pixel animation

  1. J

    Graphics Keeping a consistent Pixel Art Style

    So I'm making an action platformer with a dark but minimalist pixel art style. I'm not an artist so I'm taking it slow in learning pixel art. Initially tried to go with 8x8 tileset and sprites but found making good looking enemies really tough. In the end I compromised and made this jellyfish...
  2. Ben Collie

    Portfolio - Art Pixel artist and animator

    Hello everyone! My name is Ben. I'm a professional artist and animator. Video game projects are where I concentrate all my passion and efforts, and I have done so for over 3 years. Here are some of the recent pieces I've created: You can see more of my work on this website...
  3. Jin9310

    Free Loading Stories: Treadmill

    Few days ago I have finished my new little game project, the frenetic-button-smashing experience -> https://jin9310.itch.io/treadmill I am still learning the GML and wanted to start a small series in which I will learn something new and each story will include a loading screen somehow. In this...
  4. General Nuclear

    Idea Making sprites for picking up items in a point and click.

    I am planning on making a true picture for picture "8 bit" 80/90s game without any cheated sideways pixels, point and click without a inventory system. Because i am stubborn as hell to make it look right, but i am still cutting as many corners as i can. Anyway the idea is that you can pick up...
  5. neguritab

    Portfolio - Art [FOR HIRE] Experienced Pixel Artist

    Hello, I'm neguritab, an experienced pixel artist. I look forward to paid/contract work. My specialties: environments, character design, creature design, weapons, animation. (everything that has pixels) I can show you more work if you are interested. I'm not interested in royalty work...
  6. M

    Red Star Raider - Free demo available now

    Made in GMS2, I would like to showcase “Red Star Raider” which is currently playable and set for release November 2019. The trailer can be viewed HERE and the free demo can be downloaded on Steam HERE or if you don’t have steam the demo can also be downloaded HERE (PC Windows) Please see...
  7. IGameArt

    Job Offer - Artist WANTED: Senior Pixel Artist for Starr Mazer DSP

    Last year SubPixel Studios teamed up with Imagos Softworks to complete their game Starr Mazer DSP, a retro-sexy, roguelike SHMUP set in the Starr Mazer universe! With the next early access update coming very soon, Imagos Softworks and SubPixel Studios are looking for a talented pixel artist to...
  8. Songoanda

    Portfolio - Art Songoanda - Pixel artist

    Hey there, My name is Ivan and I'm concept artist/animator. I have worked for around 3 years in mobile games as a freelance illustrator but I love pixel art and I want to become a profesional in that area. I'm Currently looking for projects and/or commissions. Contact me: E-mail...
  9. Moandor

    Team Request Looking for a Pixel Artist/Animator

    Hi, Before reading this thread, be aware that this is a 0 budget game, so this is not a paid offer ! We are a small team of 4 (well, more like 3.5) french people working hard on an Hardocre Top-down Action RPG called Inmortis for almost 1 year. Actually the team is composed of a level...
  10. CLiolios

    Portfolio - Art Pixel Art & LOw Poly 3D Modeling and Animation

    Hello, my name is Chris. I can do pixel art and low poly 3d modeling and animation for characters. Feel free to contact me through here or via email. my email:liolioschristodoulos@gmail.com ~ I am now also making a more dedicated Portfolio page ~ Some animated sprites: And some 3D...
  11. U

    Job Offer - Artist (Filled) Looking for 2d pixel artist

    I'm working on a 2d platformer, but I am terrible at pixel art. I could do it myself, but that takes me a REALLY long time and I'd like to finish this game before the end of the year. I'm happy to pay for the services of an artist. I'd like to pay per art asset, and I'd like to have all the art...
  12. Moises Abraham

    Portfolio - Programming Programmer/Pixel Artist looking for work [PAID/CHEAP]

    Hello mates, im looking for a source of work. I am graduated on Game Development by Unisinos University (Brazil), so Im also a certified Game Designer. I have been programming for 7 years and making pixel art for almost 2 years. Currently im looking for paid work but depending on the project we...
  13. G

    Portfolio - Art Experience Pixel-Dude Looking for Pixeling Work

    Discord - Monte#0256 Skype & Email - Contact.GeorgioSer@gmail.com ___________________________________ Figured I'd show off my portfolio full 'a neat'o stuff. I'm especially interested in longer term projects. More stuff: SHMUP - http://imgur.com/a/gM8zt Action-RPG -...
  14. R

    Portfolio - Art Pixel Artist looking for paid work

    If you're interested, please contact me through my website: ajmalr.com
  15. S

    Team Request E.L.F. (closed)

    Currently, we're not looking for anyone. You can read more about it here: https://forum.yoyogames.com/index.php?threads/e-l-f-super-smash-like-game.24935/
  16. CreativeJon90

    Job Offer - Artist Seeking Artist for Bounty Nalia's Tale

    Hey everyone we are looking for a a pixel artist/animator to continue work on a game. This position is for character artwork and animation. the person would need to be able to create character sprites for our main character, enemies and bosses. As well as create fluid animation frames like the...