1. D

    Force calculation Physics

    Hi guys how are you I have a doubt how do I know the force an object received by an impact using the gms1.4 physics?
  2. HayManMarc

    "physics_apply_force" problem <SOLVED>

    I'm playing around with physics and trying to get an object to move straight ahead. I'm using this bit of code: var forward_x = lengthdir_x(8000, -phy_rotation); var forward_y = lengthdir_y(8000, -phy_rotation); physics_apply_force(x, y, forward_x, forward_y); It moves the object, but...
  3. K

    Windows Check whether player is above or below object

    How would I check whether the player is above or below a certain object?
  4. M

    Gamemaker Physics, Speed and Bounce Problem...

    Hello, I help you guys can help. I am using the Gamemaker functions speed, physics and bounce to have my objects move through my room and bounce off eachother wen they collide with any other object. This is so far only done with the drag and drop commands. The problem is that sometimes objects...
  5. Y

    Trying to set up a resource friendly destructible physics terrain...

    Hello Community, I am making a game for Game Maker Studio 2 and I learned a bit about the physics in-depth already, I had an idea for a game but I’m stuck at something maybe on of you have a solution for. My game is a physics platformer where the physics are an absolute must for me because of...
  6. Isyx

    Demo Ike's Axe - Casual Platformer (with some flying levels too!)

    Hello everyone! I would like to show you all one of my projects called Ike's Axe. It's a physics based 2D platformer that I've been playing around with for a while now. I've recently committed a ton of changes to the project and would love to get people playing it and hopefully generate some...
  7. Tommah

    Asset - Demo Free-Run/Parkour Engine

    I have released and have been updating my new Free-Run/Parkour platforming engine with easy implementation and editing that makes use of a state machine and includes many scripts for each behavior so you can edit and fully commented if you wanted to change any of the code. Everything runs real...
  8. K

    how would you create a balance scale?

    Hi, I want to have a balance scale in my game, and I want it to be dynamic looking so that it swings up and down a bit when you put on weight, but I have hard time thinking how I should do it. So my question is, how would you guys go about creating one? I was thinking of using the physics in...
  9. K


    For the entirety of the time I've been working on my current project, I have been having some issues the gravity, and slope collisions. The gravity of the game works fine as long as vertical speed has been increased beforehand, for example if the player jumps. If the player walks off the side of...
  10. J

    GMS 2 How to make crates with physics

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to make a puzzle platformer similar to games like Limbo and Inside. I have crates that can be pushed and are affected by gravity, but how would I go about allowing these crates to rotate when they move? As in, if you push a crate off a ledge, it'll rotate a bit until it...
  11. Anixias

    GMS 2 Platformer AI

    Hi. I know this topic has been discussed a lot but I haven't found much that helps. Simply put, my game plays sorta like Brawlhalla (I refer to this game since I don't have a gif or video of my game as reference) but it's PvE and has Roguelike elements. There's wall jumping, triple jumping...
  12. Y

    GML Flip/Mirror collection of fixtures (Physics)

    In the picture below is a skull made out of 2 objects, the top of the skull and the bottom of the skull (jaw) Now I want the collection of fixtures associated with these objects to mirror themselves at the press of a button. (So that the skull faces left) Flipping a sprite is easy, but can one...
  13. S

    GMS 2 [SOLVED] Primitive Texture Repeat (Bug)

    Hi guys, i'm working on a physics project right now and having some issue with the texture. I draw texture using draw_primitive_begin_texture and a sprite as a texture with the "Separate texture page" case checked. But when i first start the game this happen : Then i press "R" to restart the...
  14. Y

    GML using "physics_fixture_set_collision_group" to change group while the fixture was already called

    Hello community, In my game I am trying to change the collision group of a physics object with "physics_fixture_set_collision_group", now I realize this function probably only works during the creation of a fixture and not while it was already created. The reason why I need to do this is...
  15. Y

    GML If obj.A is having collision with multiple instances of obj.B at same x&y location, single one out

    Hello community, Here's an issue I can't seem to figure out after searching for a while. I gather that this issue could be solved with an instance function which calls for a unique id but I can't wrap my head around it, here's the details: In a physics world "obj.A" represents a hand, a hand...
  16. F

    How can I make a physics-based drawing game?

    In my physics-based-game you should be able to draw a line or any figure you want (per touchscreen or mouse) to block falling boxes. It`s also very important that some sections of the drawn line can be deleted by special projectiles. But i can`t get it to work :( - I have tried to use...
  17. Hello1423

    GMS 2 Objects Can't Touch When Using Physics

    When I make objects collide in a physics world, there is always a small but definitely noticeable gap even though I have made sure that the collision boxes are perfect. Is there a way to fix this? By the way, I am using sprites with very low dimensions.
  18. Fixer90

    GMS 2 No-Move Collisions (Physics)

    So I have a very basic object called obj_player, and another very basic object called obj_collision. The player object's only code is in the Step Event, and it's: phy_position_x += keyboard_check(vk_right) - keyboard_check(vk_left); phy_position_y += keyboard_check(vk_down) -...
  19. Guitarmike

     Balls Up! Physics puzzle game

    This is my first game, so please keep the feedback constructive! Download Balls Up! on Put the ball in the barrel. What could be easier? What goes up must come down. In Balls Up! your goal is simple: drag pieces around the screen to guide falling balls into a barrel. While avoiding...
  20. L

    How to prevent an object from rotating after changing rooms?

    Hello! I have an issue with my project, i have an object that moves using physics, i made an event in "create" with the code "phy_fixed_rotation = true;" to avoid the object to rotate, but when the object warp into a different room the rotation is back. What should i do?