1. Pelican Police

    Stop physics joints from separating

    In the manual it says: "A rope joint is one which is used to join two instances that you want to keep a constant distance apart, no matter what other forces are acting on it. With a distance joint, you can get "joint stretching" where the two fixtures will separate and behave strangely should...
  2. ScaryPotato

    SOLVED Wheel of Fortune Question

    Video of spinning wheel /// @description Creating multiple spinning instances phy_position_x = room_width/2; phy_position_y = room_height/2; col = make_colour_rgb(217, 87, 99); render_flags = phy_debug_render_shapes | phy_debug_render_joints | phy_debug_render_coms | phy_debug_render_obb...
  3. R

    GMS 2.3+ Physics: Moment of Inertia

    I'm designing a system involving numerous particles. I want to be able to set the moment of inertia of these particles. At first, I had considered using the function physics_mass_properties to set the moment of inertia. However, a closer look at the documentation indicates that the fourth...
  4. despair3042

    Asset - Scripts Fixtor: The Next-Gen Fixture Editor

    Introducing Fixtor: An easy-to-use, reliable, full-featured physics fixture editor, for GameMaker: Studio 1 ~ 2.3+. As a fixture editor, Fixtor aims to overcome the fixture limitation of Box2D physics. You can now have as many concaved polygons as you want, as well breaking through the 8-point...
  5. Mert

    Android Physics! Fun - Sandbox Game

    Platforms : Android (Google Play) Category : Simulation Physics! Fun is water and ragdoll physics sandbox & destruction game where you can add wide variety of objects ⚽ , particles 💧, explosives, ragdolls 🤖 and liquids into the scene and blast it all over! The game has no objectives, but to...
  6. Andrey

    Asset - Scripts Path to fixture (chain_shape) converter

    If you are using the Box2D physics engine, this script can be useful for visualizing the chain. A simple script for converting a path to chain_shape. You draw a path in the room and then convert it to a chain_shape with the desired fixture settings. 1. Create a path. 2. Set the desired fixture...
  7. inertias

    GMS 2.3+ Physics Engine: how to prevent pushed objects from overlapping?

    Hello everyone, when using GM's built in physics engine, I noticed that when objects are against a wall and pushed, they will slide through each other. I attached a gif of what I'm referring to. Is there no way to prevent this or is it as simple as changing a setting that I'm not aware of...
  8. P

    SOLVED Oscillation Physics, how to implement?

    So, hello everybody, I am currently trying to implement the tutorial budy for my game. The game is a classical platformer but to understand the things better I've attached the screenshot. So the problem is that I want the dummy to swing like a pendulum if somebody pushes it. I tried using the...
  9. TongueSurgery

    Creating Physics Fixtures in code and "flipping" them

    Hi all, I created some fixtures in code to use and I'm wondering if it's possible to to just "flip" or mirror them so that it's the same fixture, but mirrored, depending on which direction the sprite is. I've seen a couple threads about this already, but they didn't really go into detail on why...
  10. G

    why my image simply not rotate?

    I made a simple code but it simply won't work and i don't know why...btw i have solid, collision and physics on, and i made a physics collision shape (convex shape) the code is if(keyboard_check("A")){ image_angle = image_angle + 5 }
  11. Azenris

    SOLVED box2d Circle resting on triangle point

    Hi, Im using box2d for the first time. Curious how do I stop a circle collision from resting at the top of a single point. Eg. A circle on triangle Not sure what code you want. Is this a setup problem? Ask if you need to see anything. Actually Ill atleast give the properties ball density...
  12. erayzesen

    Simple Raycast Script

    Hi all. I released a raycast code to use your any projects; Note: It support Game Maker Studio v2.3 and new versions; Check it out: (with online demo): The method; var...
  13. eams1986

    Black screen Joint delete html5

    Hi! could someone help me? I am having problems when I delete a joint (physic) html5 in windows it works fine and in android then when I press the vk_up the alarm is activated and deletes the joint but in html5 the image is black :( what can it be? //Creation Box AuxR =...
  14. sercan

    GML GMS2 Physics joints

    Hi, I have one instance of an object, lets say obj_A, in the room. And another instance of another object, obj_B. obj_A has a joint anchor with obj_B. Up to this point it s pretty ok. If there is only one instance of an object in the room, no problem. but having more than one instances...
  15. lonelyember

    Need help with soft body physics for a pixel art character.

    I am trying to create a squishy slime character that bounces around the level and sticks to surfaces. I have managed to get meta balls working to simulate the sticking effect, but for the physics I am having a hard time. Problems: - The density of the particles is no where near high enough to...
  16. GargantulaKon

    GMS 2.3+ Sequences don't work when physics is enabled

    I originally used paths in order to animate instances that move in a physics world. It's a bit clumsy getting it set up, but it works. I was excited to try sequences to make it easier so I did the same thing in a fraction of the time using Sequences. Very cool, but the issue is when I dragged...
  17. S

    Some expert in physics and joints

    Hello friends, I am looking for someone who is an expert in physics and joints to create a "Limbo" style ragdoll, I see that this game is not made with animations but with physics, is it possible? I am willing to pay well for a good code if someone achieves those movements through physics, is it...
  18. V

    GML Find precise collision point on specific fixture

    I created an instanza that contains 3 different fixtures (GM's integrated physics is enabled). In the collision event with an "obj_Wall", how can I check with which fixture collide, and get the collision coordinates with the specific fixture?
  19. V

    GMS 2.3+ GM Physics problem

    I am trying for the first time to use GM's integrated physics (I use version 2.3). I wanted to create a simple pogo stick. I created 2 objects: - One representing the stick, to which I assigned a "Restituition" = 0. This way I set the stick not to bounce if it collides with the terrain. - A...
  20. S

    Job Offer - Programmer Limbo game mechanics

    Hi friends, I need to make a platformer similar to "Limbo" in its mechanics, if someone who can do exactly that should contact me immediately because it would save me a lot of work, I prefer to pay that and move on to something else. If there is no one with that knowledge, I need at least...