1. SnoutUp

     Card Hog - card-based dungeon crawler (Android/Web DEMO)

    Card Hog is a Look, Your Loot! and Dungeon Cards inspired grid crawler with light RPG and deck building elements. Player moves a character card around, picking up weapons, fighting enemies, collecting items and using skills. Android | Web | Twitter There are different card combinations to...
  2. I

    coins update

    I would like to create a coin generator the problem is I do not know how to increase the coin variable every second as I could achieve this goal
  3. SnoutUp

    HTML5 Pork Chopper - 4 new enemies & Android beta!

    Latest game update: 2016.09.18 HTML5: https://snoutup.itch.io/pork-chopper Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.snoutup.porkchopper --- Hello, everyone! I'd like to invite you to try out my newest pigly project currently called Pork Chopper, which is a game controlled by...