1. F

    Portfolio - Art Illustration/ Concept Artist for hire !!!

    Current work in progress portfolio post I can do: Dark art illustrations Dungeons and Dragon characters Concept Illustration Quick speed paints. Creature illustration and concepts. Some more stuff over here: And here:
  2. Tsa05

    Asset - Scripts Photoshop to JSON to GameMaker

    Free Cross Platform script for Photoshop + GameMaker Import Scripts + Sample Project objects. Also, see the end of this post for a vital Photoshop workflow trick related...
  3. IGameArt

    Portfolio - Art Logo artist with low rates

    Do you need a logo for your game or dev studio? With low rates and high quality, why not hire me? I can even design your mascot! My rates are as follows: 2D text based logos = 20$ 2D Logos with Frames = 35$ 3D rendered logos or 2D logos featuring non text symbols = 50$ Logos that require...
  4. 2

    Can't Import Transparent Gradient Image Into GM8 or Studio 1

    I'm trying to import a gradient from Photoshop CS5 that goes from opaque black to transparent white. I can see it's transparent in Photoshop, but when importing it becomes black to gray and looses all transparency. If I save a png from Photoshop the png looses transparency upon saving and is...
  5. P

    How to size tilesets in PhotoShop for GMS 2

    Hi, I'm fairly new to Gamemaker Studio 2, and I have been trying to make my own graphics instead of using other people's art. I was trying to make my own tilesets (paths and walls) but I could not get sprite with my tileset to fit in the tileset object. Everything would be slightly off. If...
  6. G

    Discussion Photoshop image settings compatible with GameMaker

    Hello, Background: My name is Will and I'm new to GameMaker and your community. I'm in the process of making a large game with many rooms. I'm pretty new to GameMaker, having only watched a few tutorials and started making a few rooms with backgrounds, sprites, sprite sheets. I've been...
  7. J

    Hi resolution sprites and backgrounds.

    I work in Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC and with a Wacom tablet. I am a digital (and traditional oil on canvas fantasy) artist getting into the gaming world. I am just about to create game art backgrounds and sprites (characters etc..). Which I eventually want to use in a game. I am NOT persuing...
  8. C

    Best Quality Graphics.

    Hello All, I was wondering if anyone had some insight on their techniques to get high quality graphics into their game. Do most people use the in house editor? Photoshop? Spine? Thanks, Coleman
  9. C

    How to draw sine wave

    Hey So I'm trying to create a background for the first level of my game, and I wanted it to be simply a color screen with a bunch of sine waves oscillating up and down, so that the amplitude goes from the max, to zero, to the negative max, and back again, and so on. I am not really sure how to...
  10. CreativeBand124

    Asset - Graphics GameMenu for Race Game

    Hello developers ! I am glad to tell you that is uploaded new Asset which it's called GameMenuRace > Link to Marketplace
  11. Carloskhard

    Help making big maps in Game Maker

    Right now I'm making a map for my game and I want to make it big.My problem is that in Game Maker (1.4): -I cannot move set of tiles or name the layers. -I cannot move the whole map (if I want to build up for example) So whenever I have to move multiple tyles or the whole map I get stuck.How...
  12. Nathan Laing

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] 'Overlay' blend mode in Gamemaker

    Hello everyone, What blend mode in Game maker would be considered the technical equivalent of 'Overlay' in say, Photoshop? Cheers, Nathan
  13. Shawn Basnett

    Forum Game Photoshop Battle

    This is entirely inspired by @Kepon's "Pixel art off" thread that seems to have died off for some reason. The concept is basically the same, but with photoshop rather than pixel art. If you are unfamiliar with the idea here: In this game, you have to create whatever the previous poster says...
  14. Nathan Laing

    Legacy GM 'Screen' blend mode in Gamemaker

    Hello everyone, What blend mode in Game maker would be considered the technical equivalent of 'Screen blend' in say, Photoshop? Cheers, Nathan
  15. Shawn Basnett

    Forum Game Photoshop Fun

    Alright, lets play a game. I'm going to post a photo, then the next person will add something to it, and then the person after that will, then the next (and so on). Lets make the most beautiful piece of art the GMC can give. :P Of course, we'll start off with a classic internet photo.
  16. H

    Job Offer - Artist 2D Digital Artist Need

    A 2D Digital Artist is required for our Project. You will be required to create artistic assets for our game. Type of Assets Required: 1. Digital Art, painterly style 2. Animated Assets. 3. Seamless Backgrounds. 4. Tile-sets. 5. Icons 6. GUI Elements Hey, Dont get overwhelmed by the count of...
  17. W

    Job Offer - Artist 3D Artist

    Hi guys I am looking for a 3D artist for my client to be based in Germany. If interested please contact Will at Candidates must have: – Autodesk Maya – Adobe Photoshop – 3Ds Max – After Efects Candidates nice to have: – Rigging – 3D Coat – ZBrush Career Level: –...