pixel animaion

  1. Mara Giordano

    Asset - Service [For Hire] Professional Pixel Artist | Experienced

    Hello, my name is Mara Giordano! I am a expert pixel artist and sprite maker who is currently looking for work creating sprites. I do professional animations and have experience creating sprites for game development. Here are some examples of my portfolio: Feel free to contact me on this...
  2. D

    Portfolio - Art Pixel art portfolio

    I am looking to see what kind of collaboration opportunities there are. I am more looking to make games with people. than doing commission work. Also, my style with pixels is primarily inspired by 8-bit games. or 1-bit. leave a message and let me know if you are interested in working on a...
  3. Capral201

    Portfolio - Art Pixel art Artist and bitmap

    Hi I am a 2d artist I draw mainly in pixels and I can do something in bitmap graphics My contacts discord: NiTE#4978 Email: capral882@gmail.com I post examples of my work here. I will work for 125 dollars a week.
  4. NEWBZ

    Pixel art resolution

    This may be a pretty dumb question but Does pixel art transfer well to 4K TVs? If i am creating 16X16 sprites and I want everything to look crisp on a 4K TV is there anything that I need to do to ensure that my game looks good on any tv of any resolution? Thanks in advance for your help.
  5. 2

    Asset - Graphics [Delete]

    Delete this please
  6. CreativeJon90

    Portfolio - Art Affordable Pixel Artist [For Hire]

    Hey everyone! My name is Jonathan or otherwise on here known as Creativejon90. I have worked with pixel art for a few years and several projects. Some under NDA. Currently I am working on a pixel project called BlackHill (https://forum.yoyogames.com/index.php?threads/blackhill-w-i-p.64218/) I...
  7. A

    Do you know any game effects software?

    Hi, I am developing a game but I have a trouble with game fx such as slash animation, bomb or fire animation but all of them have to be pixel. I used to be use After Effects but it takes my time so I wonder that you have using any software which was developed for game effects :)
  8. frd

    Released Dunderheid

    Hi, I'm working on a game called Dunderheid. So far it features: - random room generation - player character with block, attacks and bowling Time spent so far - 2 days. Not sure where it's headed exactly. Here's how it looks -
  9. D


    Hello everyone, my name is Danilo Oliveira AKA DanTiger I'm a pixel artist focused on game art and animation with a lot of experience with sprites for RPG maker games. I'm used to work on character sprites for a affordable price, but I can do mostly anything. E-mail: dlsoliveira.do@gmail.com...
  10. M

    Job Offer - Artist [PAID] Looking for a pixel artist/animator

    I'm looking for a pixel artist who can make a big sprite (384x160) with an idle animation (a demon boss). If you are interested in the work, please send me a private message or contact me via email: angry_programmer@hotmail.com Send me your rates and portfolio. Regards.
  11. H

    Portfolio - Art 2D artist: pixelart, toon + animation

    Hi, Im 2d artist - mostly pixelart and toon - assets, conceptarts, gui. I can animate frame by frame or skeletal. Have experience with game engines: Unity, Unreal, GameMaker. I did some commercial works (mobile, PC, web) I am looking for both small and large projects. If you are interested -...
  12. R

    Job Offer - Artist RPG Walk Cycle (Only 1 direction) [PAID]

    One thing I struggle with is animation, more importantly walk cycles "side walk cycles". So, I'm willing to pay for someone to animate the right walking direction for me. Payment upon completion, and negotiations through PM.
  13. G

    Graphics how to make a good walk cycle?

    hi! i am almost finished with the animations for the player in my game. except one, the walking animation! i have tried for hours to make one that looks good, but i am still an amature at pixel art! if anybody can help me out that will be highly appreciated, i will credit you in the games credits.
  14. Z

     I need some advise on the walking animation.

    Hello. I'm still new to making some pixel art animation and I need some help on the walking. I use the Piskel app with 2 layers: one for the body and one for the arms and legs. This gif of my character is just a placeholder.
  15. G

    Portfolio - Art Pixel artist (For hire)

    Hello, I am a freelanceing 2d artist specialized in pixel art and character design looking for a project to work on. I can work with different sizes and styles of varying complexities. I can also do textures, tiling, objects and anything else you might need, I just prefere to work on characters...
  16. M

    Demo Kreepy's Boots DEMO RELEASED (Feedback)

    Hello guys, I've been working on this little Mario-Like Platformer called Kreepy's Boots and I have put up a Demo which I used for my University application. They liked it a lot and I would love to get some more feedback from the community. Here's link: https://mmena.itch.io/kreepys-boots-demo...
  17. Y

    Creating Top-Down RPG Sword Animations

    Hi, I am creating a game in Game-Maker 1.4.1763 and I need to create sword animations: ->Swinging ->Holstering ->Idling with sword I have generated the normal walking and idling sprite animations for the player using 'Sprite Creator 3 VX' but need help making animations with the character...