1. W

    Weird Physics Collision Clip

    So I was trying to make a physics platformer and I haven't worked with physics that much, but I ran into a problem where the player object would clip on the ground. So in order to recreate the problem I had created a new project with three objects, two of them being static walls and one of them...
  2. V

    How to make a Rocket League 2D

    I wanted to make a drive ahead sport style game but for PC to play with friends and I could not do the physics of the jump that when it falls, it is rotated to 0 degrees (initial position) I am new to this. Can you help me with the code?
  3. Elfiawesome23

    Legacy GM Physics Engine plane physics

    hello, just wanted to ask if there is any way to program 2d side view airplane physics. I'm using Gamemaker's build in physics engine to do this. My current project only has a movable object that can only move left and right by applying force to it. I want it so that the object can fly upwards...
  4. OctoMoosePrime

    Legacy GM Physics platformer collision

    Hello everyone. I'm trying to make a local multiplayer platformer but can't get the basic collisions to work properly. I started by using the classic hsp/vsp movement/collision code from Shaun Spaldings platformer tutorials but I had problems implementing collisions with other players...
  5. S

    Are Physics Behaviors in games like Space Engineers possible in Game Maker?

    Of course, apologies if this was answered somewhere fully. I wasn’t able to find it. A project that I have been toying around with involves physics objects that can be attached to each other and hopefully act as a single grid. There are a multitude of 3D games that involve building “vehicles”...
  6. furkandaghan

    physics codes

    all objects in the room rotate intact, not as images, rotate as a position. Which method do I use?
  7. L

    Platformer jumping | friction not working (using physics)

    For some reason my character is not jumping. I have looked around and I believe I am using the right code. I put a debug message to check if I hit the code and I do. Second problem is if I set friction variable it seems to not be doing anything. If I set it under the physics window on object it...
  8. M

    Simulating gravity with slowmotion

    Hi I'm currently working on a strategic space game where in you control a space ship and shoot projectiles, all affected by gravity generated from nearby planets. This currently works fine as is but I was wondering how I would go about implementing slowmotion/speedup of time in the gravity...
  9. Strakee

    Sprite offsets when a fixture is rotated

    I was wondering why the sprite of an instance sort of offsets when the instance is rotated. The red box is the actual shape of the fixture box drawn by phy_debug_render_shapes and the black sprite shouldn't be visible if it was working as intended. The left peg is at the starting angle and...
  10. D

    Drag And Drop Throwing a ball

    Hi, I want to make a simulation where a ball is thrown with a random force and there is gravity. I choose a 'create' event, choose 'set direction' and 'set speed' functions. It works if physics in the room are not enabled. If I enable that, the ball just drops with gravity as if this 'create'...
  11. L

    Windows fullscreen toggle not working with physics enabled

    Can't toggle windows full-screen I have two identical games with a persistent game object in each of the first rooms. full-screen toggle works on the game without physics and doesn't on the one with. I'm not sure this is the problem but it's the only difference I haven't check because it...
  12. Fabseven

    Monster throwing a boulder ...? how ?

    Hello there, Still programming with gamemaker 1.49999 , I am thinking of a new project. Started to draw some ideas and asked myself what could be wrong in dev.... I got one at least. Given i use a physical room, so gravity will apply, how can a monster lift up a boulder in the ground and then...
  13. J

    Physics speed and collision truubles

    Hi! So I have an object that is intendet to do the ecxact same movements of the mouse in the game. I use the Box2D engine because I want that object to collide and simulate complex colitions and interactions, so a self coded collision engine isn't the best way to acomplish this. Since I want the...
  14. J

    Windows In which measure do I must define the fixture points position?

    I'm having a very anoying time trying to define points for a polygon shape fixture through code. After a while I noticed that I couldn't just cupy the coodinates from the shape editor because when you define them trough code, the reference point is the sprite offset, that's right, but I also...
  15. H

    Job Offer - Programmer Coder Needed = Physics Engine; Magus Effect

    Hello, I'm looking for a small snippet of code that I can not work out on my own. I'm working with GMS1 physics engine and am looking for a snippet that will emulate the Magnus Effect. pay is negotiable those interested, please respond for an idea of what I'm looking for I have a dropbox that...
  16. foreverisbetter

    Stacking physic objects onto a moving object

    Hey hi, I'm working on a game in which you try to catch falling ice cream balls with a cone that is moving left and right. The more you catch the higher gets the ice cream tower you have to balance on top. Right now it kinda 'works' with many hacks like turning physics on and off etc. but that...
  17. S

    Physics features

    Hi there Really excited to find GameMaker. I've been designing games with programmers for years. I hoping to learn some basics here to demo out my ideas so I can test some basics in an interactive setting before committing them to the costs of full-on coding. My new game idea needs a feature...
  18. acidemic

     Bug with Physics Looped Chain Fixture

    There is a bug with looped chain fixtures in the physics engine. 1) This code which uses fixture loop creates a bug: ter_fixture = physics_fixture_create(); physics_fixture_set_chain_shape(ter_fixture, 1); // Looped fixture for (var i=0; i<ter_size; i+=2) {...
  19. R

    Legacy GM Collision deny and allow in Physics

    Hello! I want to make bridges in my top down game, but is use Physics, and collision detecting is tricky here. I use a car, and an object for wall. When they on the same depth, they collide, OK. But what i want a bridge above the road, where the wall is on the lower road, ignore the collision...
  20. E

    GMS 2 [SOLVED]Can't properly apply impulse to an instance

    So here is my code: var ximpulse, yimpulse; ximpulse = lengthdir_x(0.1,point_direction(phy_position_x,phy_position_y,mouse_x,mouse_y)); yimpulse = lengthdir_y(0.1,point_direction(phy_position_x,phy_position_y,mouse_x,mouse_y))...