physics collision

  1. L

    How do I collide objects from different collision groups?

    Hi! Im trying to make a physics object from collision group -1 collide with an object from collision group 1, but at the same time i want it to not collide with another object which is also at collision group -1. Does anyone know how should i do this?
  2. D

    GMS 2 Problem With Fixture Collision

    Hello, I'm posting here because I didn't found any person with the same problem as mine and I'm thankful for anyone looking into it. So I have a problem with the collisions between my fixtures, at first I just used the basic collision shape tool to create a box, but I wanted a better shape for...
  3. OctoMoosePrime

    Legacy GM Physics platformer collision

    Hello everyone. I'm trying to make a local multiplayer platformer but can't get the basic collisions to work properly. I started by using the classic hsp/vsp movement/collision code from Shaun Spaldings platformer tutorials but I had problems implementing collisions with other players...
  4. Alloi

    GMS 2 [SOLVED] Physics_Test_Overlap

    I have a parent object named oBlock. Then I have 2 children objects, one named oPlayer1 and the other oPlayer2. I am trying to have it so collision is detected if the other jumps onto their head. My issue is that when using "physics_test_overlap(x,y,image_angle,oBlock)" a collision is always...
  5. Y

    GML (SOLVED) While using draw_sprite_ext to upscale sprites, bounding boxes do not scale along.

    Hello community, I hope the picture speaks for itself: to keep the texture pages small and optimal I decided to upscale every sprite by a factor of 3, so I can make the game 1080p and work in high resolutions while keeping a pixelated look and feel. My game takes place in a physics world but...
  6. K

    Question - IDE Physics collision doesn't seem to reflect shape I've set.

    This boxing glove ship is meant to bounce away and take damage on collision with the ball. However, it seems to bounce away before it even gets close. Here are the physics colliders I've set. I don't understand why these seem to behave as though they're colliding before these should overlap...
  7. C

    Windows Issue w/ circle collision giving error constantly GMS2

    Keep running into an issue with circle collision. Square collision works fine. But always throws back an error when I try to set the collision on a circle object to circle. Error Statement: Image scale for physics object using circle collision should not vary across axes: I have checked and...
  8. P

    GMS 2 Problem using non-physics obj in physics world room

    Hi there ! :) So, I have my room wich is physics active and all my objects are physics active too. However, I found that if I try to use some non-physics object on it, my whole collisions just stop working for everything. This non-physics object has no collision event at all, nor with any other...
  9. T

    GMS 2 Physics Object - Making Pass-Through in-game

    Hi all, I did lots of research but couldn't find a decent answer... Here is the issue; I have 3 object. 1- Player 2- Bomb 3- Moving Platform I want to make my player pass through moving platform as I hit bomb. I am using Physics, so I've tried phy_active = false. This one works, but when I...
  10. J

    GMS 2 "Stick" and re-orient physics object on-collision

    So, I have a grenade object that, when you get certain power-ups, should stick to the first thing it collides with, changing to a flatter sprite and fixture and rotating to an angle that actually looks like it is stuck to the surface of the other object. I'm using the built-in Box2D physics, so...
  11. T

    GML physics question :3

    Hi there i have a question. Imagine I have obj_A which is a physic object (ball) and i have obj_B which is not ... (barr) Is it posible to send obj_A to obj_B , collide and turn back ? (making PONG game) At the moment my obj_A fly to obj_B and pass it trought. I need help im learning gml :x...
  12. T

    Legacy GM Need help with Physics collision checks

    I'm making a Physics-based platformer and I encounter the following issue: when the player object moves left and right, while in mid-air, and bumps into a wall, it slides on that wall, which slows down the object's falling speed. It's probably because of the nature of the physics engine. The...
  13. S

    Help me slow time with object overlap

    Hello! This is pretty rudimentary, but I'm very new to game maker, so I appreciate any little help I can get. I'm creating a top-down shooter, and I'm trying to create a 'time bubble' that will have the following effect on any sprite that's contacting it... slow down movement speed by a %...
  14. S

    Drag And Drop Drag and Drop - Physics Collisions - GMS2

    GM Version: Game Maker Studio 2 Target Platform: ALL Download: N/A Links: N/A Summary: Hey there guys, this video tutorial is an introduction to physics objects in GMS2. This is a drag and drop tutorial so there is no code for this. The tutorial covers how to enable physics in a room, apply...
  15. N

    GML How Do I Change Physics Collision Shape Through Code?

    This is my first post on the GameMaker Forum, I'm having a lot of trouble trying to change the size of my players collision shape. (a square in this case) I've try'ed to change the image_xscale and image_yscale (they clearly just effect the sprite mask not the physics mask) and I've try'ed...