pixel art

  1. Reaktori

    Windows Cave Pilots

    Download Zip Cave Pilots is a local multiplayer game for 2 or more players (no single player, sorry!), where each player controls a tria... I mean a high-tech spaceship in cramped cave levels, trying to navigate in hazardous environments and ultimately destroy all opponents. The caves are...
  2. S

    Windows Sword and Staff - Retro hack-and-slash dungeoncrawling adventure

    EDIT 9/30/2017: Sword and Staff Alpha 0.2 is now available! Grab the free demo here! Changelog: After about 5 years (off and on) of working on my first full game, I'm proud to finally post the first Alpha build of Sword and Staff! The game can be purchased for $5 on itch.io. There's also a...
  3. fridai

    Graphics Need advices for a pixelart beginner.

    Hey! One day i decided to make my own game, so i started with pixel arts without any tutorials. This is what i have done and right now i need some advices what should i improve and how to improve.. shapes? colours? shading? i dont really know. here is my work:
  4. R

    Portfolio - Art Pixel Artist looking for paid work

    If you're interested, please contact me through my website: ajmalr.com
  5. Tayoyo

    Demo Vearo (V15) Action/Adventure (Inspired by Hyper Light Drifter) [DEMO] [DISCORD]

    Check out my Discord, this is where you can talk to me and give me feedback, or post your fanart! Check out my Twitter, this is where you can see my updates as soon as they happen, and maybe see some of my unfinished work Check out my YouTube channel, this is where I post all my update videos...
  6. Michael Bateman

    Windows The LowRez Dead!! - LowRezJam 2017 Entry

    Download on Itch.io Here! The LowRez Dead is a top - down mouse controlled game, where left button moves you and right button shoots. You are Jack Times, and the zombie apocalypse has happened. Your food supplies are empty and you need to restock - by finding 10 portions of food! The game is...
  7. Tonydaderp

     Nether: The Dying Village (version 0.2.3) 9/18/17

    Hello, everyone! I recently just finished a newer debug demo for my game Nether: The Dying Village. I have been working on this project for about seven months, but it is nowhere near completion. I am working on it as much as I can. A Short Description about Nether: The Dying Village It is a...
  8. R

    Pixel perfect and having a nice clean title+text[Sorry I know how, nevermind]

    So my game is pixel perfect and i'm upscalling it to get all my screen resolutions but the title and text in my game is often made out of images instead of fonts because I can make it pretty in photoshop xD. Is there a good way to handle scaling for both separately. Pixel art and ect ->...
  9. Nallebeorn

    HTML5 raftraftraft: A paddling game about traveling on a raft that tends to break a lot

    I present to all you fine members of the GMC...... raftraftraft An endless paddling game about traveling as far as you can on a raft that tends to break a lot (sometimes because of whales). It's also about collecting driftwood and using it to repair your raft. Or just to make a really big...
  10. Ladi_Pix3l

    Idea Pixel Template

    Hi everyone!!! My question is, is it easier to design characters based off a template and if so. is this a good start? PS: I don't draw men well and also I realized I type "is" twice :confused:
  11. N

    Team Request My code for your pixel art... a bartering arrangement?

    Team Request was the best tag available... and I suppose it fits. I need a pixel artist for a social science project. Basically (low res, mebbe 64 x 64) one character, a few rooms, a bunch of objects... (clothing, books, etc. etc.) I cannot do art, really. Or at all. I also don't really have...
  12. P

    Portfolio - Art Terrible pixel 'artist' (free for hire)

    Hello gamemaker community. Wanna hire me? It's pretty much free. I see who I can join. I like to do pixel art, I also make games but they suck (fact). Things I really can't pixel art: -characters -large backgrounds -animals -fonts -logos and text -everything Things I can pixel art a bit...
  13. ShaunJS

    Graphics Pixel Outline Shader Tutorial

    GM Version: GameMaker Studio 1.x & 2 onwards Target Platform: All Download: N/A Links: N/A Summary: Create a simple pixel outline around a sprite using a shader. This shader simply raises the alpha of a pixel based on the pixels that surround it in the original texture. Can be made to work with...
  14. Posh Indie

    Graphics Graphics Gale is now Freeware

    That's right! Anyone who needs a decent application for pixel art, Graphics Gale has become completely free as of this month. Grab it here: https://graphicsgale.com/us/download.html Happy pixeling!
  15. M

    Demo Kreepy's Boots DEMO RELEASED (Feedback)

    Hello guys, I've been working on this little Mario-Like Platformer called Kreepy's Boots and I have put up a Demo which I used for my University application. They liked it a lot and I would love to get some more feedback from the community. Here's link: https://mmena.itch.io/kreepys-boots-demo...
  16. M

    Free Happy Happy Hoola Hoopy

    Hello guys! This is my second game that I finished making in GM:S. Happy Happy Hoola Hoopy is a simple one button control game where you control a mysterious object that need to spread happiness all around the Earth. I made a trailer you can check bellow: I made it only for PC right now but I...
  17. Freedom2Fight

    Portfolio - Art [OPEN] Freedom2Fight - Pixel Artist

    Freedom2Fight - Pixel Artist [Open for Commissions] Hello. I am Freedom2Fight. I am looking for paid projects. I am saving up to help develop my game - Project_DesertRose. I offer Pixel Art and Digital Painting. Mostly Pixel Art. I specialize in side-scrolling games. Simple animations...
  18. M

     MeowDown, Battlegrounds Shooter

    Good day, I am currently working on a game, similar to games like H1Z1 and DayZ but then in a top down perspective with pixel art and arcade like gameplay with wacky weapons like in games as worms. If you are not familiar with H1Z1 or DayZ then let me explain. The game trows about a 100...
  19. C

    Job Offer - Artist [Closed] - $$$ - Pixel Art for Shuriken Animation - Blind Samurai

    Good day, I am developing a mobile game based upon 3D sound. No sight required! The player listens to audio cues and swipes towards the direction it approaches from. For example, an enemy approaches stage left. Its footsteps grow louder as it closes distance with the player. What I need: A...
  20. gamedev4life

    Design What do you think about the "air-bounce" mechanic for my character's new air attack?

    Hello game devs, I'm just looking for feedback on this new attack I made for my game. Thanks!