1. K

    Drag And Drop Physics help

    Hi, I am developing a physics based platformer game, and I am trying to make a circular object rotate using torque but it always falls due to gravity or the collision from the other objects. I'm trying to make a conveyor belt and every time I attempt to place the belt on the circle that is...
  2. Zack

    [YouTube] Springs and elasticity: making things bounce with math!

    GM Version: GameMaker Studio 1.4 and GameMaker Studio 2 Target Platform: All Download: N/A Links: N/A Summary: This is the first video in a series tackling the mathematics and (not-so-obvious) applications of springs in game making. From jiggly buttons to swaying grass to 2D dynamic water...
  3. Y

    GML trying to make a (physics)-object stick to a rotating (physics)-object

    I can't seem wrap my head around it, just pointers would be a big help: here's the issue: [picture removed] -The game takes place in a physics world- The skeleton hand are able to grapple to the giant (spinning) sun wheel. (and all blue surfaces) The sun wheel is rotating and while I am able...
  4. Z

    Collision detection for rotating physics object

    I'm trying to detect a collision between a kinematic object, and a rotating non-kinematic object. Simply making the kinematic object non-kinematic isn't an option for performance purposes and because the object is supposed to a particle of sorts so it looks better without gravity. For...
  5. abianche

    Physics collisions with "Collision Group" 0 is not working

    Hi everyone, I followed this (old) tutorial for the physics engine: If you were to reproduce the tutorial (or just import the project provided at the end of the blog post), the objects won't collide with each other. There...
  6. N

    Angular Damping without Physics.

    Hi all! I've wooden blocks. (rectangles) and I added gravity with the code: ///Create Event grav = 0.8; vsp = 0; hsp = 0; ///Step event if vsp < 100 vsp+=grav; if (place_meeting(x,y+vsp,par_ground)) { while !(place_meeting(x,y+sign(vsp),par_ground)) { y+= sign(vsp); } vsp...
  7. S

    Free Hydro Physics

    Hydro Physics is a simulation game using water particles and different items like rockets, bombs, emiters, wood, creates etc. to create a physics world and have fun. Google Play App Store Mode 1: Hydro Shoot: Push back the sea animals before they reach you with physics particles and rockets...
  8. G

    GMS 2 [Solved] Problem with build in collision and Physics!

    Hey guys! So I just now updated my Game Maker Studio 2, and now my collision events doesn't work? Everything worked as inteded before the update, and I can't seem to find the issue. Did anyone else experience the same issue? If so, what did you guys do?
  9. A

    Legacy GM 2D Golf hole that acts 3D

    I was wondering how to approach a top-down golf hole, where the ball would interact with the "sides" off the hole's circle. Basically, how the ball could "rim around" the hole based on the ball's position and speed coming at the hole. I understand I would have to make tolerances for what would...
  10. J

    [Solved] Physics collision events don't trigger after import

    Hey hi yo, it's been a while since I posted here :> So I'm working on importing my project from 1.4 to 2 and it's going surprisingly well. By that I mean, the game runs, yeah I had to remove some scripts and the load times are all messed up and controller support is gone but generally speaking...
  11. D

    GML Physics question

    So I'm trying to create something simple using the physics engine. I want any physics object (like a ball, square, triangle, players, etc) to stay on the platform and move with it when the platform itself moves vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. Anytime I move the platform itself, the...
  12. P

    Windows "physics_apply_force" doesn't work for 0 density object

    I have an object with 3 fixtures (don't know if that counts). It has physics enabled and 0 density because I need it to stay still on screen. I'm trying to use "physics_apply_force(x, y, 0, -15)" on "Left pressed" on it. Doesn't budge. Is this the way things should work or am I doing something...
  13. J

    Non physics object interaction with physics object

    I will explain in detail what I am trying to achieve but cannot do, in my game my player uses physics to interact with objects but I have rising water which doesn't use physics and I wan't the player to interact with the water, I've tried the conventional methods for objects interacting with...
  14. J

    Making an object constantly move at a set speed when using physics

    I am trying to make an object rise from the bottom of the screen at a set speed but I happen to be using the physics engine and I'm not sure how to program it to do so.
  15. Strakee

    GMS 2 phy_fixed_rotation does not work as it should? [SOLVED]

    Hey, so in order to tune my bullet physics I created an object and I test forces and impulses on it. To be sure it stays in the right angle I thought that phy_fixed_rotation is the right command for the job. But the gravity or some external force still tries to turn the bullet to the right ever...
  16. Calyston00

    Windows mp_potential_step and physics

    Hi guys i got an enemy that i want him to follow the player if put it in a script. The enemy wander and if he near the player he chase him. I use the mp_potential_step but it's isnt working ! Does mp_potential_step work with physics since i use physic ? I've also tried to inlcude it rigth in...
  17. D

    Trajectory in Physics World

    Hello, I have been trying to build a basketball type shooter game, with a similar setup to angry birds, I'm trying to build a projectile motion path so the player has an indicator of where the ball is shooting. For this, I have referenced Riad En's video...
  18. S

    Legacy GM !Ragdoll rotation towards mouse

    Hi! I want my ragdolls head to point at mouse but actually the right side of the ragdoll points towards mouse. What can I do? :( I think this is happening because the sprites are not pointing up..... Code For Direction: direction =...
  19. J

    GMS 2 "Stick" and re-orient physics object on-collision

    So, I have a grenade object that, when you get certain power-ups, should stick to the first thing it collides with, changing to a flatter sprite and fixture and rotating to an angle that actually looks like it is stuck to the surface of the other object. I'm using the built-in Box2D physics, so...
  20. Pixelated_Pope

    GMS 2 SOLVED - Physics: Remove "starting" fixture from an instance

    I'm currently using the physics engine, and it seems like to "enable physics" on an object type, I must click the "enable physics" check box. This will create a fixture that I don't want. I'm creating all of my fixtures in code and binding them as necessary as I create instances while my game...