1. TheOnlyWRT

    Issues with platformer collisions on tile map layer

    Hi all, I generally use objects for collisions as they never fail, but my current project will have very large rooms and so I'm thinking that tile collisions will be a lot faster. So, I did some googling and found the tutorial by Pixelated Pope with his tile_meeting script. I tried using that...
  2. M

     Scooter Rash

    Take off your shirt and get ready for this turbo dinosaur powered power trip. We're breaking the conditioning with over 300 instances of sausages ( citation needed ) and slightly beautiful 3D graphics rendered in true 2D. You will also get useful advice from Al Pacino as he offers useful...
  3. O

    When I open the room physics collision event does not work

    I'm using physics in my game . In an object (physics disabled on this object) I writed direction = point_direction( x , y , a_x , a_y ) ; speed = 2; in step event , but its dont worked then i added x += lengthdir_x(speed,direction) ; y += lengthdir_y(speed,direction); and its worked also...
  4. J

    SOLVED Moving Object Twitching While Turning Towards Mouse - Using Physics Engine

    I have a space ship coded to turn and face the mouse position. Physics is on. Works great. However, when the object is moving specifically diagonally and the mouse is positioned perpendicular to the ship's movement, its phy_rotation twitches slightly. I did a lot of playing around with different...

    GMS 2.3+ Adding a new object with ANY parent crashes game?

    I recently merged changes with my teammate, and afterwards anytime I tried to enter a room (past the menu / config room) the game would crash with dreaded "exited with non-zero status (-1073741571)". After some digging I decided to create a test room and add in objects one by one, and discovered...
  6. Bart

    SOLVED Gear joint doesn't seem to do anything

    Hi all. I am currently doing some testing with the gear joint of the physics system in GM:Studio 2.3.5. So far I haven't got this type of joint working and I fail to see why. My little setup for that looks like this: A torque is applied to the disk on the left which makes it rotate around...
  7. Trevpack

    GMS 2.3+ [HELP] Celeste style hair physics but with a scarf

    Hi! I am trying to make a scarf that has physics similar to the hair physics in Celeste. I've been looking around for a good while with no way I could understand how to do it. Also the scarf would have a pattern so if it were to be multiple segments it would be nice to be able to change the...
  8. LikWid-Official

    SOLVED Point-in-Direction Movement using Sin & Cos

    I've used this code for quite some time now in a separate engine, and found it works flawlessly. However, when I use the same concept in GMS2, I seem to have trouble with where the object accelerates. Basically, I want an object to change it's x and y position based on the direction it's pointed...
  9. AbdatyK

    Object not Working as Sensor

    Hello, I'm relatively new to GameMaker so I'm trying to follow along a youtube tutorial by HeartBeast (found here). I'm aware that he's using an outdated version of GameMaker but I've been able to get by using the manual to fill in the gaps. What I'm stuck on is the damage object that is...
  10. Z

    Windows Need Help, On Vectors and Total Speed

    Quick Question, I need to know how I can represent the total speed of a moving character. E.g VelX = 10.6 VelY = 10.6 What should I add to my game that'll present this information onscreen? I tried Vel = √VelX^2+VelY^2 ; Doesn't seem to work cause my speed gets rounded up and if I move at...
  11. L

    Instance_create_layer not working on physics object

    When a object is destroyed, I want to create another object in a specific location, but idk why is doesn't appear. instance_create_layer(spawnx, spawny, "Instances", obj_Tank); Note: the object are physics objects.
  12. Zeth_Aran

    GMS 2.3+ Physics based blocks will not stop moving.

    I've been working with the GM2 Physics engine a little bit to try and see how it all works. I have a test project I've been working on for it. Every tutorial I find is too old or not being actively discussed so I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction. Here are screenshots of the...
  13. O

    3d Collision method that allows rotation

    So what im looking for is a little complicated to explain, but it feels like it should be pretty easy. ill explain the best i can. Im making a 3d project and i currently have AABB collision implemented and it works great but it feels limiting since nothing can rotate (other than appearance, the...
  14. Pelican Police

    ✂︎ - - - - Banded - - - - - (minimal rope physics puzzle)

    Banded A simple and relaxing puzzle game about putting bands around things. Play test now You can play the tech demo in your browser here. There's no gameplay or objective yet, it's just to test the mechanics. Feedback All feedback welcome! (As critical as you'd like)
  15. A

    GMS 2.3+ Physics Collision Masks Off By One Pixel

    *** Update 7/13/21 I received an email from Yoyo's support team. They've identified this issue as a glitch and it will be addressed in a future update. *** Hi everyone. I sent this to YoYo more than a week ago and I haven't gotten a response. I'm assuming it's a glitch but I guess I could be...
  16. Pelican Police

    Stop physics joints from separating

    In the manual it says: "A rope joint is one which is used to join two instances that you want to keep a constant distance apart, no matter what other forces are acting on it. With a distance joint, you can get "joint stretching" where the two fixtures will separate and behave strangely should...
  17. ScaryPotato

    SOLVED Wheel of Fortune Question

    Video of spinning wheel /// @description Creating multiple spinning instances phy_position_x = room_width/2; phy_position_y = room_height/2; col = make_colour_rgb(217, 87, 99); render_flags = phy_debug_render_shapes | phy_debug_render_joints | phy_debug_render_coms | phy_debug_render_obb...
  18. R

    GMS 2.3+ Physics: Moment of Inertia

    I'm designing a system involving numerous particles. I want to be able to set the moment of inertia of these particles. At first, I had considered using the function physics_mass_properties to set the moment of inertia. However, a closer look at the documentation indicates that the fourth...
  19. despair3042

    Asset - Scripts Fixtor: The Next-Gen Fixture Editor

    Introducing Fixtor: An easy-to-use, reliable, full-featured physics fixture editor, for GameMaker: Studio 1 ~ 2.3+. As a fixture editor, Fixtor aims to overcome the fixture limitation of Box2D physics. You can now have as many concaved polygons as you want, as well breaking through the 8-point...
  20. Mert

    Android Physics! Fun - Sandbox Game

    Platforms : Android (Google Play) Category : Simulation Physics! Fun is water and ragdoll physics sandbox & destruction game where you can add wide variety of objects ⚽ , particles 💧, explosives, ragdolls 🤖 and liquids into the scene and blast it all over! The game has no objectives, but to...