pixel art

  1. Pink Anvil

    Demo Inkbit Demo - Available [1 bit puzzle game]

    Hello, I've finally made a playable demo of my upcoming puzzle-game, Inkbit. The game is inspired by games like The Legend of Zelda, Minit and Baba is you. The project is yet in quite an early stage and many of it's components might change later on, but the base idea stays the same. I hope some...
  2. erayzesen

    Question - IDE About The Image Editor

    Hi all. I was trying gms2 in last times. I was disappointed about the image editor. I need your tips about these issues. 1-I can't transform(rescale,rotate) when I select an area. If it's true, it's like a joke. It's a simple thing.Is it? 2-I can't find configs like color saturation...
  3. Sovryn

    Portfolio - Art [Available for Hire] Pixel Artist/Animator

    Hello everyone! I'm a pixel artist who specializes in character animation and design. I'm currently looking for paid/contract work. You can message me from the contacts listed below for more inquiries! Contact - Email: pixelangell@gmail.com Discord: cutman#7030 Twitter: @pixelangell Below is...
  4. F

    Mac OSX Printing Out Wrong Array

    Hey guys I'm new to Game Maker Studio and new to the language. I'm making a game and have been working on the dialogue system. This chunk of code was designed for characters respond to a set of choices, the dialogue starts by printing out the first element of the line_array, which it does, then...
  5. Xer0botXer0

    Xer0bot's Pixel Art Thread [WIP]

    Hi guys, Decided to create a thread for pixel art that I make. I really suck at pixel art, which is why I need to try since the price of pixel art these days is quite high, especially since I haven't released a game yet nor made an income from one! Currently taking an art first approach to my...
  6. Stranger

     City Strike - an arcade style city-builder with destruction

    *For some reason it won't let me upload images or screenshots to the thread. It just perpetually says "Loading Image" or "Uploading" nonstop, even when left for 20 minutes. If anyone could help me get this updated I would greatly appreciate it. Until then I have attached the images as files...
  7. L

    Portfolio - Art Pixel artist [For Hire]

    Hello! My name is David i'm a pixel artist. I mainly work on environments and tilesets. Portfolio: https://www.artstation.com/lawric If you're interested in hiring me, feel free to contact me: Discord: Lawric#7127 Email: lawricpixel@gmail.com here's some of my work:
  8. E

    Title Screen Pixel Art Scaling

    I'm at the end of my rope, I've been working on a project for about half a year now and I've been jumping through hoops with fixing the display for the pixel art of my game. This is my second attempt at making a game, the first being very basic. I've used Pixelated Pope's tutorials and method...
  9. sv3nxd

    Portfolio - Art Affordable, Experienced, w/Price list - Pixel Artist

    Hey! My name is Sven - I offer affordable pixel art game assets that will help growing game projects to elevate onto the next level. I've done a lot of personal work and contract work so far. Contract work began with twitch assets for streamers, but I have also done a bunch for game jams and my...
  10. megaoy

    Portfolio - Art Pixel artist specialized in side view art

    I'm pixel artist specialized in side view art, but i can also do top down pixel art, I'm been working and studying pixel art for 2 years here is my full portfolio: https://www.artstation.com/megaoy here is my discord: eduardo#6862 DM me for specific rates: i work with payments via paypal only...
  11. GGJuanPabon

    Graphics Why? My pixel doesn't look like it is.

    My design borders have 3 rounding pixels, but when I click Gamemaker, you only see 2 rounding pixels. My graphic settings. The aspect ratio I tried: 1: 1 9:16 16: 9 Grid: 64 Thanks in advance 3 pixel rounding 2 pixel rounding
  12. frd

    La Squirrelle

    Hello, La Squirrelle is a top-down stealth game about a mysterious freedom-fighting squirrel, set in an environment loosely based on French formal gardens of the the 1700's. t's inspired by characters like Zorro, The Three Musketeers and the Scarlet Pimpernel. Hope you are all well out...
  13. J

    Graphics Keeping a consistent Pixel Art Style

    So I'm making an action platformer with a dark but minimalist pixel art style. I'm not an artist so I'm taking it slow in learning pixel art. Initially tried to go with 8x8 tileset and sprites but found making good looking enemies really tough. In the end I compromised and made this jellyfish...
  14. Ben Collie

    Portfolio - Art Pixel artist and animator

    Hello everyone! My name is Ben. I'm a professional artist and animator. Video game projects are where I concentrate all my passion and efforts, and I have done so for over 3 years. Here are some of the recent pieces I've created: You can see more of my work on this website...
  15. Jin9310

    Free Loading Stories: Treadmill

    Few days ago I have finished my new little game project, the frenetic-button-smashing experience -> https://jin9310.itch.io/treadmill I am still learning the GML and wanted to start a small series in which I will learn something new and each story will include a loading screen somehow. In this...
  16. M.G.

    Windows Highscore PC Game "Gull Hunt"

    Have finished a little game again. It is also my second PC game. "Shoot all the Seagulls and collect as many Points as possible." Characteristics: - Retro Style - Pixel Graphics - Chiptune Sound - Highscore Game - Different Enemy Types Link: https://misteryjay.itch.io/gull-hunt Have Fun!!!
  17. Angel_GM

    Windows POL-OS [Alpha Demo Available]

    DOWNLOAD ALPHA DEMO (0.2) A BOSS RUSH where your DECISIONS and the COMBAT SKILLS of your partner Max, MIGHT save the inhabitants of the planet Elementos from their extinction... or NOT. FIGHT and DEFEAT the OFFENDERS that are causing conflicts on the planet, then JUDGE them based on the...
  18. General Nuclear

    Idea Making sprites for picking up items in a point and click.

    I am planning on making a true picture for picture "8 bit" 80/90s game without any cheated sideways pixels, point and click without a inventory system. Because i am stubborn as hell to make it look right, but i am still cutting as many corners as i can. Anyway the idea is that you can pick up...
  19. Cluly

    Portfolio - Art [For Hire] [Art] Experienced Pixel Artist and Game Designer.

    Experienced pixel artist and game designer avaiable for hire. rates are $20hr or we can discuss project pricing. You can find my work on Twitter and DeviantArt Cluly
  20. Y3KSteven

    Alpha Novita (WIP, Alpha)

    Hey all, a quick intro to my wip "Novita." Background: I started with game maker back in the gamemnaker.nl days (5.1 I believe) and program mostly as a hobby. I've been working part-time on this project now for the last month or so (about 4-12 hours per week). I've got a playable demo basically...