1. Ruimm

    Question - Code how do collision events work with Physics on?

    Hi, I'm trying to make a game with Physics but I'm a bit lost to how the collision event responds. It appears that it only gets triggered the first time the 2 object collide? How can I tel when 2 objects are no longer colliding? I remember working with Box2D outside of GM and you can have...
  2. F

    Game Mechanics Possible?: Gish/Tales from Space Style Squishing

    I'd like to make a game where you play a blob character. Naturally, the player should be able to squish into pipes and through tight spaces. Is this possible to do in GameMaker? The only thing I can think of is that the sprite is made of a lot of smaller sprites, and these are herded together to...
  3. D

    Legacy GM Slope Glitch.

    I have employed raycasting to create dynamic slope detection for my player. There is right now 2 sensor objects one placed at the players x+9 and another at the players x-9. The players y position is determined by these dots that use the rays to make sure they are always 20 pixels above the...
  4. J

    GMS 2 Sprite mirrored from physics fixtures

    I've discovered a REALLY weird problem, and I really have no idea where to go with this... I've found that if I have a physics object with a sprite whose origin is not set to Middle Center, the sprite starts mirroring in strange ways and not matching up with the fixture (as seen with...
  5. Fabseven

    About physics ... monster spinning and moving weirdly

    Hello there, I am currently experiencing the physics system of GameMaker and i am encountering some problems. The game is a "hero defense" , you have to shoot at waves of monsters with your heros... ok good. I have an "explosing arrow" witch make an explosion making mobs flying if enough...
  6. D

    GML How to create moving interlocked gears

    I know a "simple" question like this could potentially open up a lot of additional questions and require several concepts to answer, and I think I am willing to learn all of it if needed. So here goes; Is there a way to make two gears that have interlocking teeth, and then move one gear by...
  7. Mike

    Asset - Demo Full Boost! I've started to release the sources to the "Game in a day" series I've been doing as free demos i the hope folk can learn from them. Simple demo showing a the "Thrust" retro game mechanic using the built in physics system,.
  8. T

    GML physics question :3

    Hi there i have a question. Imagine I have obj_A which is a physic object (ball) and i have obj_B which is not ... (barr) Is it posible to send obj_A to obj_B , collide and turn back ? (making PONG game) At the moment my obj_A fly to obj_B and pass it trought. I need help im learning gml :x...
  9. B

    physics_apply_force doesn't work?

    So I'm trying to make like a drift car race game, but physics_apply_force doesn't work, I't doesn't move the car as it should thus car can only rotate. I'm trying to fix this problem for hours, any help would be appreciated! :)
  10. S

    GMS 2 [SOLVED] Collisions with a spriteless object

    I have 2 objects: obj_player, and obj_pickup. obj_pickup is a spriteless object that I assign a sprite to in the objects creation code in the room. In this tutorial , it has just that: a spriteless object that is assigned a sprite later on in the creation code. That way, one object can be used...
  11. L

    GML Applying forces to a main character

    Just looking for some clarification on if i'm doing this correctly. My player has normal movement attributes: a velocity vector, max_velocity, accel, etc. // Move, creates the desired velocity based on player input player_move(); // Apply forces, 20 being the player's density, F = MA right? var...
  12. D

    A dumb question about applying forces.

    Sorry if this is incredibly dumb, but I'm having trouble applying forces correctly to a ball. In this scenario, pretend I want the ball to land on a sloped surface and then gain a bunch of speed when it launches off, just like when a pinball hits a bumper and it flings it away at a greatly...
  13. EricPB

    GMS 2 Camera and Physics Conflict?

    Here is a problem, I am trying to make a physics based game for GMS2. As such I enabled physics for the one test room I have and the appropriate objects, and try to set up the camera. The problem comes that when I have the rooms boxed ticked off as using physics, the camera doesnt display the...
  14. G

    Legacy GM Box2D trajectory - help getting code to work

    I'm making a 2d game using the built in Box2D physics where you throw a ball around and I want to draw a simple trajectory to show the player where the ball will go. I found this page on how to do this with Box2D: This page goes into a lot of...
  15. S

    Legacy GM [Solved] Impulse or speed is limited

    Hello! I'm trying to make a game using physics. I have a cannon (obj_Cannon) which shoots balls (obj_Ball). The cannon has a small animation after which the ball is being shot. So I put this code into Animation End event of obj_Cannon: with (instance_create(x, y, obj_Ball)) {...
  16. L

    GML [SOLVED] Physics Move at Certain Speed

    I'm having some trouble figuring out how to move my character at a certain speed, for example 2.68 m/s (average jogging speed for a person). I've defined 512 pixels as 1 meter in my physics room (value of 0.1354666667). Since the physics_apply_force uses newtons to move things, i'm not sure what...
  17. S

    Legacy GM Can I update physics objects at room_speed?

    In my heart of hearts, I want to use GMS physics in my top-down racer, but I'm using a mechanic that continuously augments room_speed to slow things down, and I found that the motion of physics objects were not bound by room_speed. (I know binding game motion to room_speed is hacky, but it...
  18. Luke Pierson

    Custom Physics Needed

    Hello! So, I don't use the built in physics engine in GameMaker because, firstly, I don't need it for much. Secondly, I want to have as much control over my code as possible. So, when the player breaks something or when the player dies, they emit a couple objects that move outwards, rotate, and...
  19. E

    Legacy GM Physics Box2D Bouncing off Walls

    I have been having issues with the default physics 2d engine. I have two 2d games, a minigolf, and a pool game, both of which use the built-in physics engine in a top-down format. The issue is that when the balls bounce off walls, their collision isn't in the same direction. So basically if the...
  20. W

    Legacy GM How to recreate this effect/method/object?

    Hey! So I'm making a mini side project and havent started as I dont know how to do the basis of my game. Your a block of pixels who flies around in a world (top down) and can thrust 360°. You collide with the sides of the screen but you can move up and down the screen. I am trying to start with...