pixel art

  1. frd

    La Squirrelle

    Hello, This is at a very early stage, but here goes. La Squirrelle is a top-down stealth game about a mysterious freedom-fighting squirrel, set in an environment loosely based on French formal gardens of the the 1700's. It's inspired by characters like Zorro, The Three Musketeers and the...
  2. J

    Graphics Keeping a consistent Pixel Art Style

    So I'm making an action platformer with a dark but minimalist pixel art style. I'm not an artist so I'm taking it slow in learning pixel art. Initially tried to go with 8x8 tileset and sprites but found making good looking enemies really tough. In the end I compromised and made this jellyfish...
  3. Ben Collie

    Portfolio - Art Pixel artist and animator *AVAILABLE FOR WORK*

    *** CURRENTLY AVAILABLE FOR WORK *** Hello everyone! My name is Ben. I'm a professional artist and animator. Video game projects are where I concentrate all my passion and efforts, and I have done so for over 6 years. Here are some of the recent pieces I've created: You can see more of my...
  4. Jin9310

    Free Loading Stories: Treadmill

    Few days ago I have finished my new little game project, the frenetic-button-smashing experience -> https://jin9310.itch.io/treadmill I am still learning the GML and wanted to start a small series in which I will learn something new and each story will include a loading screen somehow. In this...
  5. M.G.

    Windows Highscore PC Game "Gull Hunt"

    Have finished a little game again. It is also my second PC game. "Shoot all the Seagulls and collect as many Points as possible." Characteristics: - Retro Style - Pixel Graphics - Chiptune Sound - Highscore Game - Different Enemy Types Link: https://misteryjay.itch.io/gull-hunt Have Fun!!!
  6. Angel_GM

    Windows POL-OS [Alpha Demo Available]

    DOWNLOAD ALPHA DEMO (0.2) A BOSS RUSH where your DECISIONS and the COMBAT SKILLS of your partner Max, MIGHT save the inhabitants of the planet Elementos from their extinction... or NOT. FIGHT and DEFEAT the OFFENDERS that are causing conflicts on the planet, then JUDGE them based on the...
  7. General Nuclear

    Idea Making sprites for picking up items in a point and click.

    I am planning on making a true picture for picture "8 bit" 80/90s game without any cheated sideways pixels, point and click without a inventory system. Because i am stubborn as hell to make it look right, but i am still cutting as many corners as i can. Anyway the idea is that you can pick up...
  8. Cluly

    Portfolio - Art [For Hire] [Art] Experienced Pixel Artist and Game Designer.

    Experienced pixel artist and game designer avaiable for hire. rates are $20hr or we can discuss project pricing. You can find my work on Twitter and DeviantArt Cluly
  9. Y3KSteven

    Alpha Novita (WIP, Alpha)

    Hey all, a quick intro to my wip "Novita." Background: I started with game maker back in the gamemnaker.nl days (5.1 I believe) and program mostly as a hobby. I've been working part-time on this project now for the last month or so (about 4-12 hours per week). I've got a playable demo basically...
  10. John Bailey

    Free Unkingly: Survival Mode (Old)

    UNKINGLY: SURVIVAL MODE Genre: Action/RPG, Wave Survival Inspiration: King's Field, Dark Souls, Zelda. Overview: Unkingly is an old top-down adventure RPG project that I repurposed into a wave-based survival game for people to have fun with. Fight through infinite waves of enemies while...
  11. Yuriy

    Windows Linda: in the magic world

    Linda: in the magic world This game is about a little girl who fell into an amazing and dangerous world! Help Linda go through all the levels, collect all the necessary crystals to get home. < - - - - - - - - - - - - - SCREENSHOT - - - - - - - - - - - - - > < - - - - - - - - - - - - - - GAME...
  12. Hermes Passos

    Windows Spooky Chase - Be your worst enemy!

    Get the flag, run for your life... And from yourself! You are a blissful child taking part in a capture the flag championship in exchange for treats, until something terrifying starts to happen... No matter how much you run, monsters chase after you mimicking your every move! Grab the flags...
  13. X

    How do I standardize the pixel density my shader outputs?

    I posted on reddit too about this: https://www.reddit.com/r/gamemaker/comments/e12mnn/how_do_i_standardize_the_pixel_density_my_shader/ My goal is trying to get all the pixel stair stepping to be a standard pixel density / pixel size as say my character so that the game has a consistent...
  14. GameDevVillager

    Mewer [Devlog #2]

    Hello I'm GameDevVillager & I'm currently working on a game called Mewer. I make everything myself (programming, pixelart, music & SFX). I decided to make a devlog to share my game and maybe getting some feedback. Here's the first video:
  15. MikeD33

    Portfolio - Art [FOR HIRE]Pixel game Artist looking for paid work and cool projects

    Pixel game Artist looking for paid work and cool projects. contact me on Email: midavidallen@gmail.com Discord: @Midavidallen#3228 Twitter: @Michael25202489 Regards Mike
  16. Artemy_Privalov

    Portfolio - Art 2D Sprite Artist In any Subject ($8/hour)

    Hello! I am an artist of 2D sprites, drawing them in any subject... I work for GameMaker: Studio, and I draw sprites in Aseprite. My works, which so far are not very large, you can see in the pinned files! The price for my work is negotiable, but my minimum is $7 per hour. For...
  17. Catastrophe

    Designing "damaged" mechanical parts

    So we're designing a game that is kind of a mash between Airships Conquer the Skies and FTL. And one thing that is really puzzling me is how we should indicate ship damage to a particular part. 1) One way is to show effects like smoke, although this may clutter the battle zone. Maybe we could...
  18. neguritab

    Portfolio - Art [FOR HIRE] Experienced Pixel Artist

    Hello, I'm neguritab, an experienced pixel artist. I look forward to paid/contract work. My specialties: environments, character design, creature design, weapons, animation. (everything that has pixels) I can show you more work if you are interested. I'm not interested in royalty work...
  19. A

    Steam Fares

    Fares is a 2D side-scroller game. It's a classic platformer game made for children from 7 to 70. Help Fares to explore ancient worlds and locations to collect the forgotten treasures and artifacts. Fares is a young curious treasure hunter. He travels through many locations to discover and...
  20. Xalezar

    Demo Nymble - Puzzle Game

    Play it here: https://xalezar.itch.io/nymble Nymble is a turn-based puzzle game. You play as Jack, who jumps over things to interact with them. Search for the seedling, plant it in the soil, and advance to the next level! Fun facts: I designed and programmed the game myself. I am also a...