1. flykidsblue1

    Android Location Permissions for Android?

    I am using the Google Admob extension by Yoyo games and it has the " android.permission.ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION" According to Google's new policy, I need to declare if this permission works in the background. I am not entirely sure if it does and wanted to know if I should put yes or no. Thank...
  2. S

    Android MODIFY_AUDIO_SETTINGS Android Permissions

    Hi, I've added the permission MODIFY_AUDIO_SETTINGS so I can control the devices global audio settings - it's just for a local game that I don't plan to distribute. Now that's added, how can I code to say that I want to adjust volume to max settings on the device? Thanks!
  3. thom

    Android Android game with APK expansion, is permission: "allow access photos, media, and files on your device" required?

    When people start my app for the first time they get this permission message: "Allow this app to access photos, media, and files on your device". My game is larger than 100 MB so APK expansion is required, does this mean this permission is required?
  4. SIG.

    Android Why does the YYG Google Play Licensing extension use the billing permission?

    The YYG Google Play Licensing extension (obtained as part of the YYG Google Play Services extension) uses the permission by default. This permission is accessed through the extension, through the "Extra Platforms," Android flyout window. As far as I can tell from...
  5. SIG.

    iOS Apple App Store warning: My app is requesting Bluetooth permission? This is news to me.

    I submitted an updated version of my app for beta testing. I received two warnings from Apple. One was the mysterious UIWebView warning. The other one is new: My extensions are Google Play Services, Google Play Services IAP extension, and Google Licensing. I use Google Play Services to serve...
  6. M

    Android Remove read phone state

    Hello. I have a problem. I cant delete the permission "READ_PHONE_STATE". I use apk expansion and licence. Try everything. Try to manually search from windows on all files. There is only the permission when after compiling they remain in the temporary folder, which I also delete and recompile...
  7. RyanC

    Android Removing - READ_PHONE_STATE

    Hi Guys, Does anyone know the reason for the READ_PHONE_STATE permission that Google flags when an APK has been compiled with GMS? I've read a few posts claiming that it's the Google Play Service Ext or Licensing Ext but none of them say this in the permissions. I've also read that some Unity...
  8. JasonGames

    Mac OSX Spine .json Import Issue (Get a Permission Error)

    Hey everyone- I've been trying to import the .json file from Spine into GMS2 and just get this- "Permission Error : Unable to obtain permission to execute". The atlas file and .png are also in the same folder. I'm using Spine 3.4.02 and GMS 2.1.3 (both on Mac OS X). Any ideas what could be...
  9. B

    Windows Purchased Developer License, but account still only has Creator license permissions?

    I decided to purchase the windows compilers on my development account, so I bought the Creator License. I then realized that I should have gotten the Developer License, but that's no big deal as it becomes discounted once you've gotten a Creator License anyways, So I then purchased a Developer...
  10. L

    Game not asking for permission!- GM1.4 Android

    After exporting my game as an APK everything works but I get an error when saving an image to my device (I'm using an extension) (the compiled extension from the author works) When I check the game info on my android device it has "no permissons". But I ticked 2 or 3 permissions in the game...
  11. clee2005

    Android Notifications GCM GET_ACCOUNTS Permission

    I've been using GCM for remote notifications for some time and it's working nicely. The only issue is that the APK is built from GMS requiring the GET_ACCOUNTS permission which some users question. It would look a lot nicer on install if it wasn't asking for this and apparently it's not...
  12. G

    Android Bug: GMS2 requiring unnecessary/unrequested permissions

    I've submitted a bug report on this but it's been a week with no response, so I thought I'd open a thread for discussion. Short version: GMS2 builds unnecessary and unrequested (by me) permission requirements into my APK and I want it to stop. Long version: I created a small test app that...
  13. V

    Android permissions (resolved)

    So idk how normal people work, but when i download a game on my phone i almost always say no to every permission for location, storage, pictures, social etc.. Anyway my game will need to use internal storage and internet for a high score system. I want to be able to check if they said no to said...
  14. G

    Android Deploying APK to Google Play uncovered a problem

    So I decided to give it a try and compiled my small game into an .apk file, then uploaded it into the Play store, it all went well, until this message: "Your app has an apk with version code [...] that requests the following permission(s): android.permission.READ_PHONE_STATE. Apps using these...
  15. S

    GooglePlayLicensing adds vending.CHECK_LICENSE?

    So I added some IAPs in my new game, and for them to work I needed to add the extension GooglePlayLicensing, which i did, because of the need of vending.BILLING permission... But the extension ALSO added Do you really need that for IAPs? In one of my older...
  16. silengames

    Asset - Extension Easy Local Push Notifications without GET_ACCOUNTS permission

    Android extension only. If you use local push notifications and want to remove GET_ACCOUNTS permission from your app this extension for you. Suspicious GET_ACCOUNTS permission cause a bad user's experience. Also from March 15 you have to add Privacy Policy url to Google Play store page and...
  17. W

    Asset - Extension Android Permissions extension updated

    Android Permissions lets you set permissions at runtime for your Android games!! Get it now for free on the marketplace!! Android Permissions Extension As you may be aware, Android operating systems 6.0 and higher now check for permissions at run time, and it is now up to us the developers to...
  18. W

    Question - IDE Android permissions in gms2?

    Hi, i was wondering how permissions get handled in gms2 for android? as you know, android os 6.0 and up disable ALL PERMISSIONS by default when installed on the user's device, and currently in gms1 there is no support for this making our games unprofessional at the least because they silently...
  19. W

    [SOLVED] Permissions question reguarding android os 6.0 and up

    Hi, so for months now I've known that apps ported to android when used with android 6.0+ don't set permissions in the user's phone automatically, this article explains how that's supposed to work, stating that at the time the user uses a function in your app it should throw a text box asking the...
  20. J

    iOS What is requesting bluetooth ?

    Is it Google Play Extension or AdColony Extension, I can't submit to Apple because my game tries to access bluetooth when It does not need it. I could just inject a string to plist but I still want to know what is causing it.