1. Wile94

    GMS 2.3+ Tiles + Physics interaction

    Nevermind, found the solution.
  2. Scienitive

    GML Need help with physics

    Hello I recently learned about GameMaker's physics and added that into my game but I have a problem and I have no idea how to solve it. My game is a platformer game. In my game there are some movable (dynamic) objects. Player can push these blocks. When they push more than one block at a time...
  3. duran can

    GMS 2 colision_circle and place_meeting not working

    I try to make a platform game using physics, but when I press W constantly, the acter flies without touching the ground. Is this a bug? if keyboard_check(ord("W")){ if place_meeting(phy_position_x,bbox_bottom+1,obj_mask){ physics_apply_impulse(x,y,0,-zipla); } }
  4. Carloskhard

    GMS 2 How to limit speed of an object with physics?

    I have a ship which I apply a force to, so it can move. But eventually the aceleration adds and it goes too fast. How can I change that? I don't want to reduce the velocity of the physics world since I need that speed for other objects or that same one after it get upgrades and can go faster...
  5. V

    GML Draw collision shape

    Is there any way to draw physics collision shape of an object ?
  6. B

    (Solved)Problem moving object from on position to another in a certain amount of time using lerp()

    Hi all, I'm migrating a game that I've been developing in Unity to GMS2, and I'm struggling with this part as I don't know how to implement this in GML. Basically I just wan't to make a object move in one position to another in a certain amount of time throwing balls, just like this. The code...
  7. Didjynn

    Ragdoll and physic with spine / skeletal animation

    Hello everybody, Did any of you already used a spine skeletal to make a ragdoll ? It would be perfect for what I'm trying to do since I could use my already animated characters and make them ragdolls when they die without much more work. Also, how to make it consider what the ground is? I saw...
  8. ProjectGamesInc

    GMS 2 Problem with physics and local forces

    Hi guys, i'm making a game with physics and i'm moving an object with physics_apply_local_force(10, y, -70, 0). Everything runs well, but i cant understand why, if this object falls for some time and then hit another solid wall, once i apply this force again it will spin and move a lot faster...
  9. J

    Stop physics object moving after reaching certain point

    I have an enemy that Is moving towards a randomly generated point above the player, but I cant seem to get it to stop when reaching the destination point (the object does stop, but it still tries to move causing the sprite to twitch, which is the actual problem here) here is the movement code...
  10. B

    Legacy GM How to refer to a corner of a square sprite?

    I am doing a kichable obstacle that roll when the player kick. I have an algorithm for this and when the square box roll along the ground, I want to refer to a corner that touches the ground through code, for example So is there any solution for this? Please help me, thanks in advanced.
  11. D

    Changing Gravity Physics Engine

    Hello again Gamemaker community. I was wondering if i could get some help setting up a physics engine that would support the gravity_direction variable. If anyone could help me I would appreciate it.
  12. Furkan Karabudak

    GML Physics game 2 questions

    I am making an Android game. Physics , platform war game. (Sorry for my bad English) I have 2 problems : 1- When I click anywhere, the gun will fire there. Bullet is physics object. How do I get the bullet to go where I clicked and return to it? 2- A physics object is following a different...
  13. G

    GMS 2 Probleme with fixed physic object

    Hello i have created a physic object : obj_wall and set is density to 0. i have an other object wich is the character controlled by the player (he is moved using physic_apply_force). The probleme is that when i run into a wall the caracther is ejected and move nervously everywhere. i have set...
  14. N

    Programming Animate

    Hello, did the platformer for lessons "Advanced platformer" (as standard physics has ceased to arrange) and encountered a problem in 4 lessons, namely animation. Everything is beautiful there, but Density is set to 0, and I need it to have a certain value. Now I realized this: The player's...
  15. B

    Need help adding friction

    Hello :), Lately I've given more attention to game maker and programming all together. And like many before me, I've reached some difficulties I find hard to overcome. No matter how much I google or read game makers referrences. I also know my question, or something simmilar to it was already...
  16. S

    Creating physics objects in normal platformer

    I want to create a platformer game with some physics objects like crates that you can push around. My problem is to connect these things together. I'm a beginner to physics and not sure how to use them I created a few physics objects in a room, that worked, but when I try to add my player to the...
  17. S

    Windows Movable crate

    Hi everyone! I programmed a physical world in which the player can move some boxes and enemies follow him with a tracking system. However I don't wont the enemiesto be able to move the boxes, only the player must be able to do it (in this way you can block the enemies with the boxes). Any ideas...