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    GMS 2 How to change collision shape of the using physics object ?

    [fixed] (sorry for bad english) In some cases, I need to change an already installed collision shape of one of the objects which using physics, but I do not know how to do it. I tried to figure out the physic fixtures, but I realized that when an object uses physics, it defaults has fixture that...
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    2 Bullets shot

    Hello it's my first time here.Im trying to make a platformer where te character shoots 2 bullets towards the mouse one after the another one and to be created at the same spot and fall at the same spot but also they have gravity so they fall.My problem is they came one after the each other but...
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    Physics Collision Shape to Each Sprite

    I have an object that uses physics, and change it's sprite. The sprites has diffrent sizes, how do I modify the collision shape for each sprite?
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    Changing Collision Shape

    I'm creating a game that uses physics, and I wanted to know if it's possible to modify the collision shape for each sprite (the player will have sprites that change according to what he does).
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    Keep The Accelaretion of The Joint

    In my game, you basically pick up objects with your mouse and throw them away. I tried to create a rope joint between the object and the mouse pointer, but it only allows me to move it around, and when i delete the joint, the acceleration that it used to have doesn't affect it. Is there any...
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    Joint Index

    How exactly do you get the index of a joint in game maker? I want to create a joint and delete it afterwards.
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    Android FlickMeUp an Infinite Scrolling PHYSICS Platformer

    Hello good people of the community, today/tonight (time zones OP) I present you my first game after 6 months of GML. Any feedback, criticism and opinion is welcome and needed since I want to deliver better games and updates. I've done everything on this game except the audio part (never worked...
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    Fireballs changing direction with player

    The player creates a fireball and it moves away from the player but when the player changes direction the fireball changes direction with him. How do I fix this? I am using the physics system. this is the fireball creation code if (gamepad_button_check_pressed(0, gp_face3) && attacked ==...