1. L

    SOLVED Async-HTTP throwing IOexception only on Android

    Hello everyone, I'm currently trying to convert my game from Windows to Android. Firstly, the Name is checked by sending the information from the player: function scr_get_name(argument0) { // Script: Get the highscore list from the database in Altervista var name =...
  2. cliftonbazaar

    Job Offer - Programmer {FULFILLED} Networking code in GML, PHP & mysqli

    G'day all, I have a program that needs a few advanced features completed and also some code that transfers data between the game and a database - this is to be done with the programming language of PHP and mysqli. If you are interested then please send me links to previous examples of a...
  3. T

    HTML5 HTML and PHP - integration to MySQL?

    Hello, I developed some Android and Windows Desktop games so far. I am thinking about to buy the Web Version as well, so I can Export as html. I am not sure how easy or even possible it is to grab data from produced html GMS Code to interact on my webserver with php (save Points etc. in my...
  4. FoxyOfJungle

    GML http_post_string: Can't get upload progress

    Hi! I am using http_post_string() to upload my "gamedata.dat" file to my server. It uploads perfectly and also downloads. On the server the PHP files and database are all working perfectly. The problem is that I can't get the file upload progress, just the download progress, which works...
  5. Cryptik

    GMS 2 Encoding HTTP_POST GML>PHP

    Good day to you, Let me start out by saying a massive thank you to the staff for their product GameMaker and their relentless drive and ambition to keep it going for all the years I've been using it. Feels like it's been over a decade. Thanks for your time keeping a community here too, It takes...
  6. jb skaggs

    Connecting a game to Prestashop

    Has anyone ever connected a game to a prestashop site? I dont mean selling the game on prestashop. I mean making products in the game one could export to prestashop and purchase? Basically an overlayed 2d layers like maybe a character maker. each layer selection changes price of the product...
  7. RizbIT

    PHP File Input / OutPut

    Say you have a game or app that uses several different functions in a PHP file, using differen POST requests. For example to login, update account details on database, to update the highscores database. Is it better to have different PHP files for each request type? For example instead of...
  8. G

    Android http_get & http_post_string error, status -1 on android/HTML5

    Hello, I'm using GM 1.4 and have my game sending highscores through http_get function. It works fine on windows, but when running on Android (tried both emulator and my regular phone) it stops working. When trying to debug it seems to always return status -1 on async HTTP event. Could someone...
  9. BMatjasic

    HTTP_GET to get html results from .js file

    Hello everyone, I've been recently working on a small project which gets your PING by running a javascript in the background. I use the http_get method to retrieve data, but it seems only to return me the raw html and javascript format from the website, assuming that the script doesn't run. Is...
  10. D

    Windows php/mysql checking name/password and retrieving data

    im using gm studio 1 and already have a MySQL database setup that holds player name, password, and other such data. theres two separate functions that I need to perform: the first is to check a name/password combination and simply return true/false. and the second thing is I need to send a...
  11. Mytchall Bransgrove

    Multiplayer using SQL database - speed test

    There are a lot of options for multiplayer games. I haven't properly dug into GM networking functions but have used SQL databases to store information online. I wondered how fast it is using GM http_post to a .php file which then talks to a SQL database - so decided to do a speed test...
  12. marasovec

    Help with http

    Does anyone has an experience with http_get and http_post_string? I don't know what to write inside php to store incoming data to arrays and then allow get the data back by my server. Do I need MySQL for this?
  13. M

    GML How does ds_TYPE_write / ds_TYPE_read work?

    I'm looking at the results of both ds_list_write / ds_list_read and ds_map_write / ds_map_read and am trying to figure out how they work. The documentation describes the result of _write as such: NOTE: The returned string is not a human readable string, but rather a dump of the contents of the...
  14. S

    Not receiving reply from XAMPP

    I have set up a server using XAMPP with a database already created. Using GameMaker Studio 2, I send a http_post_string request to a PHP script, however, the Asynchronous HTTP event is not called. I am at a loss as to why there is no callback. My PHP script works when I run it from my browser...
  15. R

    Does anybody know why I cannot set cookies when I upload the file in the domain? T_T

    My cookies work well when I am using localhost. I am using xampp and I'm working in php. but when i tried to upload my project on the web, and login an account, it is supposed to set a cookie name, but it's not working. It says that "cookie named user is not set". my cookie name is = user. i'm...
  16. The-any-Key

    GML (SOLVED) Upload file via http_request and PHP.

    I am trying to upload a image file to a webserver via http_request. According to the helpfiles I should be able to upload a binary buffer by set it as the data. But after about 15 seconds I just get a timeout error from GM: "http request took to long". (I tested to just send a empty string and...
  17. K

    Question about http events

    Hey i have short question. I am coding ,game which has connection to mysql base, trough php scripts. In GM i use Http events to get conneciton to this php files but problem is, that i have few object with these events present. Http events are called every time i use it, so when i use http_get in...
  18. K

    problem with php and grids

    Hey, this is my first post on this forum. Iam making some prototype of turn based game, with some data save into database trought php files. I have some experience with php and data bases, so this isnt a issue here. Problem which i have is in GM. I post 2 jpg, screens from GM with scrpits from...
  19. D

    Android keeping time on client and server for timer/icremental game

    im working on an android game, its a timer/incremental game and have a server written in php and client in gamemaker studio. the game is based on 60second cycles. so every 60seconds you gain x resources. the server records client timestamps via the time() function in php. this works perfect...
  20. D

    where to host php files

    im looking for a site or server or whatever to host php files of mine. im looking for websites ppl have used before and have experience with. Im tired of wasting time and need a simple known solution. so make your sugestions on what uve used. thanks all