1. mikix

    Asset - Project Pet or Survival or Management Project (GMS 2.3+) link: The GM marketplace does not work for some reason for me so there's no link to that. You can download it for FREE. Programming level: Intermediate. This is a management game. I made it into how to make your pet...
  2. J4mie

    Android Pet Pinball

    Pet Pinball was my first android game I ever made 6 years ago. It was the most viewed thread in the completed games section on the old yoyo forums for almost a year. The game was off the market for many years until I recently updated it. I wanted to bring life back into it for the original fans...
  3. D

    How to create flat 10hp_regen every 3s

    Hello, I just started recently with GMS and i would be happy if someone would try to help me with this question.So as i stated in the title i would like to hear option about a way to create this event. But this hp_regen is received from a "Pet" and it should work on the Hero. The Hero is...
  4. T

    Beta Q-YO BLASTER v0.5

    About Q-yo Blaster it's a frenetic retro style Shoot em up with explotions, weird enemies, bullets, drama and more. History It was a normal day and a Guinea pig was eating peaceful on his cage, suddenly a noise in the sky breaks the Calm, the local news talk about a small meteorite that...
  5. Y

    Post a picture of your pet! :D

    Post a picture of your pet here for fun! :bunny: Being the OP, let me start with my lil baby, Jimmy <3 If he hadn't been renamed so many times, I'd name him "Lovesong". lol
  6. C

    Forum Pets

    People on this forum must have some amazing pets. Lets all share the joy of having a tiny (possibly hairy) creature that depends on us. I'll go first, this is Cashew. She is around 11 years old (we adopted her at 8-9 years old) she is blind but doesn't let that get in her way. She mostly likes...
  7. A

    Legacy GM How to set object persistence in only 2 Rooms?

    So basically I'm making a Game where the main object will be only be used in only 2 of 10 rooms. How would I go about making this object persistent in only 2 rooms? (To give a bit more insight, its a pet game, in which I have about 10 rooms, each with its own function. The pet stays in the...