1. sv3nxd

    GML Most efficient way to render a textbox

    Hey, I'm currently working on an open-source project in which you can create a textbox with one single command. I've been working on it for a long time now, trying to improve it in every way I could. ( I was wondering if the way I am doing it right now is...
  2. Dwighty4000

    GMS 2 What is this for a fps limit function?

    I am currently testing my game on a second computer. this second computer is a laptop and has a GTX 950M graphics card. I already uploaded my current game to steam as a build, which is why the Steam FPS shows me 30 fps continuously in the top left, but why? The laptop screen can run at 64 Hz...
  3. Wile94

    Legacy GM Instance_nearest - when to use it? performance impact?

    Hi, I'm working on a platformer (if you saw my posts i'm always working on a platformer :rolleyes:). Currently I'm looking the best way to perform some collisions without running the place_meeting and instance_place function constantly. I coded a moving platform using the next lines of code...
  4. T

    GMS 2 How many global.Variables is too much?

    Is it recommended to keep the global.Variables to a minimum? Does it have any noticeable or significant impact on performance or resource management? Does checking every Step for hundreds or thousands of global.Variables negatively impact the game? How much is too much? Cheers
  5. Edan Momu

    Android Problem with Android

    Hello, I'm having a big problem with running apps on my new android phone. I used to have my Game Maker configured to run on an old crappy phone I had, and I never had any problems, everything ran fine. Now I got a new phone, a Huawei Y6, and I figured that since it's a more powerful phone than...
  6. S

    Discussion Game Maker Studio 2 Game stutters in fullscreen after export

    Hey everyone! I imported my project from 1.x to gms 2. And everything works fine in the editor. Just after the export I can't set the game to fullscreen or else the framerate dips to almost 0. It doesn't matter if I use code or just press alt+enter. Is this a common bug or something?
  7. Simon Gust

    Legacy GM Test FunctionA() against FunctionB()

    Might as well make it a thread if that is legal. What I want here is for people to take similar functions or whole methods and compare their speed. Like distance_to_object() vs distance_to_point() vs point_distance(). While the functions are different and might not work for every situation, it...
  8. G

    GML Is deactivating objects worth it?

    Does deactivating objects outside view and reactivating needed objects every step make the game really faster? Can doing that every step be rather bad for the game speed?
  9. lukbebalduke

    Question - IDE GMS2 Quick freeze when creating a new surface

    Hey folks! I recently imported a project into Game Maker Studio 2, everything was working pretty well, except that the game faces a quick freeze every time I create a new surface (which does not happen in Game Maker Studio 1.4/EA). Does anyone know how to solve this issue?
  10. JAG

    GMS 2 Large png freezes game

    Hi Im trying to put a png "overlay" in my game. It's the size of the full screen, which is 480x270. When I include the png the game boots but immediately freezes. I could definitely break it up into tiles and display it, but for my own information I want to know why the game can't run the full...
  11. D

    GML Macro vs Variables for 1 Instance Uses - GMS2

    Hey everyone, I have a quick quiestion about the use of Macro/Constances within entites. I was always told that if you know a variables will not change you should make it constant, stop it being changed by accident & allows programs to alocate apropriate memory space for them. I have read in...
  12. jf_knight

    Legacy GM Perfomance metrics

    Is there any way I can display performance metrics (like the amount of MB of ram or VRAM, the current GPU temps, ect...) currently caused by / used by the application? I already know you can display the real and room fps, and that vague little multicolored bar...
  13. zendraw

    Legacy GM Q:Ini files

    Hi, i have 2 questions about ini filies 1. when you open an ini file does the size of the ini file matter? does it affect performence? 2. is it wise to use ini files without specifying a directory? and is it wise to use ini`s atall for saving ds_grids? my game will use ini`s alot.
  14. Khao

    Parallax Scrolling experiment

    I came up with a "different" way of approaching parallax scrolling this morning, one that deals with individual objects rather than backgrounds and layers. Basically, each object calculates the position it should draw itself by checking its distance to the center of the screen and its direction...
  15. icuurd12b42

    Asset - Objects TMC Frame Skip

    TMC Frame Skip Outputs: All Type: Object Included: Object and demo resources Demo: Windows Demo Demo is v1.0.2... v2.0.0 is different. will update later Marketplace: https://marketplace..../tmc-frame-skip Description: TMC Frame Skip Smooth Frame Skipping Object Adds frame skipping to...