Job Offer - Artist recruiting a pixel artist for long time work

    5k € budget, looking for a pixel artist. Nature tilesets, human characters and nature godlike characters. From 25x25 characters up to 500px. A lot of animations needed for characters. Paid on the mission, not by the hour. Paid with paypal or we can talk about another way. 3 days of silence...
  4. BluishGreenPro

    HTML5 The Little Brazier (GGJ 2021 Entry) A 5-minute bedtime story

    A short ~5 minute interactive fiction about a Little Brazier that loses his light. Friendly for all ages, and in fact, was made as a bedtime story. [Play it on Itch.io] Controls: Move / alternate dialogue options: WASD / Arrow Keys / Left Joystick Talk: Space / Gamepad-South Mute / Unmute...
  5. Kultisti

    Free Midnight Cartridge

    you found an old cartridge from the forest and decided to plug it in it's so dark that you can't see, so you might have to listen... made Midnight Cartridge last weekend with my friend sulo in 48 hours as an entry for global game jam 21 ^^ you can try it out here: [ Midnight Cartridge ]
  6. JacquesVSA

    Steam Hollow Destiny

    Hello fellow GM devs! Back in november I release my first finished project, Hollow Destiny. It's a simple runner with a dark theme, nothing ground breaking, but it makes me really proud!. If you have the time, please check it out =) https://store.steampowered.com/app/1469860/Hollow_Destiny/
  7. Plubu

    GMS 2.3+ Pixel Sprites Scaling issues that happen in full screen

    Hello everyone, hope you're all safe, Now I have an interesting problem with pixels sprites scaling weirdly, causing pixel distortion and all of that you probably know about. I've seen PixelatedPope's videos about resoultion and scaling, but they were in GMS 1, tried it, changed the codes to...
  8. Iggy_Gamechuck

    Windows Speed Limit, a pixel-art, perspective-changing retro shooter (PC, Consoles) coming in February 2021

    Hi all! I'm Iggy from Gamechuck, a Croatian indie game development studio that made Speed Limit. I'm really happy to say that, after two years of being in development in GameMaker, Speed Limit is coming to PC and consoles in February 2021. You can play the demo now on Steam. Here's the...
  9. lvgames

    Android Drish: The challenge - 2D pixelart platformer

    Hi guys! Im super excited to share my second released game :) It is platformer game with action and some puzzle elements inside. You will have differenet weapons that you can unlock. I will probably draw new levels soon more! Gameplay video: download from google play...
  10. yvodlyn

    Android Icy Bird

    FIRST TEXT BEFORE CHRISTMAS: Hi everyone! Tomorrow, it's Chrismas! However, we have a huge problem! CHRISMAS NEEDS YOU!!!! On Christmas Eve Father Grinch stole all the Christmas presents. Your mission is to collect all the Christmas presents. Play as Icy Bird And save Christmas! Thanks to your...
  11. Divinik

    Team Request Let's make a game together!

    I've been in the process of making a top-down RPG for the past year and a half on and off, and now I finally have some time to really dedicate to the project. I'm looking for a pixel artist and another gml programmer who want to collaborate and make an awesome game. The base programming of the...
  12. YellowAfterlife

    GML Smooth camera movement in pixel-perfect games

    GM Version: GMS1, GMS2 Target Platform: All Download: https://github.com/YAL-GameMaker/pixel-perfect-smooth-camera Links: https://yal.cc/gamemaker-smooth-pixel-perfect-camera/ Summary: This is a mini-tutorial and an explanation of an approach that allows you to have fluid sub-pixel movements...
  13. junixbr

    Steam Deathroids is available now!

    In the not too distant future, the Planet Earth was on an alien horde path of destruction, composed of hyper-advanced machines. Volunteers who set out to fight this force were being wiped out when a group of engineers and scientists made up of people from all over the world built B.L.I.T...
  14. Scythuz

    Demo Solve Bot - Gameboy-styled retro puzzle platformer - Demo out now!

    Solve Bot is a challenging puzzle platformer made with some gameboy limitations (low resolution, limited shades). This demo version features 20 levels, for every 10 levels you have only 5 lives to work with or it's game over! You play as Solve Bot who is: fast, agile and precise, but, can...
  15. yvodlyn

     No Name Game

    Hi everyone I create my first level for my no name game. I wonder if someone can tell me if the level is good for a first level? Take in mind that this game will be an hard game. At first I wanted to publish a desktop demo but I just have the license for mobile publishing. So, I just take...
  16. L

    advice for finding pixel images

    I was making a pixel animation for a blender machine and I did a google image search for "pixel image blender" for inspiration. I saw countless images of pixel art drawn on Blender, but almost none of actual blenders. Has anyone else had this problem of being unable to find images of things...
  17. SweetPotatoe

    Something that bothers me about GMS2

    I meant to say this many months ago, and I guess even the first Game Maker (pre-Studio) has kinda had problems related to resolution, but has anyone actually figured out how to make the resolution in Game Maker Studio 2 actually authentic? What I mean is, for instance, so that when things rotate...
  18. G

    Drag Queen Pixel Brawler

    Hi fellow GameMaker game makers :) I've been working nights and weekends over the past two years to develop Super Bearded Dragons, a pixel brawler where bearded drag queens fight over cash tips that rain down from the sky! If you like sassy mermaids, laser breastplates, and awful puns, this is...
  19. 2

    Asset - Graphics [Delete]

    Delete this please
  20. emedg

    Portfolio - Art Pixel Artist Available - Portfolio Update

    Hey guys! My name is Emerson I'm a Brazilian Pixel Artist and game designer. I need to feed three hunger dogs so I'm available for new projects! Portfolio: http://emedg.daportfolio.com Call me: emedg.dev gmail com On Twitter or on Discord: EmeDG#8720 I made these pixels ...